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14 Best Places to Live in Washington for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Washington for Young Adults

Young individuals looking for fresh possibilities have always found Washington State, with its diverse environment, energetic cities, and rich natural areas, to be a desirable location.

Washington offers the perfect balance of work and pleasure thanks to its flourishing tech sector, vibrant cultural scene, and selection of outdoor activities. Given the abundance of possibilities, choosing where to settle may be difficult for young individuals.

We’ve put up a list of the 14 best places to live in Washington for young adults to assist you navigate this. From 14 to 1, we ranked them, with 1 being the most attractive location. The work prospects, cost of living, lifestyle, and social scene of each city or town on this list have all been taken into consideration.

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14. Bellingham

Bellingham, which is conveniently located in the state’s northernmost region, provides young folks seeking balance a delightful blend of urban and natural living. Western Washington University is located in the city, which adds to its lively, young vitality.

The city’s central business district is home to several independent stores, breweries and music venues. Bellingham offers a wealth of recreational opportunities and acts as a gateway to Mount Baker and the San Juan Islands.

Young folks will find the city to be an attractive option because of its affordability as well as its attraction on the cultural and outdoor areas.

13. Olympia

Olympia, the state capital of Washington, is home to a thriving employment market, a vibrant cultural scene, and a rich history. There are many opportunities for engagement in culture thanks to the city’s vibrant arts sector, which is highlighted by several theaters, galleries, and festivals.

The city is an appealing option for young individuals who are career-focused because it also has a variety of education, government, and healthcare positions. Even though the cost of living is a little higher than in Bellingham, it is still reasonable.

Evergreen State College’s presence guarantees a consistent stream of young individuals, keeping the community lively and energizing.

12. Gig Harbor

A picturesque coastal community with a relaxed way of life is located in Gig Harbor, which is across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Tacoma. The gorgeous environment of Gig Harbor, which combines the tranquility of a small town with the benefit of being close to a major metropolis, is what gives the city its distinctive appeal.

Compared to Olympia and Bellingham, the cost of living is greater, but the quality of life in terms of scenic beauty, safety, and community involvement make up for it. In addition, Tacoma and Seattle nearby provide a greater variety of employment options.

11. Yakima

The Yakima Valley, where Yakima is located, is known for its plentiful resources in agriculture, especially the wine sector. Strong career opportunities are provided by this thriving industry and a developing healthcare sector.

Yakima is a desirable location for young individuals just starting their careers since it has a cheaper cost of living than many other areas of the state. Yakima provides a wide range of recreational activities because of its more than 300 days of sunlight a year and accessibility to outdoor pursuits including fishing, hiking, and skiing.

10. Spokane

The second-largest city in Washington, Spokane, blends contemporary amenities with a laid-back small-town atmosphere. Since it has a lower cost of living than the west side of the state, it is a viable alternative for young adults. Numerous universities can be found in Spokane, which gives the city a young vitality.

Also, there are a lot of work possibilities available in the city’s flourishing healthcare, educational, and manufacturing sectors. With so many parks, lakes, and ski areas close by, Spokane also has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor recreation. All of these reasons make Spokane a great place to live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

9. Bothell

Bothell, a small city located northeast of Seattle, has the appeal of a smaller community while being only a short distance from the thriving Seattle employment market.

The town of Bothell, which is renowned for its top-notch schools and tranquil neighborhoods, also has a developing downtown area with a variety of trendy boutiques, restaurants, and craft breweries.

The exceptional quality of life and proximity to Seattle’s robust employment market more than balance Bothell’s higher cost of living. Furthermore, the city’s parks, bike routes, and yearly events guarantee that there is always plenty of stuff to do.

8. Bellevue

Located right away across Lake Washington from Seattle, Bellevue provides an appealing combination of urban life and close proximity to outdoor adventures.

