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Why Is There a Burning smell Coming from Your Furnace?

Does your heater smell like burning plastic?

When you start your furnace, you probably expect to see it blowing cool air and maybe hear a whirring. You don’t expect it to present you with an unpleasant smell and leave you worrying about potential safety hazards. If your furnace is giving off a burning smell or any other strange odor, don’t panic. This is not necessarily a sign of imminent catastrophe. The main thing that you need to do if this happens is figure out why it’s happening and take the necessary steps to correct the problem. Read on!

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Why Your Dishwasher Smells Like Eggs – And How To Fix It!

Dishwasher Smells Like Eggs

Owning a dishwasher helps make your life so much easier. You don’t have to spend hours every week washing dishes in boredom. However, just like most kitchen appliances, dishwashers can experience some problems that you have to fix. One of the most common issues is your dishwasher smelling like eggs. This is not ideal, but read on to find out the why your dishwasher could smell like eggs, and how to fix this!

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What Does Soil Level Mean on a Washing Machine?

Washing machine settings can look a bit daunting. There are a variety of features and settings you can use to customize your wash. Most people just select an automated setting and hope for the best, but one setting you must look out for is the soil level. This is an extremely helpful feature that can make your wash more efficient, but if you use it incorrectly can damage your clothes. Read on to find out what soil level means on a washing machine, and when it’s best to use each setting.