12 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Black Families

Pennsylvania, frequently referred to as the Keystone State, is an appealing choice for families wishing to establish roots because it provides a rich combination of cultural variety, history, excellent education, and affordability.

Finding a location that fits your family’s requirements and way of life is important as there are so many different surroundings available, from busy cities to charming suburbs and rural areas. In this post, our focus will be on the 12 best places to live in Pennsylvania for black families. The rating takes into account variables including ethnic diversity, education, cost of living, and crime rate.

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12. Harrisburg

The capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, is where our list starts. With a population of over 50,000, Harrisburg offers a friendly neighborhood that is both big enough to offer a variety of activities and small enough to encourage a sense of belonging.

The black population of the city, which makes up around 30% of the total population, is well-established. Students have access to a variety of higher education institutions in Harrisburg, including Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Despite somewhat higher crime rates than the US average, Bellevue Park and Camp Hill are two safe communities that provide nice places to live. Community-led programs like “The ‘Burg” are continuously trying to raise standards of living and safety.

11. York

The city of York, which has a thriving arts scene and a significant African-American tradition, is our next choice. Black people make up roughly 27% of York’s total population, making a sizable and powerful group.

The city is renowned for its attempts to revitalize the downtown area, which is presently crowded with restaurants, shops, and galleries. The York City School District’s dedication to diversity and cultural inclusivity, which supports black pupils, would be valued by families.

Although the crime rate is a little higher than the national average, areas like Tyler Run and East York are thought to be more family-friendly and safer.

10. Chester

Chester, which is ranked number 10, offers a distinctive fusion of urban and suburban living. Over 70% of the city’s population is black, which represents a sizable portion of the demography.

Chester is a center for education since it is home to the famous Widener University. While the city has historically suffered with crime, it has made great progress towards safer areas because to a number of community initiatives, such the Chester Community Coalition, which aims to reduce violence and promote community development.

Read on for more of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for black families.

9. Bethlehem

Over time, the black population of Bethlehem, which is a portion of the Lehigh Valley, has gradually risen. For diverse lifestyle requirements, the city offers a range of housing alternatives, from suburban single-family houses to urban flats.

In addition to Lehigh University and Moravian College being located in Bethlehem, the city has top-notch educational institutions. Bethlehem is also a safe environment for families because of the comparatively low crime rate.

Black families will find Bethlehem to be a culturally stimulating community because to the Bethlehem Area Public Library’s numerous festivities of diversity.

8. Lancaster

Lancaster is a little city with lots of charm and an increasing black population. It offers a diversified educational system, notably the Lancaster School District, which is renowned for its dedication to inclusiveness and diversity in education.

The city also has lower crime rates than the national average and a low cost of living. Events like the yearly African American Heritage Festival show how hard local government and community organizations have worked to honor cultural variety and encourage inclusion.

7. Easton

Another community in the Lehigh Valley, Easton, has a desirable blend of urban and suburban atmosphere. Lafayette College is located in the city, which also boasts a public education system that is above average.

Black individuals make up around 16% of Easton’s population, and the number is continuously increasing. Although the crime rate in Easton is slightly higher than the national average, areas like College Hill and Zucksville are perceived to be safer.

With initiatives like the yearly African American Heritage Day, the city actively promotes diversity.

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6. State College

State College, commonly recognized as the location of Penn State University, offers a multicultural and welcoming environment. With crime rates far lower than the national average, the community is comparatively safe.

The public schools in State College are top-notch, offering excellent instruction and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Although the black population is less (approximately 5% of the total), the university’s impact promotes a cosmopolitan and accepting environment.

5. West Chester

A great option for black families is the Philadelphia suburb of West Chester. The city has both old and new residences, excellent schools, and a bustling center with a wide selection of stores and restaurants.

West Chester’s cultural and intellectual diversity is enhanced by the presence of West Chester University. The borough’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is obvious in programs like the annual Martin Luther King Day of Service, despite the fact that the black population is just about 10%.

4. Pittsburgh

Fourth on our list is Pittsburgh, one of Pennsylvania’s major cities. The city has a lot to offer black families in terms of cultural variety, educational opportunities, and a thriving economy.

The district of Pittsburgh Public Schools is dedicated to giving each kid an equal education. The sizable and vibrant black community in the city makes a substantial contribution to Pittsburgh’s culture and liveliness. Safe and welcoming environments for families may be found in areas like Shadyside and Squirrel Hill.

3. Philadelphia

The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, is renowned for its cultural variety and has a strong African American background. Several historically significant sites for black history may be found in the city, including the African American Museum.

Children have access to culturally inclusive education because of the School District of Philadelphia’s dedication to diversity. Although some neighborhoods have greater crime rates than others, Chestnut Hill and East Falls are safe and welcoming to families.

2. Swarthmore

Swarthmore, a Philadelphia suburb, is renowned for its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and lovely parks. The town has a strong feeling of community, and Swarthmore College, a liberal arts institution dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusiveness, is located there. Despite having a smaller overall population, the black community is thriving and active.

1. Lower Merion Township

Top of our list is Lower Merion Township, a Philadelphia suburb known for its top-notch education system, high degree of safety, and welcoming neighborhood. Despite having a somewhat higher cost of living, it offers a number of facilities that make it a viable option.

The neighborhood is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion, as shown in the curricula of the schools and the events held in the community.

Even though there are not as many black people as in some other places, Lower Merion’s inclusive community and dedication to diversity making it one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for black families.

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