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The 14 Most Conservative Cities in Illinois in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Illinois

Welcome to our thorough analysis of the 14 most conservative cities in Illinois. A comprehensive review of each city is given in this article, highlighting the features that make them conservative and attractive to potential purchasers or tenants who share similar ideals.

Each of the cities on this list has distinctive characteristics that tend to the conservative end of the political spectrum, whether it’s because of the local government, its financial policies, or the citizens’ shared ideals. Because “conservative” may mean various things to different individuals, we chose to take all of these factors into account while compiling this list.

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14. O’Fallon

O’Fallon, a town in the suburbs in St. Clair County, has a conservative attitude that is mostly affected by the demographics of its residents and its municipal government. A lot of conservatives are drawn to O’Fallon’s leadership because it places a strong emphasis on public safety, financial responsibility and infrastructure development.

It has a population of about 30,000, yet nevertheless manages to preserve a small-town atmosphere where local businesses flourish and people tend to have traditional values. Its excellent educational system and low crime rate also make it an attractive location for families, which adds to its conservative reputation. Though O’Fallon tends to lean conservative, its inhabitants represent a wide range of ideas, making it a diverse city.

13. Naperville

Number 13 on the list is Naperville, one of the richest cities in the Midwest. The economic policies of the city and its wealthy, commercially focused neighborhood are the main indicators of its conservative leanings. Numerous business headquarters are located in Naperville, which also has a lively downtown area. These companies value the city’s low taxes and business-friendly policies.

Conservative citizens are drawn to areas with a strong emphasis on excellent schools, family values and low crime rates. However, Naperville’s diversity and size make it possible to locate a variety of political viewpoints, creating a balanced sense of community.

12. Plainfield

The next city on our list is Plainfield, which stands out for its small-town charm and fiscal policy. Many conservatives choose Plainfield because of its pro-business stance and balanced economy. Its municipal administration prioritizes prudent spending and preserving a welcoming climate for local businesses to thrive.

Traditional, family-oriented neighborhoods with traditional social values may be found across the city. Though Plainfield tends to tip conservative, it also values inclusion and a diversity of viewpoints, which should be noted.

11. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake, a city in McHenry County, deserves being included on our list because of its dedication to the community, effective financial management, and high standard of living. It has a population of around 40,000 and is renowned for its stunning scenery, vibrant small businesses, as well as safe neighborhoods.

The city of Crystal Lake takes pride in its prudent spending patterns and commitment to fiscal responsibility. It also has a large number of churches and other faith-based institutions, which represent the traditional values of the neighborhood. Like the others, Crystal Lake is home to a range of political ideologies, sustaining a stable sense of community.

10. Wheaton

DuPage County’s county seat, Wheaton, is ranked number 10 on our list. This city is renowned for its strong emphasis on family values, religious organizations, and fiscal conservatism. Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts university that calls the city home, has an impact on the area’s religious and social climate.

Furthermore, Wheaton’s governance has continuously supported small companies and kept the city’s budget balanced. The city’s involvement in environmental conservation actively counteracts its conservatism, illustrating how conservatism and sustainability may coexist.

9. Quincy

Next on the list of the most conservative cities in Illinois is Quincy. The Mississippi River city of Quincy is a popular destination for both conservatives and history lovers. It attracts a community that appreciates tradition because of its rich past and well-preserved architecture.

The municipal government of Quincy has conservative tendencies as well, with a focus on public safety, fiscal responsibility and the support of regional companies. Quincy has a diverse community with a wide spectrum of viewpoints despite its conservative leanings.

8. Downers Grove

The following city on the list is Downers Grove, which is well known for its strong economy, vibrant business climate, and emphasis on family values. Conservative company owners are drawn to Downers Grove’s fiscal principles because they support low taxes and less government control.

Its neighborhoods, which support a community that cherishes security and tradition, are family-friendly and have excellent schools. Despite having a diverse population, the city nonetheless has a stable political environment.

