The 12 Most Conservative Cities in Tennessee in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Tennessee

If you’re seeking insights into the political orientation of cities in Tennessee and considering a relocation, you’ve arrived at the right resource. In this article, we will delve into the 12 most conservative cities in Tennessee, each with a rich history of conservative politics.

Our criteria for selection include voting patterns, policies, demographic data, and community culture, aimed at providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each location. So, settle in and embark on our journey through the heart of Tennessee’s conservative landscape.

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12. Collierville

Collierville is situated in Shelby County, near the center of Memphis. Though the suburb has a classic small-town vibe that endears it to many Memphis citizens, they also support conservative ideals throughout the city—large percentages of the population lean right because of those voting patterns.

The city’s policies, particularly in business regulations, taxation, and social services, also reflect a conservative standpoint. For instance, Collierville’s city council has made significant efforts to promote small businesses and limit government intervention, a cornerstone of conservative ideology.

Therefore, this city is an excellent choice for individuals and families who appreciate traditional values in a small-town setting.

11. Franklin

Franklin, nestled in Williamson County, offers a mix of the old and the new. Its historic downtown, Civil War monuments, and antebellum homes blend seamlessly with modern amenities. This city has consistently voted for Republican candidates in state and national elections, suggesting a predominantly conservative populace.

Additionally, the city government focuses heavily on fiscal responsibility, another key conservative principle.

It keeps its debt ratio below the national average and spends money on projects that support infrastructure while at the same time earning a healthy budget surplus. Its efforts to appeal to traditional family values and faith-based ideas set it apart from other cities.

Franklin’s commitment to these principles makes it a top pick for those seeking a conservative city with a rich historical context.

10. Germantown

Just east of Memphis, Germantown offers an excellent education system and a focus on community, mirroring the conservative emphasis on family and localism. The city’s governing bodies and public services had efficiently managed, intending to minimize government spending. Its leaders consistently advocate for conservative fiscal policies, emphasizing the importance of a balanced budget and limited government. 

Voting trends in Germantown tilt heavily towards the Republican party, making it one of the most conservative cities in Tennessee. The city’s emphasis on preserving its heritage and promoting community bonds also aligns with the conservative perspective, making it a compelling choice for conservative-minded individuals.

9. Brentwood

One of the wealthiest suburbs of Nashville, Brentwood, is known for its sprawling mansions, high-ranking schools, and safe neighborhoods. These factors reflect the conservative focus on personal responsibility and community standards. The city’s policies show a penchant for limited government interference and low taxes, both hallmarks of conventional thinking. 

Brentwood’s residents often participate actively, reflecting their conservative value of individual initiative over centralized planning. This city’s voting history in state and national elections has consistently favored the Republican party, demonstrating its traditional pedigree.

8. Mount Juliet

Mount Juliet, one of the fastest-growing cities in the state, is known as the “City between the Lakes” and is noted for its conservatism. The city’s governing bodies can be respectful, business-friendly, and fiscally conservative on such projects as budget savings and tax cuts.

The community culture in Mount Juliet leans towards traditional, family-oriented values, further reinforcing its conservative orientation. Their emphasis on education, focusing on charter schools and private institutions, reflects conservative education reform ideals.

The political climate in Mount Juliet, as evidenced by voting records, leans decidedly right, underlining its place on our list of conservative cities.

7. Smyrna

With its rich military history, Smyrna is a city that values tradition, community, and patriotism – key facets of conservative ideology. The city government operates conservatively, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and lean operations. There’s a strong culture of entrepreneurship and small businesses here, aligning with the conservative emphasis on free enterprise and economic freedom.

Voting records indicate that the majority of the population leans conservative, regularly voting Republican in both local and national elections. This interplay of factors makes Smyrna attractive for those seeking a traditional place with a lively community spirit.

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6. Hendersonville

Hendersonville is located on the Old Hickory Lake, known as the “city by the lake”. It is arguably one of the most conservative cities in the state and reflects this partisan orientation among voters.

Because the city continues its support for Republican candidates in both state and national elections, it reflects a consistent conservative exposure within the municipality. Therefore, Hendersonville provides a unique blend of conservatism within a scenic lakefront setting. 

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5. Lebanon

Lebanon, a city known for its historic square and old-world charm, showcases conservative values through its community-oriented living and emphasis on local control. Voting trends in Lebanon have traditionally favored Republican candidates, signifying a traditional majority population.

The city’s government reflects conservative principles with its low tax rates, controlled spending, and policies supporting small businesses. These factors, combined with the city’s dedication to preserving its historical identity, demonstrate the conservative orientation of Lebanon.

4. Bristol

Bristol is located on the Tennessee-Virginia border and is a prominent spot as it has become the birthplace of country music. However, Bristol has its strong conservative impact where their political and social perspectives lean heavily towards the right.

Bristol’s city governance reflects a commitment to fiscal conservatism, with low tax rates and efficient use of public funds. The city’s voting records consistently favor Republican candidates, demonstrating its conservative inclination. Bristol’s emphasis on traditional values, religious faith, and local history also aligns with conservative ideals, making it a noteworthy pick for those seeking a conservative city with a strong cultural heritage.

3. Kingsport

Kingsport, the conservative Northeast city in the state, is geared towards exploding with vibrant conservatism. The city’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, small government, and low taxes is evident in its policies. Kingsport’s citizens regularly vote for Republican candidates, demonstrating their conservative political leanings.

The city also values preserving its historical identity and promotes a strong sense of community, reflecting conservative principles. Hence, Kingsport is an appealing option for those who prefer a city that marries traditional governance with a sense of community spirit.

Let’s get into the 2 most conservative cities in Tennessee.

2. Cookeville

Known as the “Hub of the Upper Cumberlands,” Cookeville features a strong conservative culture. The city’s government reflects this through its low-tax, pro-business policies and emphasis on limited government intervention. Cookeville’s voting records highlight a consistent preference for conservative, mainly Republican candidates.

In addition, the city’s family-oriented values, religion, and dedication to local control of schools and other institutions fit key conservative principles well. Moreover, this city is perfectly conservative-minded to live in.

1. Murfreesboro

Top of the list of the most conservative cities in Tennessee is Murfreesboro, a growing city just to the southeast of Nashville. While it has experienced growth, Murfreesboro’s conservatism hasn’t rubbed off. The city holds tax rates below most cities and business policies emphasizing fiscal responsibility—hallmarks of conservative government.

Furthermore, the residents of Murfreesboro always participate in voting for conservative candidates. The cultural hinterland intensely focuses on family values, religious faith, and civic awareness, so Murfreesboro is nominated as Tennessee’s most conservative city.


We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into Tennessee’s most conservative cities. Each city offers a unique blend of conservative governance, community culture, and lifestyle, giving ample options for anyone looking to move to a more politically conservative environment.

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