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12 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Young Adults and Professionals

Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania for Young Adults and Professionals

The Keystone State, sometimes known as Pennsylvania, is a stunning, diversified area that is full with opportunity, history, and culture. Young adults and professionals have a wide range of enticing living alternatives, from vibrant metropolitan areas to tranquil rural settings.

This article will take you on a tour of the 12 best places to live in Pennsylvania for young adults and professionals that offer the ideal balance of affordability, employment opportunities, leisure activities, and overall quality of life.

12. Erie

Erie, a beauty on the beaches of Lake Erie, comes in at number 12 on our list because of its affordable cost of living for young professionals.

The area is well-known for its scenic beaches and outdoor pursuits, strikes a balance between leisure and work. Erie Insurance Group and GE Transportation are two of the city’s top employers for manufacturing and healthcare, respectively.

It is a great place for first-time home purchasers because housing costs there are much cheaper than the national average. Moreover, Presque Isle State Park, which offers a variety of possibilities from bird viewing to biking, makes it an excellent place for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

11. Altoona

Altoona, which is situated in the Allegheny Mountains, is our next stop on the list of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for young adults and professionals.

It’s a terrific conservative city in Pennsylvania for young folks looking to lead an active lifestyle while still having access to a competitive employment market because of the quantity of nature and outdoor activities.

The healthcare industry, retail, and rail transportation are the three main economic sectors of Altoona. The city’s two largest employers are UPMC Altoona and the Altoona Area School District.

Housing costs are still reasonable, and many homes have yards and are close to parks. A rising number of restaurants, shops, and cultural events are available in downtown Altoona, which adds to the area’s expanding popularity.

10. Harrisburg

Young professionals will find a vibrant atmosphere in Harrisburg, the state capital. There are many career prospects in the city thanks to a number of significant corporations, including TE Connectivity, Pinnacle Health System And the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg offers surprisingly affordable living despite being the nation’s capital, with median house values that are lower than the norm. It is also a thriving center of culture, home to several famous restaurants, a thriving arts scene, and yearly events like the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the biggest indoor agricultural show in the country.

9. Bethlehem

Number 9 on the list of the best places to live in Pennsylvania for young adults and professionals is Bethlehem, one of the two cities in the Lehigh Valley. From being a major industrial city, Bethlehem is now a center for education and healthcare.

Among the top employers in the area are Lehigh University and St. Luke’s University Health Network. With a long history, Bethlehem is home to festivals like Musikfest, a 10-day music festival that attracts over a million people.

The city offers a variety of housing alternatives, from old houses to contemporary apartment buildings, and the cost of living is still low. Bethlehem is also a great option for black families to relocate to.

8. Lancaster

The Amish-populated city of Lancaster provides a distinctive blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance. Companies like Lancaster General Health and Armstrong World Industries are located in this city, which has a growing IT sector.

With the addition of chic restaurants, shops, and art galleries, the downtown area has experienced substantial expansion. Young folks have a variety of housing alternatives, from modern flats to old townhouses.

Lancaster is a desirable alternative due to the quality of life there and the low cost of living there.

7. State College

State College, which houses Pennsylvania State University, is a prospering city with a vibrant, young feel. There are employment prospects in the technology, healthcare and retail industries in addition to the university, which is a significant employer.

Numerous leisure opportunities are available in the town, ranging from athletic events to outdoor pursuits in the close-by Rothrock State Forest.

State College, which is primarily a college town, offers a variety of housing alternatives, from downtown apartments to outlying houses, that are suited for young professionals.

6. West Chester

West Chester, an hour’s drive from Philadelphia, combines small-town charm with quick access to large city facilities. The city boasts a bustling downtown center with a wide variety of interesting restaurants, shops and nightlife options.

West Chester University and QVC Network are two significant employers. With its blend of suburban communities and city living, West Chester offers an array of home alternatives that are suited to various lifestyle requirements.

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5. Scranton

Scranton, sometimes called the Electric City, is a thriving city with a long industrial heritage. Top employers like the University of Scranton and Geisinger Community Medical Center are located in the major industries of healthcare, education, and logistics.

Scranton is a desirable package for young professionals with reasonably priced accommodation, a wide selection of restaurants, cultural attractions, and an affordable cost of living.

4. Allentown

The third-largest city in Pennsylvania is the fourth best place to live in Pennsylvania for young adults and professionals. Allentown has a broad economy that includes the manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors.

Several Fortune 500 firms call it home, including Air Products & Chemicals. The Allentown Art Museum and Symphony Hall are only two examples of Allentown’s thriving cultural community.

Young professionals are drawn to the city’s inexpensive homes and re-established downtown.

3. Pittsburgh

The former center of the steel industry, Pittsburgh, has transformed into a center for healthcare, technology and education. Jobs are abundant at organizations like Google, UPMC, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Each neighborhood in Pittsburgh has a distinct character and offers a variety of inexpensive housing possibilities. It is renowned for its vibrant artistic community and world-class athletic teams. You can find out more about the best places to live in the city here.

2. Philadelphia

The biggest city in the state, Philadelphia combines an expanding employment market with a rich history and diverse culture. Significant businesses including Comcast, Aramark, and the University of Pennsylvania call it home.

There are several different neighborhoods in Philadelphia, from the trendy Fishtown to the quaint historic quarter. Young professionals might choose it since, despite its size, the cost of living is low when compared to that of other large cities.

1. King of Prussia – Best Place to Live in Pennsylvania for Young Adults and Professionals

King of Prussia, a suburban community with a vibrant employment market made possible by the King of Prussia Mall and a number of Fortune 500 corporations, comes in first place on our list.

It provides a high standard of living with top-notch schools, premium shopping, and a wide variety of food establishments. Although it has a reputation for being posh, there are many different housing alternatives, from lavish apartments to more affordable residences.

King of Prussia is our top recommendation for young adults and professionals looking for the finest that Pennsylvania has to offer since it offers the perfect combination of work and leisure.

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