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How to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment – 4 Tips

How to Smoke in a Non-Smoking Apartment

If you live in a non-smoking apartment, it can be relatively challenging to enjoy a smoke peacefully in the comfort of your home. Most landlords and housing associations restrict smoking in shared living spaces (these include private apartments).

An obvious solution to this is finding an apartment with no smoking restrictions. But, considering there are a few available options, it can be a little tricky to find one that fits your needs. 

There are a few ways to smoke (undetected) in a non-smoking apartment. However, before you resort to these measures, it is essential to take time to carefully read your lease agreement to establish the specifics of the non-smoking clause.

Does the clause forbid all smoking or refer to cigarettes only? What does it say about smoking marijuana? 

If the thorough research on the lease agreement doesn’t present any loopholes, then buck up and remember where there is a will, there is a way! Here is how to smoke in a non-smoking apartment.

Top 4 Tips for Smoking in a Non-Smoking Apartment

These are the 4 best tips to allow you to smoke in a non-smoking apartment. If you dislike your landlord, this is definitely a way of getting back at them!

1. Consider Smoke-Proofing Your Apartment 

When smoking indoors, the greatest risk is letting the smoke, and smell, escape to the hallways or your neighbors’ apartment. So, if you have decided to go ahead and smoke in your apartment, the first thing you would want to do is smoke-proof the room.  

Smoke-proofing your apartment is relatively easy, especially if there are only a few openings and cracks from which smoke can escape. Obviously, you need to close your doors, windows and air vents before you start smoking.

The next step is to place a damp towel at the bottom of the door or on any other open cracks around the window to smother the spaces.  

Note: Your towel will stink afterward – so it is advisable to have a dedicated towel for this specific purpose. 

2. Consider Smoking in the Bathroom 

If there are far too many openings than you can manage to cover, it might be wise to smoke in the bathroom. Coming to think of it, smoking in the bathroom is perhaps the best way to smoke in a non-smoking apartment. Since it is a smaller space with fewer openings, it is way easier to control the smell in the bathroom than it is in the rest of the apartment.

Additionally, most bathroom floors are tiled, not carpeted as most living spaces, so you don’t have to worry about smoke seeping into the floors.  

Smoking in the bathroom is the best option if you want to avoid lingering smells. However, before you start smoking, it is essential to cover any open cracks at the door with a damp towel to prevent smoke and smell from escaping to the rest of the apartment.

Ensure you also remove any soft fabrics that might absorb smoke and smell.  

3. Use Air Purifiers

When trying to smoke in a non-smoking apartment, air purifiers will make your work of keeping it a secret much easier. The primary purpose of an air purifier is to clean the air in the apartment.

So, when you turn it on before smoking, it will suck in the smoke and smell and filter it through several layers of filters. The air that is redistributed back is cleaner and, most importantly, smell and smoke-free.  

There are several types of air cleaners with different filtering materials. If you want to install one for this specific purpose, it is advisable to get one with activated charcoal or carbon as the filtering material.  

4. Avoid Smoking Near a Smoke Detector 

When you decide to smoke in your apartment, smoking near a smoke detector is the easiest way to get caught. Smoke can set off the fire alarm, inviting the apartment manager or neighbors to investigate the danger.  

It might be tempting to disable the smoke detector every time you smoke. However, you should NEVER DISABLE YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR since it is very easy to forget to turn it back on once you finish.  

In a Nutshell

The most significant risk of smoking in a non-smoking apartment is causing discomfort to your neighbors or, worse still, getting evicted. The apparent solution is living in an apartment with no smoking restrictions. But if you don’t have a choice, these tips can help make your life a little easier.

You could also consider vaping in your apartment instead, as this is harder for landlords to prove. Even smoking on the balcony and closing the doors to ensure the smell doesn’t get inside might be smart, but one of your neighbors might report you.

If you want to know how landlords try to prove their tenants are smoking in their apartment, click here.

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