Despite having a high cost of living, Bellevue has an unmistakable allure, especially for young professionals employed in the technology sector. The city provides rewarding employment prospects since it is home to several tech companies, including the Expedia and Unity corporate offices.

In addition, Bellevue’s downtown offers a diverse selection of places to dine, drink, and be entertained, as well as beautiful parks and wilderness areas for outdoor activities.

7. Kirkland

Kirkland, which is conveniently located close to Seattle’s labor market and is nestled on the beaches of Lake Washington, provides a coastal lifestyle.

For young individuals, Kirkland hits the ideal balance with its pleasant fusion of beach town ambiance and metropolitan conveniences. Charming shops, a hopping nightlife, and a variety of restaurants can be found in the city’s lively center.

The good quality of life, robust employment market, and closeness to larger cities more than offset the city’s high cost of living.

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6. Issaquah

Issaquah, located at the base of the Cascade Mountains east of Seattle, provides a gorgeous environment for young adults who like outdoor activities. The city is a good choice because of its energetic downtown, diverse events, and close proximity to Seattle’s job market.

In addition, Issaquah has a somewhat cheaper cost of living than Kirkland and Bellevue, which makes it a more cost-effective choice. Its excellent schools, strong feeling of community, and variety of recreational opportunities all add to its allure.

5. Walla Walla

Walla Walla, a town in southeast Washington, is well known for its wine business, which boosts the local economy and provides the area a distinctive cultural feel. Young folks find the city appealing since it has a cheaper cost of living than many other places in western Washington.

Walla Walla is a wonderful location to call home because of its small-town charm, thriving employment market, which is mostly in education and healthcare, and a solid feeling of community.

Walla Walla is a conservative city in Washington. If you want to know what other cities made the list, click here.

4. Tacoma

Next on the list of the best places to live in Washington for young adults is Tacoma.

Tacoma is a bustling city with a flourishing arts scene that is located south of Seattle. Tacoma has maintained a feeling of community despite its size, providing a desirable balance for young adults. It is a more cost-effective choice because its cost of living is considerably lower than Seattle’s.

With opportunities in the port industry, healthcare, and education, the city has a thriving job market. In addition, Tacoma’s harbor, parks, and cultural sector offer a variety of recreational opportunities.

3. Redmond

Redmond, the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest,” is the location of Microsoft’s headquarters and a burgeoning tech sector. It attracts young professionals in tech due to its close proximity to Seattle and flourishing employment market.

Redmond provides a great quality of life despite having a high cost of living, including outdoor activities, exciting cultural events, and a strong feeling of community. There are several recreational activities in the city, including the Sammamish River Trail, bike paths, and numerous parks.

The high cost of living is the only reason Redmond isn’t higher on the list of the best places to live in Washington for young adults.

2. Seattle

Young individuals have many opportunities in Seattle, the state’s largest city, especially in the technology sector. There are many jobs available in this region, which is home to businesses like Starbucks and Amazon. High average earnings in the city help to offset the high cost of living.

Furthermore, Seattle has a vibrant cultural environment that is highlighted by art galleries, music festivals, a variety of restaurants, and professional sports teams. A range of living opportunities are offered by the city’s network of communities, each of which has its own distinct personality and allure.

1. Vancouver

Vancouver, which takes the top spot on our list of the best places to live in Washington for young adults. The city provides an exceptional combination of urban and suburban life, making it the finest area for young adults to live in Washington.

Located just north of Portland, Oregon, Vancouver offers the benefits of a large metropolitan employment market together with a cheaper cost of living than Seattle or Bellevue. Restaurants, breweries and art galleries flourish in its downtown area, creating a thriving social scene. The Columbia River runs through Vancouver, and the Cascade Mountains are not far away, so there are many options for outdoor enjoyment.

Vancouver also has a thriving employment market, with many jobs concentrated in the healthcare, manufacturing, and technology industries. To sum up, all of these qualities make Vancouver the best option for young individuals looking for a mix between professional prospects, lifestyle and affordability.

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