7. Algonquin

Algonquin, popularly known as “The Gem of the Fox River Valley,” is a wealthy suburb with a conservative political bent. It is characterized by its robust economy, reasonable taxes, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The low crime rate, emphasis on public safety, and great educational possibilities all reflect the city’s conservative mentality. Conservatives prefer Algonquin because it keeps an eye on economic expansion and balanced finances.

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6. Schaumburg

The sixth place on our list goes to Schaumburg, which has a conservative atmosphere partly influenced by its strong economy and excellent level of living. A number of major firms have their corporate headquarters in this city, which also has a thriving job market.

Due to its conservative economic policies, Schaumburg has become a refuge for business owners and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the city’s commitment to community participation, high-quality education, and public safety connects with traditional family values, further securing its position on our list of the most conservative cities in Illinois.

5. Orland Park

The fifth place on our list goes to Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago. It is well renowned for placing a high focus on safety, fiscal discipline, and family values—three principles that appeal to conservative people living there. The administration of the city works to keep a balanced budget, reasonable taxes, and a welcoming environment for enterprises.

Families are at the heart of the town, which also has excellent schools and secure neighborhoods, reflecting a conservative social environment. Like the other cities on this list, the conservative majority in Orland Park is complimented by a wide variety of viewpoints in the local population, and is the 5th most conservative city in Illinois.

4. Barrington

Barrington, which is well-known for having an educated and wealthy community, comes in at number four. Because of its emphasis on preserving a robust economy, promoting entrepreneurial activity, and cultivating a community that cherishes tradition and stability, this suburban village leans conservative.

Barrington’s solid educational system, low crime rate, and emphasis on community involvement are echoes of the conservative ideas of individual responsibility and family values. Barrington supports diversity and promotes civic engagement despite having a majority of conservatives, fostering a harmonious and inclusive community.

3. Glenview

Glenview, a Chicago suburb renowned for its robust community, top-notch educational system, and fiscal conservatism, comes in at number three. The village’s leadership adheres to conservative economic ideals by emphasizing cautious financial management and business-friendly practices.

Glenview’s emphasis on family-friendly neighborhoods and public safety is also consistent with conventionally conservative social views. Even while Glenview tends to tilt conservative, its variety assures a wide range of perspectives, which adds to its active community life.

2. Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights, which is one of the most conservative Chicago suburbs, comes in at number two. The city’s emphasis on financial responsibility, a thriving economy, and a good standard of living for its citizens has helped to nurture its conservative climate.

The city’s administration is renowned for effectively managing budgets and supporting neighborhood businesses, two characteristics of conservative economic ideas. Arlington Heights also has a solid educational system and safe communities that represent traditional family values.

Despite the city’s conservative leanings, its citizens benefit from the diversity and wide range of perspectives that exist in the community.

1. Effingham – The Most Conservative City in Illinois

Effingham, a little town in Southern Illinois, is the most conservative city in the state. The conservative inclinations of Effingham, often known as the “Crossroads of Opportunity,” are strongly embedded in its leadership, community values, and way of life. With low taxes and minimal government intervention, the city promotes a business-friendly climate and demonstrates excellent economic prudence.

Traditional, family-oriented neighborhoods with conservative social beliefs make up its population. Effingham is a shining example of traditional values in Illinois since it is also home to several religious organizations that have an impact on the local culture. Effingham encourages a culture of acceptability and inclusiveness, cultivating a community that is friendly to everyone, while having a majority of conservatives.


These 14 most conservative cities in Illinois represent the diversity of conservatism, from quiet suburban havens to thriving business centers. For people who share these ideals, each city provides a distinctive fusion of traditional values, conservative fiscal policies, and community-focused living, making them appealing travel destinations.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that each of these cities also offers a wide variety of viewpoints, supporting a balanced and inclusive community life. We hope this guide offers helpful information, whether you’re thinking about relocating to one of these cities or simply wanting to learn more about Illinois’s political climate.

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