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15 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Families

Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Families

The Keystone State, often known as Pennsylvania, provides a variety of living situations that families can find intriguing. Pennsylvania has an extensive cultural legacy, outstanding educational institutions, and a high quality of life.

It is the perfect spot to raise a family, from its old small towns to its thriving cities. This article examines the 15 best places to live in Pennsylvania for families, taking into account amenities like recreational activities, education, and sense of community.

This guide will help you browse the top options whether you’re moving or just wondering about the most appealing parts in this diverse state.

15. State College

Let’s begin our tour at State College, which is affluent enough to be the location of Penn State University. Even though it is a college town, it is also among the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania.

The region has a low crime rate and top-notch educational possibilities provided by its highly regarded primary and secondary institutions as well as the university. It offers a wide range of leisure opportunities for both kids and adults as it has more than 100 parks.

The numerous town activities like farmers markets and summer festivals, foster a warm, welcoming environment for families and there is a high level of involvement in the community.

14. West Chester

The following city is West Chester, which is a borough in Chester County and is roughly 25 miles west of Philadelphia. It provides the right blend of urban and suburban life and is prominent for its attractive historic downtown district.

West Chester has an excellent education system, where there is a clear focus on student success and well-being. Furthermore, the borough offers fantastic chances for family trips and community interaction throughout the year by hosting a number of family-friendly events, such as the well-liked Restaurant Festival and Christmas Parade.

13. Hershey

Hershey, sometimes referred to as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” is more than simply the origin of the well-known chocolate company.

Families may have an idyllic life in this tiny town as well. Hershey’s schools routinely achieve good academic rankings. Moreover, the city also has a number of recreational and cultural opportunities, including the Hershey Theatre and the Hersheypark, Hershey’s Chocolate World.

Hershey is one of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania because of the low crime rate and the strong feeling of community.

12. Lititz

For families looking for a calmer life without losing proximity to larger cities, Lititz, a small town tucked away in Lancaster County, is the perfect choice. The city’s historic downtown district is filled with fascinating stores and dining establishments.

Also, the popular Lititz Springs Park often holds family-friendly activities. The Warwick School District, which serves the Lititz region, is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and dedication to student achievement. One of Pennsylvania’s greatest towns for families is Lititz, thanks to its safety, appeal, and sense of community.

11. Upper St. Clair

Next on the list of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for families is Upper St. Clair. This is a suburban area in Pittsburgh’s South Hills that provides families with a great quality of life. It is also known for having a nationally acclaimed educational system, which is a big lure for families that place a high priority on education.

It offers a lot of chances for outdoor enjoyment with its many parks, community centers, and country clubs. One of the finest areas for families to live in Pennsylvania is Upper St. Clair thanks to the community’s dedication to safety, community growth, and general well-being.

10. Ardmore

On the western suburbs of Philadelphia, Ardmore provides the ideal balance of suburban peacefulness and urban accessibility. It is renowned for its bustling downtown, which is filled with restaurants, unique boutiques and old-world architecture.

The Lower Merion School District has an outstanding record in education and a wealth of services for children, which are of high value by families. One of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania is Ardmore, because to the abundance of recreational opportunities and the town’s welcoming atmosphere.

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9. Mount Lebanon

Families may enjoy a top-notch quality of life in Mount Lebanon, a Pittsburgh suburb. The Mount Lebanon School District, renowned for its top-notch academic offerings and facilities for sports, provides education in the region. This makes Mount Lebanon one of the best places to live in Pittsburgh.

Numerous parks, entertainment amenities, and swimming pools are available for families to use. A feeling of community is also fostered through the neighborhood’s numerous activities, such as farmer’s markets and summer concerts, which unite locals.

8. Doylestown

Moving up the list of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for families is Doylestown. The county capital of Bucks County provides families with a unique combination of history, culture, and a flourishing sense of community.

Families may enjoy educational and recreational activities at the region’s array of parks and museums. The Central Bucks School District is known for providing top-notch instruction. Doylestown is one of the greatest areas for families to live in Pennsylvania because of its active community, historic beauty, and family-friendly actovity opportunities.

7. Mechanicsburg

In the Harrisburg region, the town of Mechanicsburg provides families with a good standard of living. The school district that serves Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Valley, is frequently rated as one of the finest in the state.

Families may take advantage of the town’s extensive history, local boutiques, and outdoor leisure opportunities, such as picnic sites and hiking trails. One of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania is Mechanicsburg, thanks to its safety and feeling of community.

6. Radnor Township

On the Main Line in Philadelphia, Radnor Township is popular for its historic allure, breathtaking scenery, and top-notch educational system.

The Radnor Township School District, which has successful student outcomes and a comprehensive curriculum, serves the township. Families will find many parks, trails, and activities to do in Radnor Township.

It is a great place for those looking for an active, outdoor lifestyle. One of the finest locations to live in Pennsylvania for families is the community’s dedication to upholding a safe, family-friendly atmosphere.

5. Bethlehem

The Lehigh Valley city of Bethlehem provides the ideal blend of metropolitan living and small-town charm. The Bethlehem Area School District offers pupils a top-notch education.

Moreover, Lehigh University and Moravian College provide family-friendly educational and cultural possibilities. Historic landmarks, a thriving artistic community, and yearly celebrations like Christkindlmarkt and Musikfest are just a few of Bethlehem’s attractions.

It’s one of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania because of the area’s vibrant community and welcoming atmosphere. Due to excellent education and job opportunites, Bethlehem is also a great place for young adults and professionals to live in Pennsylvania.

4. Swarthmore

Delaware County’s Swarthmore provides a tranquil, welcoming atmosphere. The academic and extracurricular offerings of the area’s school district, Wallingford-Swarthmore, are well respected.

The beautiful college campus, charming city, and a lot of open space make Swarthmore unique. Swarthmore is one of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania because of its strong sense of community and dedication to fostering an excellent living environment. It’s even one of the best places in Pennsylvania to live for empty nesters.

3. Emmaus

Lehigh County’s Emmaus, a tiny town, has a good standard of living. The Emmaus-serving East Penn School District is notable for its outstanding academic performance.

The community offers numerous opportunities for family entertainment throughout the year, including the SnowBlast Winter Arts Festival and the well-known Emmaus Halloween Parade.

Emmaus is one of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania because of its close-knit community, top-notch educational system, and secure environment.

2. Fox Chapel

The Pittsburgh suburb of Fox Chapel is popular for its scenic surroundings, excellent educational institutions, and close-knit neighborhood. The academic quality of the Fox Chapel Area School District is of high value in the United States.

In addition to providing possibilities for outdoor leisure, Fox Chapel’s various parks and trails also encourage a feeling of community among its people.

One of the greatest areas for families to reside in Pennsylvania is Fox Chapel thanks to its dedication to fostering a secure atmosphere. Fox Chapel is nearly the best place to live in Pennsylvania for families.

1. Chesterbrook – Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania for Families

Chesterbrook, which is in Chester County, is at the top of our list of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for families.

The area stands out as the finest location to live in Pennsylvania for families because of its excellent Tredyffrin-Easttown School District, low crime rate, and plenty of parks and recreational amenities. The area is offering a variety of housing options.

Moreover, there is a vibrant homeowners’ organization that routinely plans activities to bring neighbors together. Chesterbrook is the finest location to live in Pennsylvania for families because of its dedication to offering a high-quality, welcoming community.

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