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House Real has the knowledge and expertise to help clients select the right investment opportunities for their financial goals. 

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Henry has an eye for property, finding the best investment opportunities that exceed our clients’ expectations. When dealing with tenanted property buyouts, he will collaborate with Maria, House Real’s landlord and tenant expert, to provide accurate and practical advice.

Investor Services

As the services offered by House Real do not constitute legal advice, we encourage you to seek legal counsel in property law when transacting in property.

The House Real team is dedicated to helping investors find properties that not only meet their expectations but surpass them, too.

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Vacant property finder

Vacant properties can be great investment opportunities. For one, they are often easier to buy and sell as nobody currently lives in the property. These empty properties are usually sold below market price, too, which means a high return on investment.

If you would like assistance finding vacant properties in your area, one of the House Real team will be happy to help.

Tenanted property buyout finder

More experienced landlords might find a property with existing tenants more appealing than a vacant property. As these properties are tougher to sell, they can be cheaper to buy, which can be better for an investment.

Our team can also help search for an investment property with paying tenants in place if that is your preference.

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Why Choose House Real?

The investment advice House Real provides considers the current housing market and predicts any rises and falls that might happen in the future; this helps to ensure investors make the correct decisions.

Despite specializing in helping families search for their future homes, Henry has experience assisting investors in choosing suitable properties for their financial goals. 

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