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We provide consultancy and support services to landlords, real estate investors, home buyers and those in need of independent mediation.

Real Estate Market Statistics

Source - National Association of Realtors

New Home Building

In 2023 754 thousand new homes were built and sold.

Use our knowledge and data to make the most of the built to buy housing market.

Work with Trusted Realtors

With over 3 million real estate licencee holders in the United States researching the best agents is important.

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Real Estate Investors

House flipping is still going strong in 2024 and the real estate market is hot with opportunities.

The average house price in 2024 is $382,300

Use our expert knowledge to find, fix and flip residential properties.

Talk to Expert Realtors


You can read our extensive library of real estate articles to educate yourself and make the most of the US housing market.

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New Building Construction Statistics

BuildingDesign News for the construction industry

  • Residential Places80%
  • Commercial Places15%
  • Industrial/Lands5%

Buying Land to Build a New House On


Buying a plot and working with an architect and construction company can be a great way to achieve your dream home.

Our house structure, repair and maintenance guides come in handy if you want to get involved in the process too.