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The 12 Most Conservative Cities in Minnesota in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Minnesota

Minnesota, “The Land of 10,000 Lakes,” with the beauty and variety of its landscape is what makes the state so wonderful. However, every city and small town in Minnesota form pockets throughout the entire state— many of which lean conservative—a mix that often goes unnoticed.

In this article we’ll explore the 13 most conservative cities in Minnesota along with how their conservatism impacts their communities.

12. St. Cloud

St. Cloud, coming in twelfth on our list of the most conservative cities in Minnesota, is located on the Mississippi River in central Minnesota. It is estimated to have close to 70,000 residents. St. Cloud also houses St. Cloud State University, one of Minnesota’s larger public universities. Despite the liberal influence often associated with universities, St. Cloud maintains a solid conservative presence.

Examples of its conservatism can be seen in the recent electoral history of the city, where voters have consistently voted for conservative candidates in both local and nationwide elections.

In addition, St. Cloud’s economic base, which includes manufacturing, retail trade, and healthcare also tends to draw conservatives who prioritise economic stability as well as small government. The city is further famous for its welcoming community spirit coupled with traditional family values often associated with representatives of the ideology of conservatism.

11. Owatonna

Owatonna is located in Steele County, the second smallest and one of the counties richest in Iowa. It has ever fewer inhabitants yet bigger buildings when compared with cities across America. The town’s identity reflects tradition: The downtown offers space for small enterprises supported by a much larger business center.

Owatonna’s economy is rooted in manufacturing, a sector that often leans conservative due to its focus on business growth and minimal government intervention.

For example, Federated Insurance is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Owatonna and employs many residents. The presence of this big corporation as well as their conservative-leaning employees impact the entire city’s total political leaning. In addition, Owatonna citizens often vote for conservative candidates at all levels of government local, state, and national.

10. Bemidji

The city of Bemidji is located in Beltrami County and serves as an outdoor enthusiast’s hub. Much of the city of Bemidji remains pretty conservative, with tied much of its economy to natural resources such as forestry and fishing, industries that typically lean conservative economically.

In addition, several Native American reservations are placed within the city itself of Bemidji which even though has some liberal leaning at times still have the conservative values such as self-reliance and tribal sovereignty.

Also, Bemidji’s residents usually vote for conservative candidates during elections. The voters frequently engage in local politics, maintaining community values and a limited government approach. These are the factors that highlight Bemidji’s conservative tendencies.

9. Hutchinson

Located along the South Fork of the Crow River, Hutchinson is known for beautiful scenery and a strong community spirit. Its conservatism comes from the town’s agricultural base. Many of Hutchinson residents work in farming and professions associated with it often traits that lean conservative due to a desire for less governmental interference and regulation.

An example of Hutchinson’s conservatism can be seen in the support for candidates of all political parties, local, state and national elections. Also, the town is known to have conservative values as evidenced by its strong organisations or commitment to preserving local history, a trait often associated with conservative values.

8. Albert Lea

Albert Lea, a small city located at the junction of Interstates 35 and 90, is number eight on our list. Its location makes it an important economic hub in southern Minnesota. Albert Lea’s economy, primarily based on manufacturing, healthcare, and retail trade, resonates with conservative values such as economic freedom and limited government intervention.

Its conservative nature also shows in the city’s dedication to preserving their local history and maintaining cultural heritage. These features are often associated with conservatism. For instance, its well-maintained historic downtown reflects commitment of its citizens to tradition continuity. Albert Lea residents have a track record of backing conservative political candidates, confirming this position on the list.

7. Brainerd

Brainerd, with its massive lakes and outdoor recreation opportunities, is another conservative stronghold in the heart of Minnesota. Its economy is anchored by tourism, retail, and healthcare. These sectors are normally conservative because of their emphasis on economic independence and low government interference.

Brainerd residents who are conservative in orientation often voice their political beliefs within the community engagement and participation in local, state as well as national elections. Again, evidence of the political leanings of town is also evidenced by an emphasis on traditional family values, community togetherness and a respect for the natural environment, all core aspects of conservatism ethos.

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6. Willmar

Willmar, located in Kandiyohi County, is another city where conservatism flourishes. Agriculture and health care form the backbone of WillMar’s economy. Farmers, in particular, tend to be more conservative. They frequently place a premium on lower taxes and fewer regulations.

And more than that, Jennie-O, one of the largest turkey processing companies in the nation, is based in WillMar and employs thousands at its plants. Those large agri-businesses tend to be conservatives — they tout economic freedom as much as possible and put pressure on the government not to intercede too freely. The constant backing sent Democrat after Democrat running for state and local office attests clearly to WillMar’s conservative political leaning.

5. Alexandria

Alexandria is in Douglas County and has beautiful lakes along with rich history. Its economy is driven by tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture industries that are usually very conservative. Furthermore, the city’s historic downtown criss-crossed by many small businesses showcasing commitment of Alexandria to local tradition which common among conservative communities

Residents of Alexandria regularly back conservative candidates, and their involvement in community activities exhibits support for conservatism — values associated with conservative ideologies — and further underscores Alexandria’s spot as one of Minnesota’s most conservative cities.

4. Faribault

Faribault is famous for its historic downtown and strong sense of community. Its economy which includes manufacturing, health care, and education often leans conservative due to its preference for business-friendly environments as well as low governmental interference. Major contributors to the conservative tilt include companies like Daikin Applied, SageGlass, and Faribault Foods.

The result that Faribault residents show great commitment to community cohesion, historic preservation, and a liking for conservative candidates from local, state as well as national elections is proof of the conservatism of the city.

3. Fergus Falls

Fergus Falls is located in Otter Tail County and is famous for its scenic beauty and historical significance. Its economy is based on healthcare, education, and retail. Fergus Falls often tends to be conservative due to the fact that it prioritizes economic growth while limiting government interference.

Also reflected within the city’s strong sense of community along with support for right-leaning political candidates throughout local elections and even national elections. All these factors collectively build up towards Fergus Falls’ placing within the Minnesota list of most conservative cities.

2. Marshall

The second most conservative city in Minnesota is Marshall, located in Lyon County. Agriculture, specifically corn and soybean farming and food processing, play a significant role in the city’s economy, sectors that typically favor conservative economic policies.

The presence of large companies such as Schwan’s Company and Ralco Nutrition, which are major employers in the area, adds to the city’s conservative-leaning. However, residents of Marshall show significant devotion to the return of conservative public officials during election times and greatly value small government and individual liberties.

1. Rochester – Most Conservative City in Minnesota!

Rochester, the state’s third-largest city and home to the world-famous Mayo Clinic, is the most conservative city in Minnesota. Yet despite this mix of conservatism and awareness of its status as a key medical and technological center – one that hosts an increasingly politically important IBM branch – Rochester boasts a strong conservatism skewing.

Rochester’s conservatism is evident in the consistent commitment of its citizens to family values, tradition, and defense of the city’s unique community identity. The values are very conservative. Rochester is also one of the best places for young adults to live in Minnesota. The city’s support for conservative candidates in both local and national elections, despite the liberal influence often associated with large cities, further establishes Rochester’s place as the most conservative city in Minnesota.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while Minnesota is known for its political diversity, it is home to numerous cities that lean conservative. These cities, with their strong sense of community and tradition, support for conservative politics, and desire to keep out African immigrants, show the vibrant conservatism among thriving in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Politics nerds looking to understand Minnesota’s political landscape better or just people considering moves like these cities will find a comprehensive list here of the most conservative places in the state.

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