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12 Most Conservative Cities in Virginia in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Virginia

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of the 12 most conservative cities in Virginia. Whether you’re a political enthusiast, a prospective homeowner curious about the ideological landscape, or simply someone fascinated by cultural dynamics, this guide will provide insightful commentary on these cities. 

Our analysis considers factors such as voting patterns, representation in local government, citizen ideologies, and conservative social and cultural institutions. Let’s explore these unique cities that have embedded conservatism in their civic ethos.

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12. Abingdon

The first major city is Abingdon, a quiet town in Washington County. With around 9,000 residents, it’s surprising to learn that Abingdon is a bastion of conservative strongholds. In fact, as an indicator of this, in the 2020 Presidential Election, over 75% of votes were swung in favor of the Republicans; a unique positionality regarding its voting patterns, but not so important on socio-cultural dynamics.

The city has numerous conservative social organizations and churches that play active roles in the community. These institutions uphold traditional values, reflect the conservative ethos of the residents, and serve as pillars of the community.

The populace prefers limited government intervention, and values such as personal freedom and self-reliance are widely cherished. Abingdon’s charm is not limited to its political landscape; it’s also home to a thriving arts scene, which includes the Barter Theater, the longest-running professional theater in the nation.

11. Lynchburg

Lynchburg, a city historically associated with manufacturing and known as the “City of Seven Hills,” is our number 11 pick as one of the most conservative cities in Virginia. This city, with a population of around 80,000, embodies conservative principles in its governance and socio-economic environment.

Known for the Liberty University, a Christian academic institution with a significant conventional influence, the city’s cultural fabric is influenced by religious traditionalism and conservative values. 

Notably, in the 2016 Presidential election, despite the state swinging blue, Lynchburg voted predominantly Republican. This characteristic underscores a deeply ingrained traditional ethos.

Additionally, the local economy is supported by numerous small businesses and local entrepreneurs, reflecting the community’s emphasis on free enterprise and limited governmental regulation. The city, with its historical landmarks and picturesque views, offers a balance of conservatism and cultural richness.

10. Staunton

Situated in the Shenandoah Valley, Staunton is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and a strong sense of community intertwined with a distinctly traditional identity. As with our previous entries, Staunton leans heavily Republican in voting patterns. 

The city’s conservative nature will be observed in its robust support for Second Amendment rights and its commitment to fiscal conservatism. The town takes pride in its balanced budgets and efficient public services, reflecting a preference for prudent fiscal management and small government.

Furthermore, Staunton hosts several community events that promote traditional values, strengthening its conservative identity.

9. Salem

In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains lies Salem, Virginia’s ninth most conservative city. Salem’s commitment to conservative ideals is evident in its strong focus on family values, traditional lifestyles, and high rates of church attendance.

The town leans heavily Republican in its voting patterns, with most of the population endorsing conservative candidates in recent elections. 

Salem is also known for its thriving small business environment, indicative of a community that appreciates economic self-reliance and entrepreneurship. Despite its conservative core, the city is renowned for hosting the annual Salem Fair, which beautifully encapsulates the community’s friendly spirit and love for tradition.

8. Winchester

With its rich Civil War history, Winchester is the eighth most conservative city in Virginia. The political leanings of Winchester residents are very traditional; there is a strong preference for Republican candidates at both the national and state level elections. Its lean and efficient local government heralds the city’s reputation as one of fiscal conservatism. 

It is also home to Shenandoah University, a historic Christian institution committed to traditional education and new hot topics. The city boasts diversity despite its conservative tradition.

A large part of what this region was once known for has been passed down through biology from Adam until today when Winchester honors the non-hormonal arrival of spring by hosting an annual Apple Blossom Festival.

7. Bristol

Bristol, a city straddling Virginia and Tennessee, earns the seventh spot on our list of the most conservative cities in Virginia. Its position on the state line offers an interesting perspective on its conservative leanings, with the Virginia side maintaining a distinct political identity. 

Known as the birthplace of country music, Bristol’s conservative nature has been woven into its cultural fabric. The city is strongly Republican, supporting fiscal conservatism rather than the more liberal ideas of more coastal cities. Besides, many churches help keep the community together.

Also, Bristol is one of the states with a high gun ownership rate in Massachusetts, which is one of the reasons why it is one of the most conservative cities in Virginia.

6. Martinsville

Located near North Carolina, Martinsville demonstrates its conservatism in many ways, from tremendous support for Republican candidates to deep belief in free enterprise, shown by its thriving local businesses. 

A rundown of some of Martinsville’s commitment to conservative values: law enforcement, military veterans. The people of Martinville’s daily lives and community practices reflect their deep-seated respect for traditional American values.

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5. Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights, just South of Richmond, is a city that consistently supports Republican candidates and is characterized by its residents’ commitment to traditional values, a strong sense of community, and fiscal conservatism. 

Like other cities on our list, Colonial Heights boasts several social and religious institutions that promote conservative values. The city is also known for its strong support of the military and veterans, as it is located near the Fort Lee military base.

4. Danville

Sitting comfortably along the Dan River Danville’s conservatism is evident in its political landscape, where most of its population votes Republican. The city also takes a conservative stance on fiscal matters, prioritizing budgetary responsibility and economic self-reliance. 

The people of Danville also overwhelmingly appreciate traditional values, often standing together in support of community events that celebrate these values. Despite the conservatism which runs deep in Danville, this city has also been a hub of civil rights history, adding an interesting layer of complexity to its conservative identity.

3. Wytheville

Wytheville, situated in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, is Virginia’s third most conservative city. Known for its historic charm and beautiful outdoor recreational opportunities, Wytheville has a strong conservative presence. 

The town consistently supports conservative candidates and policies, reflecting its preference for limited government and traditional values. Wytheville’s conservatism has been further evidenced by its fiscal responsibility, commitment to Second Amendment rights, and the prominent role of churches within the community. 

Despite its conservative core, Wytheville balances its political leaning with an appreciation for the arts and culture, making it an intriguing destination. However, styled with a conventional image, Wytheville’s endeavors have balanced its political leanings, including culture and the arts, which is fascinating to visit.

2. Emporia

Emporia, one of the smallest independent cities in Virginia, comes in second on our list of the most conservative cities in Virginia. Despite its size, Emporia’s conservatism is powerful and evident. 

The city is a consistent supporter of Republican candidates and conservative principles. Emporia values these qualities among voters because of its commitment to conserving nature, public health, fiscal responsibility, and self-reliance.

Religious institutions within the city influence and bring conservatism to the community culture. Emporia is almost the most conservative  city in Virginia.

1. Poquoson

Finally, Poquoson is the city that tops our list as the most conservative city in Virginia. It has a traditional identity that was deeply ingrained in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Known for its strong support for Republican candidates, Poquoson is a city that values fiscal conservatism, limited government, and traditional values. 

The community relies on churches for moral guidance and direction, an important part of their conservative ethos. The educational system built within the city, local businesses, and everything else further proves this commitment to the community. Poquoson’s conservatism is balanced by its coastal charm, making it an idyllic and intriguing city in the heart of Virginia.


These twelve cities are distinct but united by their conservative identity, each contributing uniquely to Virginia’s political and cultural fabric. Whether you’re seeking a city that aligns with your political beliefs or simply curious about Virginia’s political landscape, we hope this guide has offered valuable insights into the conservative heart of Virginia.

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