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13 Most Liberal Cities in Wisconsin

Most Liberal Cities in Wisconsin

Welcome to our comprehensive list of the 13 most liberal cities in Wisconsin! Wisconsin has a dynamic and diverse political scene and is renowned for its blend of urban elegance and rural beauty. It has witnessed its fair share of tense political debates and pivotal election votes. Some towns have distinguished themselves as strongholds of liberal philosophy within this political mix.

These cities, each is exceptional in its own right, provide a combination of progressive principles, policy efforts, and inclusive communities. This comprehensive article guides you through from number 13 to number 1, throwing light on the distinguishing qualities and liberal credentials of each city, using our term “most liberal cities in Wisconsin” in mind.

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13. Oshkosh

Oshkosh, a community situated on the western side of the shore of Lake Winnebago, always showed a leaning toward liberal ideals, especially in the area of politics. A thorough analysis of the city’s voting trends demonstrates a clear preference for the Democratic Party in local, state, and federal elections.

However, Oshkosh’s liberal inclinations go beyond the polls. The city’s vibrant cultural scene presents an image of a neighborhood that values inclusiveness, diversity, and openness. For instance, Wisconsin and other states send people to Oshkosh Pride, an annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. Liberal principles are also reflected in Oshkosh’s educational institutions.

With its diverse student body and forward-thinking academic contributions, the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh acts as a citywide beacon for liberal ideas. The university is a crucial component of Oshkosh’s liberal fabric because of its dedication to social justice, sustainability, and diversity.

12. La Crosse

We arrive at La Crosse, which is the 12th most liberal city is Wisconsin. Progressive politics have a long history in the city, and they are still practiced today. Young, active residents, many of whom are University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students, are one of the main forces behind La Crosse’s liberal leanings.

In the 2020 Presidential Election, a large proportion of La Crosse voters supported the Democratic ticket, reflecting the city’s continued affinity for Democratic candidates due to its youthful vitality. The devotion to eco-conscious and sustainability living is a part of La Crosse’s liberalism.

The community’s commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable way of life is demonstrated through the city’s robust farmers markets, extensive public parks, and bike-sharing programs. Together, these components make La Crosse, Wisconsin, a hub for progressive beliefs.

11. Stevens Point

Stevens Point, located in the center of Wisconsin, is a community that successfully mixes traditional Midwestern beauty with modern ideals. The city of Stevens Point, which is home to the renowned University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, continually overflows with new concepts and energetic young individuals.

Stevens Point has had an ongoing movement towards liberal principles during the past ten years, notably in the political sphere. Democratic candidates have witnessed an increase in popularity in recent elections, which reflects the city’s changing political landscape. In addition to politics, Stevens Point’s dedication to the environment is a powerful testament to its liberal culture. One excellent illustration of this dedication is the 27-mile Green Circle Trail, a beautiful hiking and bicycling route.

Additionally, the city’s regular nonviolence rallies and demonstrations on topics like social justice and climate change demonstrate the locals’ enthusiastic support for liberal ideals.

10. Green Bay

The third-largest city in Wisconsin, Green Bay, is recognized more for its pro football club, the Green Bay Packers, but it is also renowned for its liberal political views. Its consistent preference for the Democratic Party in local and federal elections distinguishes the city as a significant participant in Wisconsin’s political scene.

But more than just voting behavior determines how liberal Green Bay is. Numerous community events and programs demonstrate the city’s dedication to diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. For instance, Green Bay hosts Pride Alive, one of the biggest LGBTQ+ celebrations in Northeast Wisconsin, every year.

The city’s efforts to promote environmental sustainability through the use of renewable energy sources and the construction of green infrastructure also serve to emphasize Green Bay’s commitment to progressive principles.

9. Janesville

Janesville, a community in southern Wisconsin, is going through a dramatic change towards liberal values. Recent political data indicate a shift away from the city’s generally conservative leanings, with support for Democratic politicians rising. The progressive culture of Janesville extends beyond politics, as seen by a number of community programs.

The Community Action Pathway initiative emphasizes the city’s focus on economic equality as it works to fight poverty and promote citizen self-sufficiency. The dedication of Janesville to environmental sustainability can also be observed in the city’s several green projects that work to lessen the city’s carbon footprint and encourage citizens to live more sustainably.

