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The 12 Most Liberal Cities in Colorado in 2023

Most Liberal Cities in Colorado

Colorado stands out as a state with progressive leanings within the politically dynamic and culturally diverse landscape of the United States. This state, nestled basically within the Rocky Mountain skyline, has just so much to offer. Not only does it enjoy stunning natural beauty, but Colorado also offers a socially conscious atmosphere that welcomes everyone.

However, political inclinations can vary significantly from one city to another. In this article, we delve deeper into the 12 most liberal cities in Colorado, starting from number 12 and working our way up to the most liberal city in the state.

12. Arvada

Arvada, a city in Colorado that lies mostly within Jefferson and Adams counties, has gradually become a liberal stronghold due to its residents’ increasingly open political tendencies. It’s quite common to come across discussions about environmental sustainability in local town halls and neighborhood meetings. This topic tends to be popular among liberals. 

The city has been consistently increasing its investment in public parks and recreational centers, encouraging a lifestyle that is mindful of the environment. These actions show a liberal approach to community development and environmental conservation. They recognize that the quality of public spaces plays a significant role in improving residents’ overall quality of life.

Moreover, it can be remembered that Arvada City Council has always been made up of people leaning towards liberal views. This suggests that the city is continuously moving towards more progressive politics.

11. Lakewood

Lakewood, which is situated in Jefferson County, has gained a strong reputation for its progressive education policies and efforts to foster diversity and inclusivity. Liberal cities like Lakewood are known for their dedication to education reform and progress.

The local school district has been proactive in introducing inclusive curriculum changes, thereby promoting an educational environment that reflects the diversity and complexity of the real world.

In addition, local governance has made strides in ensuring fair housing policies are not only implemented but also enforced, an initiative that promotes social equity and prevents discriminatory practices. That’s why Lakewood is one of the most blue cities in Colorado.

10. Longmont

Longmont, situated north of Denver, is renowned for its environmentally conscious initiatives and progressive housing policies. The city is a leader in the renewable energy movement in Colorado, making a dedicated and substantial commitment to solar energy.

Notably, this commitment isn’t limited to large-scale municipal projects but also extends to encouraging and facilitating residents to adopt renewable energy sources for their own homes.

Furthermore, Longmont is actively fighting homelessness. The town has rolled out several initiatives led by the Longmont Housing Authority. They’re using progressive strategies to deal with community issues, helping out the most disadvantaged by giving them necessary resources and support.

9. Westminster

As we continue our countdown of the most liberal cities in Colorado, we come to Westminster, a city located in the northwestern suburb of Denver. This city has been recognized for its innovative efforts in sustainable urban development and its commitment to promoting social justice.

This commitment is exemplified by the city’s adoption of green building policies that incorporate energy-efficient practices and materials into construction and renovation projects. Westminster appreciates how city growth and protecting the environment go hand in hand.

The city has improved its non-discrimination laws and strives to become a friendly place where people are treated equally irrespective of their race and gender.

8. Englewood

Englewood, nestled in the South Platte River Valley, is a solidly placed town on our list of 12 most liberal cities in Colorado. Liberalism abounds in Englewood with thriving arts scene, cultural diversity, and creative expression all highly encouraged and celebrated by the city.

There can be no doubt that Englewood’s liberal approach shines through as it displays its commitment to equitable economic development and inclusivity ensuring all residents benefit from the city’s prosperity regardless of their background.

Furthermore, Englewood’s commitment to public transportation and sustainable infrastructure is noteworthy, reflecting a broader commitment to environmental sustainability and accessible, equitable public services.

7. Thornton

Further on our list of the most liberal cities in Colorado, we arrive at Thornton, located in the northeast metro Denver area. This city has made significant strides in addressing social inequality and promoting environmental sustainability.

Thornton has implemented progressive zoning regulations that promote mixed-income housing, thereby promoting socioeconomic diversity and combating housing affordability issues. This progressive approach is also seen in the city’s commitment to renewable energy, with multiple city buildings powered by solar arrays.

6. Aurora

Aurora exemplifies the growing trend in the U.S. toward cities characterized more by liberal values rather than those of a traditional, conservative nature – a trend which is evidenced in part through the ‘Art in Public Places’ program. Through this initiative, artistic contributions are integrated into public spaces to enliven aesthetics as well as foster cultural diversity.

The city has also taken significant steps to address homelessness and to foster a welcoming environment for refugees and immigrants, further solidifying its position as one of the most liberal cities in Colorado.

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5. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is located in Larimer County and embodies the ideals of environmental sustainability and social justice. Among its most ambitious strategies is the plan to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030, meaning the city is committed to fighting climate change.

This goal alongside the programs in place throughout the city demonstrate Fort Collins’ dedication to a sustainable future. Social equity and inclusiveness also feature strongly as core values to the city, with initiatives such as the ‘Social Sustainability’ department proudly running alongside these core values working towards providing resources and opportunities for all within the city.

Fort Collins in Colorado also has a very large and welcoming black community.

4. Boulder

The University of Colorado sits in the heart of Boulder, home to a great many forward thinkers who have helped build one of the strongest environmental and Prosocial cities in America.

The city is dedicated to sustainability; they take actions such as implementing the Universal Zero Waste Ordinance and protecting open spaces. Boulder’s commitment to building a sustainable and environmentally conscious community is evident through these initiatives and a comprehensive plan to combat climate change.

Furthermore, Boulder has shown strong support for arts and culture, which highlights its progressive values.

Boulder is one of the most liberal cities in America!

3. Denver

The city of Denver, being the capital of the state of Colorado, is a well-known liberal stronghold in the entire state. Denver’s core commitment to social equity and diversity, inclusiveness and environmental sustainability are reflected in its ideologies, policies, objectives, accomplishments, initiatives, innovations, plans and programs.

Notably highlighting the idea of sustainability, the Climate Action Plan that affects greenhouse gas emissions by increasing efficiencies through sustainable design and management. In fact, emphasis on affordable housing principles can be linked to promoting social equity as it ensures all Denverites have access to affordable housing without harming their quality of life.

2. Aspen

Aspen, famous for its ski resort cities, is also a beacon of liberalism in Colorado. The city has dedicated itself to addressing climate change, promoting renewable energy, and investing in public art. Combined with strong commitments to tackling social issues including affordable housing and LGBTQ+ rights, Aspen makes it one of the most liberal towns/city’s in Colorado.

1. Telluride – Most Liberal City in Colorado!

Finally, we come to the most liberal city in Colorado: Telluride. This city is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity, and inclusivity.

With initiatives like free gondola public transportation and numerous green building projects, Telluride demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint. Its progressive non-discrimination laws and initiatives aimed at fostering social equity make it a beacon of liberalism in Colorado.

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