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Are you a landlord searching for real estate advice? Lean on our experienced realtors to help you get started or improve your rental business!

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When dealing with landlords, House Real has a dedicated team member specializing in this sector.

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Maria is the landlord and tenant specialist at House Real. She has expertise in drafting lease contracts, conducting inventory and condition reports, and advising landlords on their rights and lease breaks. 

Landlord Services

At House Real, our experienced team is dedicated to offering a wide range of services tailored to the needs of landlords.

Please note that our services do not constitute legal advice, and we encourage you to consult experts in property law where applicable.

drafting lease contracts

Reviewing lease contracts for private landlords

A written legal contract between yourself and your tenant(s) will make your preferences known and protect you if any issues arise. Although oral agreements are lawful in certain circumstances, a written contract is much more successful.

We here at House Real can help review a lease contract and advise as to any pitfalls you may want your lawyer to amend or look into further.

Inventory and condition reports for tenant move-in packs

Before tenants move in, it is essential to conduct an inventory of all items in the property and what condition these items were in at the time. The condition of the property’s rooms should also be checked, recording all signs of wear and tear, cleanliness, etc.

This is crucial to complete before the tenants move in, as inventory and condition reports can reduce the risk of a long-lasting dispute when the tenancy ends if there are any deposit deductions.

The team at House Real can assist you in carrying out inventory and condition checks before your new tenants move in.

inventory and conditions reports
lease breaks and landlord rights advice

Advice on lease breaks and landlord rights in rent collection

When a tenant breaks the lease in most states, landlords should make an appropriate effort to re-rent the property instead of charging the tenant for any remaining rent under the lease. Understanding when a tenant is justified in breaking a lease is also essential.

Similarly, if a tenant does not pay rent on time, landlords might have the right to charge a late fee or even evict the tenant, depending on the state laws. In some states, such as Maine, renters are given a grace period before a late fee can be charged. Before taking action against tenants, landlords must familiarize themselves with the regulations in their area.

House Real can help by offering practical advice on how to resolve these issues, as a first step before consulting with costly attorneys to take legal action.

Why Choose House Real?

Although House Real is based in Milwaukee, we offer real estate consultancy services for landlords nationwide. Our landlord and tenant specialist, Maria, has years of assisting individuals in understanding rental properties and the responsibilities included. She can also offer expert advice on common issues that both landlords and tenants can face.

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