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12 Best Places to Live in Texas for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Texas for Black Families

Texas, the second-largest state in the US, is home to a diverse population, a thriving economy, and energetic communities. It provides a wide range of opportunities for Black families looking to settle down that guarantee a high level of living, top-notch schools, many job opportunities, vibrant black communities, and prospects for personal and professional progress.

This article focuses on the 12 best places to live in Texas for Black families, taking into consideration elements including safety, educational attainment, employment prospects, cost of living, and involvement in community.

12. Killeen

With its inexpensive homes and excellent educational systems, Killeen is ranked number 12 on our list of the best places to live in Texas for Black families. It is home to Fort Hood, one of the biggest military bases in the world, which offers both armed forces and civilian employees a variety of career options.

Strong academic and extracurricular programs provided by Killeen Independent School District (ISD) are a primary appeal for families. The city’s multicultural population also provides a wide range of cultural and educational opportunities.

Due to its central Texas position, weekend excursions to big cities like Austin and San Antonio are simple to arrange. Killeen has a small-town charm that attracts families looking for a quieter, more laid-back lifestyle yet having a lot of metropolitan amenities.

11. Missouri City

Missouri City, which is part of the Houston metro region, provides a tranquil suburban living within a short distance from the busy city life. Black people make up a large portion of the city’s population, which fosters a strong feeling of community and representation.

Missouri City is the perfect location for families looking for a top-notch education for their children because of its highly regarded schools, including those in the Fort Bend Independent School District.

The city also has an abundance of parks and leisure spaces, which raises the standard of living overall. Young families and those wishing to enhance their lives can both discover something acceptable thanks to the vast range of affordable housing options.

10. Lancaster

Lancaster, a Dallas suburb, provides an appealing combination of historic cultural heritage and contemporary amenities. It promotes an inviting environment for growth and success since it has a vibrant Black community and Black families have a higher median income than the national average.

Numerous educational options are offered by the Lancaster Independent School District, which adds to its draw for black students and families. Beyond the usual school and job schedules, the city’s dedication to preserving its heritage and advancing the arts and culture offers a balanced lifestyle. This makes Lancaster a brilliant place to relocate for African Americans.

9. DeSoto

On our list, DeSoto, another Dallas suburb, comes in at number nine. DeSoto has been named a “All-America City,” which speaks well of its livability. It is renowned for its warm community and higher median income.

DeSoto, which has a large Black population, provides a strong sense of representation and belonging. The DeSoto Independent School District, which serves the city, offers children a top-notch education and a wide range of extracurricular activities. DeSoto has a lot to offer families in the way of cultural attractions and, parks, and recreational places for entertainment.

8. Cedar Hill

Next on our list is Cedar Hill, a community renowned for its breathtaking surroundings and excellent schools. With a sizable Black population, the city has a high degree of diversity. Due to Cedar Hill State Park and Joe Pool Lake’s close proximity to the city, families in Cedar Hill have access to many fantastic outdoor and recreational activities.

Children have a variety of educational options through the Cedar Hill Independent School District, while adults have several work choices because of the city’s economic growth. In Cedar Hill, there is a strong feeling of community, which makes it a great environment for Black families to thrive.

7. Stafford

Due to its close proximity to both suburban serenity and big-city facilities, Stafford is an attractive area to reside due to its advantageous location halfway between Houston and Sugar Land.

The city has a lot to offer families with a vibrant Black community, numerous parks, and top-notch schools like the well acclaimed Stafford Municipal School District.

The municipal government’s focus on economic growth also guarantees a consistent flow of work possibilities, giving Stafford a thriving economy. African Americans love Stafford!

6. Mansfield

Mansfield is frequently praised for having an excellent quality of life. The city, which is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, has a sizable Black population, providing a sense of community.

Mansfield’s top-rated schools run by the Mansfield Independent School District as well as a variety of recreational opportunities, such as parks and a charming downtown that frequently hosts community and cultural events, attract families.

A healthy job market is provided by the city’s growth and development activities, which continue to draw companies.

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5. Pearland

Due to its top-notch schools, expanding economy, and cultural variety, Pearland comes in at number five on our list of the best places to live in Texas for black families. A vibrant Black community exists in this suburban Houston city, providing a sense of solidarity and togetherness.

The Pearland Independent School District is an excellent school system well known for its robust academic and extracurricular activities, making Texas a great place to live for families. Families can enjoy the outdoors thanks to the city’s abundance of parks, leisure places, and nature trails.

4. Pflugerville

North of Austin, in Pflugerville, residents enjoy a close-knit community and high standards of living. It is a desired location for Black families because of its vibrant Black population and the excellent Pflugerville Independent School District schools.

The city’s low crime rate increases its attractiveness to families looking for a safe city to live. Because of its closeness to Austin, Pflugerville residents may easily access the cultural centers and advantages of the major city while yet enjoying the peace and quiet of a smaller town.

3. Frisco

Frisco, which is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, comes in third place. Numerous significant firms that provide good career prospects are located in this city, along with a developing Black community.

Families that place a high priority on education will find that Frisco is a great place to live because to the district’s reputation for dedication to student accomplishment and academic excellence. Frisco has a thriving economy and a number of recreational features, such as a network of parks, trails, and sports facilities, making it a desirable area to live.

2. Sugar Land

Our second-place scorer is Sugar Land, which is a suburb of Houston. Sugar Land provides a superior standard of living for families and is renowned for its outstanding schools, low crime rate in the Fort Bend Independent School District, and a constantly expanding economy.

With a thriving business community and a robust Black community that adds to the city’s unique cultural vibe, it is home to a diverse population. Its master-planned communities provide superb housing alternatives, from budget-friendly to luxurious, to fit a range of family needs.

1. Allen – Best Place to Live in Texas for Black Families

Allen is Texas’s finest treasure for Black families, situated north of Dallas. It is home to a robust local economy, a wealthy Black population, and a high-performing educational system. The Allen Independent School District is a top choice for families that place a high priority on education due to its outstanding academic results.

Thanks to the city’s wide range of enterprises, there are several employment options. A friendly atmosphere for Black families is also provided by Allen, which provides a variety of affordable housing options and, community activities and parks. This mix of elements elevates Allen to the top of our list of recommended Texas neighborhoods for Black families.

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