The 12 Most Conservative Cities in Tennessee in 2024

Most Conservative Cities in Tennessee

Due to my work and travels, I am deeply familiar with the nuances of different communities. I understand the importance of grasping a city’s political climate—especially if you’re considering making it your new home.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the 12 most conservative cities in Tennessee, places known not just for their picturesque landscapes but also for their longstanding conservative values.

Drawing on voting trends, local policies, demographic insights, and each community’s unique culture, I aim to provide a well-rounded view of what makes these cities stand out in Tennessee’s conservative spectrum. Join me as we explore these communities, each with its own story of tradition and conservative principles.

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12. Collierville

Collierville is often recognized for its conservative values, which are reflected in its community life and political leanings. This town, located in the greater Memphis area, combines suburban charm with a relatively affluent demographic that generally supports conservative economic and social policies.

Politically, Collierville tends to vote Republican in both local and national elections, indicating a strong conservative presence. This trend is consistent with much of the surrounding Shelby County, although Collierville often shows even stronger conservative leanings than Memphis, which is part of the same county but has a more diverse political landscape[1].

The town is known for its well-maintained neighbourhoods, quality schools, and family-friendly amenities, all of which attract residents who often prioritize traditional values, safety, and community-focused living—attributes that align well with conservative ideologies. Additionally, Collierville’s local government emphasizes economic development and business-friendly policies, which are typically supported by conservative voters[2].

Collierville’s conservative nature is manifested through its political tendencies, community standards, and overall lifestyle, making it a prominent example of a conservative city in Tennessee.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 40.7 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 15.3% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.1% (less than the national average rate)[14]

11. Franklin

Franklin, nestled in Williamson County, offers a mix of the old and the new. Its historic downtown, Civil War monuments, and antebellum homes blend seamlessly with modern amenities[3]

The city government focuses heavily on fiscal responsibility, another key conservative principle. It keeps its debt ratio below the national average, spends money on projects that support infrastructure, and earns a healthy budget surplus[4]. This approach not only supports current needs but also prepares the city for future demands.

Additionally, the focus on traditional family values and faith-based initiatives contributes to Franklin’s distinct community identity, setting it apart from other cities. These efforts resonate with Franklin’s conservative populace, reinforcing a community-oriented and value-driven approach to city governance. 

I personally admire Franklin’s smooth fusion of old-world charm and modern advancements. Every conversation I had with locals as I strolled around the historic district revealed the area’s pride. They talked about the city’s deliberate infrastructure spending while maintaining its rich history, which helped me better understand why conservative locals value Franklin so highly. So, Franklin’s commitment to these principles makes it a top pick for those seeking a conservative city with a rich historical context.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  38.4 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over –  14.5% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status –  0.2% (less than the national average rate)[15]

10. Germantown

Just east of Memphis, Germantown offers an excellent education system and a focus on community, mirroring the conservative emphasis on family and localism. The city’s governing bodies and public services are efficiently managed, intending to minimize government spending. Its leaders consistently advocate for conservative fiscal policies, emphasizing the importance of a balanced budget and limited government. 

Conservative fiscal policies are seen by their diverse and extensive fee structures for services, permits, and infractions, alongside a user-pay principle that shifts financial responsibility to service beneficiaries, thereby minimizing communal financial burdens[5].

The city puts great emphasis on preserving its heritage and promoting community bonds, making it a compelling choice for conservative-minded individuals. One prime example of this preservation is the presence of the Germantown Regional History and Genealogy Center (GRHGC), which serves as a repository and research centre for historical and genealogical materials[6]

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  44.4 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 22.3% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status –  0.1% (less than the national average rate)[16]

9. Brentwood

One of Nashville’s wealthiest suburbs, Brentwood, is known for its sprawling mansions, high-ranking schools, and safe neighborhoods. These factors reflect the conservative focus on personal responsibility and community standards. The city’s policies show a penchant for limited government interference and low taxes, both hallmarks of conventional thinking. 

Brentwood’s residents often prioritize individual initiative over centralized planning, reflecting their conservative values. The city’s fiscal approach remains notably conservative, as evidenced by the adoption of a reduced budget for FY 2021 in response to COVID-19’s impact on revenues[7]. Despite financial challenges, essential expenditures are prioritized, highlighting a balanced approach to fiscal management focused on long-term sustainability.

Also, Brentwood’s recognition as a Tree City USA and its commitment to effective urban forest management highlight the city’s conservative ethos of environmental stewardship and community engagement. Through initiatives like the Arbor Day celebration and tree dedication, Brentwood embodies a grassroots approach to preserving natural resources and fostering civic pride[8].

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 42.6 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 15.2% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status –  0.2% (less than the national average rate)[17]

8. Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet, one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, is known as the “City between the Lakes” and is noted for its conservatism. The city’s governing bodies can be respectful, business-friendly, and fiscally conservative on such projects as budget savings and tax cuts[10].

The community culture in Mount Juliet leans towards traditional, family-oriented values, further reinforcing its conservative orientation. Their emphasis on education, focusing on charter schools and private institutions, reflects conservative education reform ideals.

Mount Juliet’s conservative stance is evident in its prioritization of economic development alongside a commitment to maintaining a family-friendly community atmosphere[9]. Infrastructure investments like the Golden Bear Gateway reflect a balanced approach, fostering growth while preserving the city’s unique charm and appeal.

The political climate in Mount Juliet, as evidenced by voting records, leans decidedly right, underlining its place on our list of conservative cities.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 37.2 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 13.7% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.2% (less than the national average rate)[18]

7. Smyrna

With its rich military history, Smyrna values tradition, community, and patriotism—key facets of conservative ideology. The city government operates conservatively, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and lean operations. There’s a strong culture of entrepreneurship and small businesses here, aligning with the conservative emphasis on free enterprise and economic freedom.