8. Racine

Next on the list of the most blue cities in Wisconsin is Racine. This is a city recognized for its adherence to progressive principles, is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Racine has regularly supported Democratic candidates in recent years, distinguishing it as a liberal city amid Wisconsin’s broad political environment.

The city’s approach to systemic problems also reflects its liberal leanings. Local authorities in Racine have taken initiative to address the progressive political priorities of housing affordability and racial inequity. Racine’s dedication to liberal principles is best exemplified through the Visioning a Greater Racine effort, which attempts to improve community development by emphasizing diversity and inclusion.

7. Superior

In a predominantly conservative area, Superior, a tiny community in northwest Wisconsin, serves as somewhat of a liberal haven. Superior, despite its small size, frequently supported Democratic candidates in local elections, reflecting the liberal leanings of the city. However, the liberal ethos of the city surpasses politics.

While the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s non-discrimination rules show a commitment to equality and diversity, community efforts like the Superior Sustainability Fair emphasize the city’s commitment to environmental preservation. Superior is among Wisconsin’s most liberal cities as a result of these characteristics.

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6. Eau Claire

A liberal city in Wisconsin, Eau Claire is renowned for its progressive populace. Democratic candidates have consistently received votes in Eau Claire, indicating the city’s position on the left of the political spectrum.

Beyond politics, there are several efforts in the city that support inclusion, diversity and sustainability. The city’s dedication to LGBTQ+ rights is demonstrated by the annual Pride Parade. The emphasis on environmentally friendly transportation can be seen in the significant bike path network.

5. Appleton

Northeastern Wisconsin’s Appleton is a city that has a constant liberal leaning in terms of politics and culture. The voting habits of the city show a clear preference for Democratic politicians, highlighting Appleton’s place on the political spectrum. However, there are other factors at play in making Appleton a liberal community.

One of the most well-known yearly events in the community, the Fox Cities LGBTQ Pride Parade, exemplifies Appleton’s commitment to social justice and inclusivity. Additionally, Appleton’s emphasis on environmental sustainability, as shown by its abundance of green areas and eco-friendly regulations, emphasizes its dedication to progressive principles.

4. Milwaukee

The largest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, is a significant figure in the liberal scene there. Milwaukee has firmly established itself as a liberal bastion because to its diverse population and long history of backing Democratic politicians.

The city has various programs aimed at social justice, environmental sustainability and affordable housing in addition to its political activity. The vibrant cultural events the city hosts, such the yearly PrideFest and Juneteenth Day festivities, showcase the city’s dedication to encouraging inclusiveness and diversity. Milwaukee is one of the most liberal communities in Wisconsin because of its commitment to these issues.

3. Kenosha

Another city that stands high on the list of Wisconsin’s most liberal cities is Kenosha, which is situated on the western side of Lake Michigan. Kenosha’s liberal credentials are clear from its steadfast backing of Democratic politicians and its strong involvement in social equality programs.

The numerous community-led projects aimed at advancing racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental sustainability serve as a reminder that the city is dedicated to liberal ideals in ways that go beyond politics. As one of the most liberal cities in Wisconsin, Kenosha has a strong commitment to these issues.

2. Madison

Madison has a unique role in Wisconsin’s political and cultural environment as the state’s capital city. The area has long been a center for liberal action and ideas. It is popular for its bright, young spirit and its diverse residents. The city’s strong support for Democratic politicians, dedication to social justice, and commitment to environmental sustainability are all factors in its status as a liberal metropolis.

Madison epitomizes liberalism in its most lively form and is home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an esteemed institution noted for its progressive student body and its liberal arts programs.

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1. Shorewood – The Most Liberal City in Wisconsin

Shorewood, a Milwaukee suburb, comes in first on our ranking of the most liberal cities in Wisconsin. The area stands out as the most liberal community in Wisconsin due to its strong support for Democratic politicians and commitment to progressive ideas.

The city’s numerous community activities, educational programs, and local ordinances all demonstrate its dedication to social concerns, sustainability, and diversity. Shorewood exhibits the liberal spirit in every facet of local life, from its dedication to public education to its thriving cultural scene.


This was a detailed analysis of the 13 most liberal cities in Wisconsin. Each community adds to the state’s rich tapestry of liberal thinking and movement with its distinctive combination of cultural, environmental, and political leanings. This information might be helpful whether you’re thinking about moving to a progressive neighborhood or just want to learn more about Wisconsin’s political system.

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