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Does my Landlord have to Reglaze my Tub?

When you rent an apartment or a house, the landlord is responsible for ensuring the unit is in its best condition. The worst mistake you can make is to accept a less-than-ideal living state.

Therefore, whether it is the leakage in your bathroom or worn-out kitchen paint, you need to let your landlord know so that you can have a nice place for yourself. Regarding bathrooms, bathtubs are one of the most common places you will find issues when leasing a unit. Most landlords ignore the bathtub since it is the tenant who will use it.

That begs the question: Does my landlord have to reglaze my tub?

To understand the leasing system that governs bathtubs, whether your landlord needs to reglaze the tub and how to properly take care of it, continue reading below.

Tenant or Landlord: Who Needs to Repair or Reglaze the Bathtub? 

It is a tricky question since the answer will depend on some aspects: how the damage came to be, the type of damage and your rental agreement rules. It is the tenant’s responsibility when they cause any damage to the tub or the house in general. Therefore, the tenant will have to pay for any damage, whether he cracked the bathing unit or broke the ceiling by accident. 

However, when moving to a new house, it is important to visualize the condition of the bathroom and ask the landlord to make necessary repairs and replacements if need be. Your landlord should reglaze your tub before moving in or agree on the time to resurface it later in the month. 

If you have a worn-out bathtub, it will likely get damaged sooner than expected. Check out the signs of a worn-out bathtub to be on the safer side. Most landlords will try to blame the tenant for the damage to get away with the repair or reglaze responsibilities. Therefore, you need to consider some strategies to avoid spending and misunderstandings.

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When do you Need to Replace your Tub?

Bathtubs are designed to be used for a long time (approximately 20 years) because of the material and paint type used. However, stains and wear and tear are common challenges you can face with your tub even before the anticipated date of replacement. Regardless of the cleaning methods and chemicals you use to clean your tub, the browning color will start to appear on the surface. The only solution is to cover it with paint. 

After using the tub for a long time, you only have two options, buying a new one, or looking for a specialist to paint, repair or reglaze it. You can choose a DIY option where you buy some cleaning items like a brush, steel wool, epoxy resin, latex gloves, thinner and cleaning solution. You will need a new tub or, rather, tell your landlord to replace it if it shows signs of weathering. 

What to Do If You Get a Worn-Out Tub In a New Lease 

The best and fair way to deal with this matter is to be communicative and sincere with every house condition. Inspect everything the day you move in, and if possible, take pictures to convince the landlord when you want a repair, replacements or reglazing. 

If you choose to reglaze the tub or repair a certain item in the house, ensure you describe to the landlord to have clear accounts later. Remember, it is not your responsibility if something gets broken or damaged because of how old it is. Therefore, your landlord needs to reglaze your tub if you moved into an old one or it is worn out. 

Does Your Landlord Need to Make Minor Repairs?

Tenants’ problems, like torn screens, leaky faucets, worn-out flooring or old paints, do not make their apartment or unit uninhabitable. So, does your landlord need to repair them? Whether or not your landlord is responsible for minor repairs will depend on several factors. Check your lease agreement for more details.

So Does my Landlord have to Reglaze my Tub?

Check out for different red flags to know a good bathtub. You will need to go to your landlord and ask for repair or replacement since it is not your responsibility to reglaze your tub if you are in a lease. 

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