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12 Most Liberal Cities in Minnesota

Most Liberal Cities in Minnesota

Minnesota, also known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, is a beautiful state known for its landscapes, activities, and residents that, made of diverse landscapes, welcoming communities and a high standard of living. Just as diverse are the political ideologies in Minnesota which span from small conservative towns to some liberal cities.

This article will discuss the 12 most liberal cities in Minnesota and give insights into the culture, history, and political landscape that have created them. Various metrics have been analyzed, such as patterns of voting, political contributions, and public policies, to name a few. These metrics have created this list from number 12 all the way through to the city which has taken the top spot as the most liberal community in Minnesota.

12. Duluth

Starting our countdown is Duluth, the fourth largest city in Minnesota. Though historically a manufacturing hub, Duluth’s progressive shift is apparent in its recent voting patterns. Duluth’s presidential vote in the 2020 election was also 70% Democratic, clear evidence that Duluthians are cosmopolitan liberals. 

The city also has a progressive streak with its commitment to affordable housing and environmental stewardship. The Duluth City Council’s decision to enact a five-cent fee for single-use bags to encourage sustainability is a testament to its liberal tendencies.

The city’s approach to social issues, such as the support for LGBTQ+ rights and community policing initiatives, further illustrates Duluth’s progressive mindset. Duluth is also one of the best places for black families to live in Minnesota.

11. Mankato

The city of Mankato is the next place on our list of the most blue cities in Minnesota. Located in the southern parts of Minnesota, this town draws most visitors for its arts community and outstanding education systems. With consistent support for liberal candidates in recent nationwide elections, visitors can see the leanings toward liberalism among residents. 

This is also a home for Minnesota State University (MSU) , which is a known institution that upholds liberalism. For example, the university consistently promotes inclusivity and diversity, as seen in its numerous programs that support marginalized groups.

However, Mankato clearly dedicates itself to progressive ideals through the implementation of renewable energy at its disposal; this would primarily be wind turbines and solar panels but not coal electricity or nuclear power.

10. Hopkins

Small in size, Hopkins is big with liberal values. The young and diverse population has grown steadily since the city was incorporated, which makes it unsurprising to see young people have such progressive leanings.

Hopkins’ push for environmentally sustainable cities is reflected in its insistence on walkable city designs and comprehensive recycling plans as well. Furthermore, the city presents itself as a symbol of social justice.

Therefore, it hosts various community events across ethnicity and income levels to praise diversity and raise inequality awareness levels. Recently, Hopkins has put into effect policies that would help create affordable housing units at cheaper rates while curbing high levels of income inequality too.

9. Northfield

Northfield is the home of two liberal arts colleges; Carleton College and St. Olaf College. The city’s political climate leans liberal, with two institutions dedicated to learning, which influences the liberal nature of the populace. Likewise, colleges tend to serve as progressive thought incubators.

Over the last few years, Northfield residents have joined forces to advocate for common initiatives of social justice, environmental protection, and increased access to education. With recent efforts including racial disparities, wealth disparity-mitigation projects, and major educational overhauls addressing these same systemic issues at varying levels across town in increasingly innovative ways solidifies its place on this list.

8. Golden Valley

Golden Valley City comes in at number eight. The city was founded as a welcoming community, and the first Minnesota city to pass a registry dedicated to domestic partnerships, making it a pioneer in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

Golden Valley isn’t just all about forward-thinking values; the city insists on making a serious commitment towards targeting renewable energy, finding affordable housing, and deepening racial equality. Just like with many other cities that are featured in this list, residents of Golden Valley always support Democratic candidates who are into liberalism.

9. Richfield

Richfield is our seventh most liberal city in Minnesota, located in Hennepin County. This city exemplifies a diverse population with liberal leanings, evidenced by recent election results. Other progressive policies that the city has embraced include improving public education and promoting renewable energy, thereby shaping an environmental sensibility and regard for equal sharing of resources.

The city also provides its residents with a vigorous public transportation system reflecting their commitment to sustainability and achieving equal resource access for all. Richfield’s recent initiatives to reduce income disparities further underscore its place in the list of the 12 most liberal cities in Minnesota.

6. Edina

Edina is a suburb of Minneapolis that has changed from its conservative roots into a city that leans liberal. In the 2020 Presidential Election, there have been big shifts in Edina: the majority of the citizens voted for the Democratic candidate.

Edina’s embrace of environmental sustainability through its emphasis on recycling and renewably-powered energy indicates a deeper, progressive shift. The fact that the city supports public schools so heavily could also imply a liberal mindset.

5. St. Louis Park

Coming in at number five is St. Louis Park. Its consistent support for Democratic candidates in recent elections affirms its position among Minnesota’s most liberal cities. St. Louis Park has proactively addressed sustainability by investing in renewables, and encouraging public transportation use.

The city is also known for its strong anti-discrimination ordinances, and commitment to racial and socioeconomic equality. St. Louis Park’s drive to increase the affordability and availability of housing options for its residents reflects its dedication to liberal ideals.

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4. Bloomington

Bloomington, home to the renowned Mall of America, lands fourth on our list. While residents of University Town and the surrounding areas accumulate retail therapy at the city for a dose of democracy, Bloomington voters go to their precinct centers to construct liberal homogeneity in cities.

The metropolis’s civic attitudes toward education, equality among the poor, and endangered ecology testify toward an ideology devoted to liberalism. Initiatives like Bloomington’s diversity and inclusion strategy further confirm its commitment to progressive principles.

3. Minneapolis

Minneapolis, being one of the twin cities, is notably the third most liberal city in Minnesota. Mostly associated with its practices towards climate change, social justice, and affordable housing, Minneapolis has shown progressiveness in its policies. It was reportedly the first city to pledge its commitment to clean energy, where it aimed at reducing emissions of citywide greenhouse gases.

Minneapolis has also taken substantial strides toward addressing racial and economic disparities, demonstrating its devotion to forward-thinking values. Minneapolis is also one of the best places for young adults to live in Minnesota.

2. Falcon Heights

Falcon Heights in the Twin Cities suburb, ranked second in our list of liberal cities in Minnesota. While size may limit its social space, Falcon Heights supports progressive values. The city has a prominent role in reducing carbon emissions, with strong public transportation and initiatives to provide affordable housing. The people of Falcon Heights consistently choose Democrats, further affirming the city’s liberal stance.

1. St. Paul

Ranked as the most liberal city in Minnesota is St. Paul, the state’s capital. A corridor rich with culture and diversity, St. Paul’s liberalism emanates from its unique position as home to a variety of races who work together to reform state government. Committed to progressive ideals like economic opportunities for all, people are drawn to St. Paul to benefit from the state’s heartbeat.

Residents of St. Paul are informed and politically active and tend to vote for Democrats but generally take the liberal perspective. As the most left-wing city in Minnesota, St. Paul has its liberalism seen across almost all political views.

Final Words

The 12 most liberal cities in Minnesota each possess their unique charm and character, but a shared commitment to progressive values unites them. Though political leanings may differ within the state, these cities represent a commitment to social justice, environmental sustainability, and equality. The word “liberal” often ascends beyond politics and permeates issues of social concern, including education, environmental stewardship, and so much more.

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