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The House Real team has specialist knowledge to assist home buyers and renters with many issues they may come across.

Henry in a suit


Henry specializes in finding the best places to live, depending on the client and their needs. If you plan on moving to a different state, Henry has the knowledge to help you find your dream home.

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Maria is an expert in dealing with landlords and tenants. She can assist clients with our mediation services and provide consultations discussing tenant rights.

Home Buyer and Renter Services

Although the House Real specialists have vast experience in real estate, our services do not constitute legal advice. If you require legal counsel, please contact an expert in property law.

House Real offers home buyers and renters expert advice through the following services:

mediation for landlords

Mediation for landlord disputes

When a landlord-tenant disagreement arises, it can be difficult to overcome without a neutral party’s perspective. With House Real’s impartial mediation service for landlord disputes, claims against both the landlord and tenant can be resolved, and relationships can be preserved. 

Some common disputes our team has assisted with include bills, late rent payments, lease breaches (such as pets living in the property), and property damage and repairs.

To help solve your disagreements and issues, we’ve created a landlord template page to help you easily communicate with your tenants.

Mediation for neighbor disputes

When issues arise between neighbors, it can be challenging to live peacefully when the person you have a conflict with is right next door. Thankfully, like the mediation services offered to landlords and tenants, we mediate neighbor disputes, too. 

Mediation between neighbors is designed to address the issue from all sides, meaning the interpersonal issues often ignored in court can be resolved. Maria, who is one of our experienced mediators, can work with the parties involved to create a win-win solution.

In the past, we have helped neighbors overcome issues involving noise pollution, overgrowing trees, parking, and property boundaries.

You should also check out our list of neighbor templates to help you with your disputes and concerns.

mediation for neighbor disputes
tenant consultations

Consultation on tenant rights

Unfortunately, there might come a time when your rights as a tenant are infringed upon. This might happen through housing violations, rent payment increases, security deposits, etc.

If you are questioning whether your rights have been met, our team can help explain your rights as a tenant, discuss what options are available to you, and answer any questions you may have.

These helpful templates for renters will also give you some ideas for how to communicate with your landlord when it comes to disputes.

Inter-state moving advice and done-for-you property search

Moving to another state can bring fresh opportunities but also cause a fair amount of stress. At House Real, we work to create personalized advice for people before they begin an inter-state move.

Our team can also complete a done-for-you property search, simplifying the transition into your new property. 

inter-state moving

Why Choose House Real?

With over 20 years of experience, the House Real team members have become experts in real estate, using this knowledge to help home buyers and renters from all backgrounds.

We provide people from all 50 states with property listings and advice, helping them find their dream homes, even if the property is miles away in a different state.

No matter if you want to buy or rent, Henry and Maria will be able to help with your property search.

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