Smyrna offers a robust support system for businesses, highlighted by several key initiatives and infrastructure developments. The Smyrna Airport Business Park is a major feature, providing well-planned development space with direct airfield access, which is crucial for businesses requiring logistic services and good connectivity[12].

Voting records indicate that the majority of the population leans conservative, regularly voting Republican in both local and national elections[11]. This interplay of factors makes Smyrna attractive for those seeking a traditional place with a lively community spirit.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age – 34.7 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 11.5% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.3% (less than the national average rate)[19]

For more information on Smyrna, such as crime rates and safety, click here.

6. Hendersonville

Hendersonville is located on the Old Hickory Lake, known as the “city by the lake”[26]. It is arguably one of the most conservative cities in the state and reflects this partisan orientation among voters.

Because the city continues its support for Republican candidates in both state and national elections, it reflects a consistent conservative exposure within the municipality[27]. Therefore, Hendersonville provides a unique blend of conservatism within a scenic lakefront setting. 

Last year, I spent an afternoon by the tranquil Old Hickory Lake, where the peaceful surroundings and friendly conversations with locals truly captured the city’s conservative heart. These discussions revealed that the community’s support for conservative values is inextricably linked to their way of life, reflecting the lake’s consistent and serene environment. This personal experience demonstrated how Hendersonville’s picturesque setting and political views contribute to a distinct and cohesive community atmosphere.

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Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  38.9 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 16.0% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.2% (less than the national average rate)[20]

5. Lebanon

Lebanon, a city known for its historic square and old-world charm, showcases conservative values through its community-oriented living and emphasis on local control. Voting trends in Lebanon have traditionally favored Republican candidates, signifying a traditional majority population[13].

The city’s government reflects conservative principles with its low tax rates, controlled spending, and policies supporting small businesses. Residents feel a sparse suburban life, with most owning their homes. The area is popular among families and young professionals, and the community generally holds conservative values[34]

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  36.6 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 15.9% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.4% (on par with the national average rate)[21]

4. Bristol

Bristol is located on the Tennessee-Virginia border and is a prominent spot as it has become the birthplace of country music[28] . However, Bristol has a strong conservative impact, and its political and social perspectives lean heavily towards the right.

Bristol’s city governance reflects a commitment to fiscal conservatism, with low tax rates and efficient use of public funds. The city’s voting records consistently favor Republican candidates, demonstrating its conservative inclination[29]. Bristol’s emphasis on traditional values, religious faith, and local history also aligns with conservative ideals, making it a noteworthy pick for those seeking a conservative city with a strong cultural heritage.

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  43.6 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 21.3% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.3% (less than the national average rate)[22]

3. Kingsport

Kingsport, the conservative Northeast city in the state, is geared towards exploding with vibrant conservatism[30]. The city’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, small government, and low taxes is evident in its policies. Kingsport’s citizens regularly vote for Republican candidates, demonstrating their conservative political leanings.

The city also values preserving its historical identity and promotes a strong sense of community, reflecting conservative principles. Hence, Kingsport is an appealing option for those who prefer a city that marries traditional governance with a sense of community spirit[31].

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  44.0 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 22.9% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.4% ( on par with the national average rate)[23]

Let’s get into the 2 most conservative cities in Tennessee.

2. Cookeville

Known as the “Hub of the Upper Cumberlands,” Cookeville features a strong conservative culture[32]. The city’s government reflects this through its low-tax, pro-business policies and emphasis on limited government intervention. Cookeville’s voting records highlight a consistent preference for conservative, mainly Republican candidates.

In addition, the city’s family-oriented values, religion, and dedication to local control of schools and other institutions fit key conservative principles well[33]. Moreover, this city is perfectly conservative-minded to live in. 

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  30.3 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 15.2% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.3% ( less than the national average rate)[24]

1. Murfreesboro

Top of the list of the most conservative cities in Tennessee is Murfreesboro, a growing city just to the southeast of Nashville. While it has experienced growth, Murfreesboro’s conservatism hasn’t rubbed off. 

Community events such as patriotic parades, Memorial Day commemorations, and Veterans Day celebrations are prominent, reflecting the city’s deep-seated conservative values[35]. Civic organizations in Murfreesboro actively participate in initiatives that promote conservative causes, ensuring that the city’s conservative pulse continues to thrive and shape its future[36]Furthermore, the demographic composition of Murfreesboro plays a crucial role in its conservative lean. The majority of its residents identify as part of religious communities that traditionally uphold conservative values. 

I remember my last real estate conference in Murfreesboro, and I used the opportunity to explore the city beyond the meeting rooms and presentations. I noticed as I strolled around the community squares how much the city’s conservative ideals permeated daily interactions. Local store owners boasted about their advantageous business environment, and the families I encountered stressed the value of religion and community service.

Being able to witness firsthand how its citizens cherish and uphold their values gave me a deeper understanding of why Murfreesboro maintains its reputation as Tennessee’s most conservative city. 

Key Statistics (US Government Census)

  • Median Age –  31.9 (younger than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 10.8% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same-sex relationship status – 0.4% ( on par with the national average rate)[25]


I hope this exploration has enriched your understanding of Tennessee’s most conservative cities. From their governance and community values to the distinctive lifestyles they foster, these cities embody the essence of conservative principles. Whether you’re considering a move or simply curious about the political landscape, each location offers a unique perspective on conservative living.

If your interests lean towards more progressive environments, I invite you to explore the most liberal cities in Tennessee for a contrasting view.

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