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Why is My Apartment so Hot? Tips to Make it Cooler!

10 Reasons why your Apartment is so Hot

In the summertime, the weather is one of the most common reasons apartments get hot. If your apartment feels too hot, it may be because of the weather. The apartment is too hot. Summer months are commonly the hottest time during the year. A hot apartment can also make it really difficult to fall asleep, especially during the summer heat!

A hot apartment at any time of the year can be a nightmare to deal with. Read on to find out 10 reasons why your apartment is too hot, and some tips to keep your apartment cool.

1. Exposure to Sunlight

On a hot day, a room with lots of windows are like greenhouses, trapping more heat in your apartment coming from the direct sun above. To counteract this, your HVAC system must work harder prevent your apartment from becoming too hot. This, then makes your energy bills skyrocket. Your best bet is to install window treatments such as draperies. If your curtains and blinds are heavy, this will help keep most sunlight out.

2. You Live on the Top Floor

Apartment buildings with top-floor units are the most likely to experience the hot air from the lower floors. This is because all the heat rises from the apartments below. Avoid air conditioning in the summer months to avoid a headache.

The walls of your top-floor apartment trap and hold in the hot air that rises from the lower floors. Your apartment can feel uncomfortable when it’s hot outside.

If the people below you also have heaters, your apartment will be warm, as the heat from their apartment will rise up into yours. This is why living on an upper floor can have its’ issues.

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3. The Thermostat isn’t Placed Correctly

The AC unit works by sensing the room’s temperature and adjusting its settings to ensure your apartment is not too hot. If the thermometer reads the ideal temperature, the central and air conditioning unit will turn off (or on).

To get accurate temperature readings, you need to place the thermostat in the right place.

It’s not a smart idea to put your thermostat in close proximity to where people are cooking or doing laundry. For obvious reasons, you should not put your thermostat close to windows that will draw direct sunlight.

A more intelligent solution to the problem is to purchase a smart thermostat. These devices are more powerful and affordable than they were in the past.

Smart thermostats use your past preferences to learn what temperature you like and adjust the temperature accordingly. This allows your smart thermostat to be able to keep your apartment cooler, and also do this efficiently.

You can control smart thermostats through apps. This means if you’re not at home, you can adjust the temperature from wherever you are.

4. The Vents are not Working

If air vents are closed or blocked, the airflow and air circulation will be disrupted. This will heighten the temperature in your apartment while increasing the burden on your central air conditioning unit. By improving the AC’s efficiency, it will lead to lower bills. Make sure to clean clogged air vents to improve the airflow.

Keep your air vents open and clean at all times to improve cool air flow in your apartment.

5. Poor Air Flow In your Apartment

Airflow affects the movement of heat waves through your house. If your home has poor airflow, it will cause your apartment to heat up. This will be one of the reasons your apartment is so hot. Poor airflow is often caused by people trying to keep the windows closed, so make sure to keep them wide open if this is your problem! Having windows open whilst it’s hot in the summer will help bring the outside air into your apartment, which will keep air flowing into your apartment, therefore keeping it cool.

Without the windows and doors open, the house can’t get rid of the heat through ventilation. The walls in the house will emit the heat that is absorbed from the people and things inside.

6. You Are Running Too Many Heat Emitting Appliances

Sometimes your apartment can get really hot because of the appliances you are using. Computers, generators, space heaters, or iron boxes are some appliances that might crank up the apartment temperature. Ensure to turn off these devices where possible.

Your lights also give off heat, so instead you could use LED lights which emit a lot less heat. Your large bulbs will be heating up your apartment unnecessarily.

7. Non Insulated Windows

Although modern houses do have insulated windows, most of the old houses don’t. If you live in such a place, it will be one of the primary reasons your apartment is so hot. It is common to experience sweltering temperatures, whether at night or during the day.

Windows in hot apartments without insulation allow the heat to come in right away even if you’ve locked the door. The heat from the sun and the air-conditioning both escape through the windows, making the apartment even hotter.

8. Damaged Duct-work

A lot of HVAC systems have a form of duct-work responsible for circulating the cold air down through your apartment. Duct-work is liable to wear and tear, which is usually because of damage. The damage can be made worse by dust, mold, leaks, and pests (such as ants, and rodents. Because of this, the cool air filters through and leaves the duct-work before it circulates through your apartment.

9. Lots of People Living in your Apartment

If there’s more than 2 people living in your small apartment, it’s likely the heat in your apartment is going to increase. This is because people give off body heat, which means more hot air gets trapped in your apartment. More people could also mean an increase in the frequency that the oven and stove are used, which are appliances that generate a lot of heat.

If there are a lot of people that live in your small apartment, then air conditioners could be a great way to counteract all of the heat emitting appliances. This is one of the only ways you’ll be able to keep your apartment cooler if your apartment is too hot.

10. The AC Unit isn’t large enough for Your Apartment

There are different sizes of air conditioners. There are many factors that go into determining the size of your home – you need to consider your needs and wants as well as your budget. These are some of the things that can be measured when looking at an apartment. A good AC unit is essential when it is hot in the summer, and you live in top floor apartments.

If your air conditioner isn’t large enough for your apartment, it will be unable to keep your apartment cool, and hot air will still circulate. Also, rooms that are located farther from the air conditioning will have increased temperatures.

This will also increase humidity as the air conditioning won’t be able to take up as much moisture in the room.

You may try to make up for the extra heat and the lack of cooler air by adding more fans and wall units. Upgrading your AC system would help solve the problem. Buying a box fan can be an effective way to keep your apartment cool.

Maintenance is a necessary part of insulation systems. Despite the vital work that insulation systems do, they often go unrecognized.

Make sure to keep an eye on your apartment’s insulation system. There are pros and cons to either doing it yourself or hiring an expert.

An effective insulation system keeps your apartment cool and at a consistent temperature. This means that your air conditioner will work less and you’ll save money on your energy bill.

Final Thoughts on Why is My Apartment so Hot

By following our tips, you should start to feel like you’re living in cooler temperatures, even when there’s hot air outside. These steps will make you stay cool, prevent more direct sunlight and stagnant air from getting into your apartment, and therefore keeping as much heat out as possible.

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