Jackery Generator in an Apartment

Best Generator for Apartment – Top 7

Best Generator for Apartment Use

Owning an indoor generator can be extremely convenient when you have regular electricity blackouts. This will allow you to continue to use all of your important electronics, and keep your refrigerator and freezer running.

If you’re looking for a generator for apartment use, you’ve come to the right place. These 7 generators are the best on the market, with a generator that suits every budget, and your specific needs.

1. Jackery Portable Power Station 500 – Best Budget Generator

If you’re looking for a generator for your apartment to help power your precious electronics during a blackout, this Jackery Portable Power Station 500 might be perfect for your needs. The generator has a feature which means it produces a pure sine wave which protects delicate electronics while plugged in.

If your apartment is too hot, you can plug fans into this generator to cool your place down.

Its total power output in this generator for your apartment is 500 Watts, which is enough to charge mobile phones up to 50 times, laptops up to 7 times, LED lights, and even turn on your TV!

This generator also comes with lots of safety features, including circuit protection, and temperature control, which will allow all your devices to keep running smoothly and safely. You can charge this generator for your apartment by using a car adaptor, plug on the wall in your home, or even with some Jackery Solar Panels!

2. Westinghouse iGen160s Portable Power Station – Cheapest Generator for Apartment Use

The iGen 160s is the ideal small generator for apartment use if you’re on a budget. It’s useful if you want a generator for charging electronics such and phones. This generator also comes with a reading light so you can still read your books in the dark. You can charge the generator by putting the plug into a wall outlet, or by using your car.

This generator for your apartment is easy to store, as it’s only 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 7 inches tall. It also weighs less than 4 lbs. 

There’s multiple built in features that make this generator extremely handy to own, such as the flashlight, reading light, and handle.

3. Rockpals Portable Power Station 500W

This generator for apartment use is definitely of the best battery powered generators for indoor use. It’s a small, compact unit, weighing almost 14 lbs, which makes it very easy to carry and move around your apartment. The generator delivers 500 watts of pure sine wave energy, which is enough electricity to power a CPAP machine.

You could also use this generator if you went camping. It can quickly charge your portable electronics so you never run out of battery during a power outage.

4. Ef EcoFlow River Pro 720 Wh

This generator is extremely handy for apartment use, as you can use it to power and charge 10 electronics at the same time! Just make sure your electronics do not exceed the 600 Watt capacity.

The Ef ECOFlow River Pro weighs a little bit heavier than the previous generators at 16lbs, and is also larger in size. One of the best features about this generator for apartment use, is it charges from 0-80% in just 1 hour! This means if you need it last minute but it’s not charged, you can quickly plug it in and still use it.

The generator has a quiet charge mode, which means you can power devices up to 100 watts, without the generator making a sound.

The Ef ECOFlow River Pro generator comes with an app that allows you to control the generators settings. If you have any issues with this generator, it comes with a 24-month product guarantee, and the manufacturers also offer customer service at all hours of the day.

5. Bluetti Portable Power Station EB70S

If you’re looking for a generator for your apartment with a bit more power, this Bluetti Portable Power Station is perfect. 

It has an output wattage of 800W, which means you can charge your phone, power lights, and even an electric cooker. It charges from 0-80% within 3 hours, and has a significant battery charge which is long enough to allow you to watch TV for 8 hours! 

As this is a larger, more powerful generator, it weighs over 20 pounds. It’s even powerful enough to power a small refrigerator, which is ideal for camping. One customer used it to power a refrigerator in their home for 2 full days. You can charge up to 12 devices/electronics at once, which just shows how handy this generator can be.

One customer has been using this generator to power their blender and charge their iPad at the same time. With this generator, you get a high quality battery for a great price.

6. Westinghouse iGen600s Portable Power Station and Solar Generator

Another highly powerful generator for apartment use is this Westinghouse iGen600s. This generator comes with multiple USB charging slots, can charge your TV for up to 11 hours, and laptop 23 times over. There is definitely enough power in this generator to last a power outage.

This generator is eco-friendly, allowing you to power your devices and electronics in a more sustainable manner. Customers of this Westinghouse iGen600s generator have rated it a 4.8/5 in terms of noise level, showing it’s extremely quiet compared to other generators.

This small, compact generator is lightweight and easy to move around your apartment wherever you need it. This makes this generator easy to use for vulnerable people, and the older generation.

If you live in an area with regular power outages, this reliable generator is ideal for keeping electronics running in your apartment.

7. EGO Power+ PST3040 3000W Nexus Portable Power Station

The EGO Power+ is a seriously powerful generator that can power almost every electronic in your large apartment. It has an output of 3000 Watts, which is significantly more than any generator on this list so far.

As it’s so powerful, it’s a much larger generator, standing at 18 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 14 inches tall. This generator for apartment use weighs 34.5 lbs.

One customer of the EGO Power+ generator used it during a 24 hour power outage. They said it worked perfectly until the power came back on, and they didn’t have any problems.

This large generator is easy to set up and operate, which is what you need during a power outage, as you want to get your electronics plugged in as soon as possible.

The display on this generator shows exactly how much time it has left. You will need to purchase the battery separately though, so make sure to buy that here.

So which Product is the Best Generator for Apartment Use?

All of the emergency generators on this list have excellent reviews from customers. However, if you’ve got a small budget and are looking for the best value for money, the Jackery Portable Power Station 500 is extremely reliable. For the most wattage though, the EGO Power+ PST3040 3000W Nexus is recommended.

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