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The 12 Most Liberal Cities in Missouri

Most Liberal Cities in Missouri

The Show-Me State of Missouri is renowned for its diverse political environment and varied topography. This article discusses the distinctive qualities that define the 12 most liberal cities in Missouri and how they are affected by the socio-political landscape of the state. These towns have a progressive leaning on matters like inclusivity, social justice, and environmental preservation.

This guide may be a valuable tool for those who are thinking about moving to assist them identify the best Missouri city that fits their liberal preferences.

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12. Branson

First on the list of the most liberal cities in Missouri is Branson. The city is well-known for its country music and entertainment culture. Branson has recently seen an increase in progressive ideals, despite the fact that it might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think of the most liberal communities in Missouri.

It has made progress in areas like LGBT+ rights, education, and sustainable tourism. The installation of comprehensive sex education in its public schools, the current drive for eco-friendly practices in its well-known entertainment sector, and the annual Pride Parade, which has witnessed increasing community involvement, are a few examples.

11. Joplin

Joplin is eleventh on the list. The vibrant cultural community and growing public discussion of social justice concerns in this city are recent examples of its left leaning. The Joplin Public Library, for instance, frequently hosts talks on subjects like immigration, racial justice and women’s rights, sparking discussions among residents.

In addition, the highly read local daily the Joplin Globe has won praise for its fair reporting and its focus on stories that emphasize the variety and inclusion of the community.

10. Lee’s Summit

The tenth most liberal city in Missouri is a suburb of Kansas City called Lee’s Summit. Despite being comparatively small in size, it is becoming more well recognized for its progressive views on young empowerment and education. There has been tremendous investment in public education by the local government, and efforts are being made to develop curricula that are more holistic and inclusive.

Longview Community College, an institution that offers inexpensive education and has been pioneering projects on sustainability and community engagement, is also located in the city.

9. University City

University City takes the ninth place on our list of the most liberal communities in Missouri, which is included given its proximity to the esteemed Washington University in St. Louis. It is hardly surprising that the city supports liberal beliefs given its big population of academics, students and young professionals.

University City has a reputation for putting an emphasis on the arts and culture, a strong public transit infrastructure and affordable housing programs which reflect a dedication to social equity and sustainability.

8. Kirkwood

Kirkwood, a charming suburb of St. Louis, is ranked seventh. This city is proud of its highly involved populace, which takes an active role in the municipal government. Policy talks are focusing on topics including recycling initiatives, the use of renewable energy, and diversity training in public schools.

A shining example of the city’s dedication to encouraging sustainable practices and supporting neighborhood businesses is the Kirkwood Farmers Market.

7. Blue Springs

The seventh position on our list of the most blue cities in Missouri belongs to the Kansas City suburb of Blue Springs. Particularly, in recent years, its political atmosphere has seen a progressive change. The city’s commitment to environmental preservation and increasing public investment on social welfare and educational initiatives are examples of its liberal outlook.

The city has also taken steps to improve government transparency and encourage open communication among residents.

Blue Springs is especially a brilliant place to relocate for black families.

6. Independence

The sixth-placed city, Independence, Missouri, has a historic past and a thriving political culture. This city is growing more progressive, especially in terms of its dedication to community welfare and public health. The city has established a number of programs to alleviate poverty and homelessness and has various health clinics that provide services to underprivileged communities.

5. St. Charles

St. Charles enters the top five in our list of the most liberal cities in Missouri. The city is well known for its historic appeal but is also becoming more well known for its progressive beliefs. St. Charles has taken the initiative to promote cultural diversity, implement laws for affordable housing, and develop inclusive public places.

The annual Festival of the Little Hills, which honors regional artists, is a prime example of St. Charles’ commitment to neighborhood involvement and support for small businesses.

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4. Springfield

The third-largest city in Missouri, Springfield, comes in at number four on our list. With a robust LGBT+ community, Springfield often offers events to encourage inclusivity and celebrate diversity. The city boasts an array of solar farms and has adopted energy-efficient construction rules, demonstrating its significant progress in sustainable energy programs.

3. Kansas City

Our ranking of Missouri’s most liberal cities has Kansas city, the state’s largest metropolis, in third place. Kansas City, which has a diverse population and a wide variety of cultural organizations, has a long history of upholding progressive principles.

Numerous prestigious universities with campuses in the city support the liberal culture via their research and community service initiatives.

2. Columbia

The second most liberal city in Missouri is Columbia, which houses the University of Missouri. Progressive conversations on issues like social justice and environmental sustainability is fueled by the region’s young, educated population.

The acclaimed True/False Film Fest, a festival of documentary films held in Columbia, promotes social activism and stimulates discussion of global concerns.

1. St. Louis

St. Louis tops our ranking as Missouri’s most liberal city. It is a center for liberal ideas thanks to its multicultural environment and dedication to social progress. The liberal culture of St. Louis is exemplified by its endeavors to support environmental sustainability, safeguard LGBTQ+ rights, and provide affordable housing.

A huge celebration of equality and diversity, the city’s PrideFest annually attracts thousands of people.


These 12 cities serve as evidence of Missouri’s expanding liberal environment. Each offers various opportunities to interact with progressive principles and displays certain characteristics. These Missouri cities are leading change in the state and beyond via their dedication to inclusivity, social justice and environmental sustainability.

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