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12 Most Conservative Cities in Colorado

Most Conservative Cities in Colorado

Political diversity is a common trait in Colorado, where liberal and conservative locals coexist. Its culture draws from its rich history of civil rights, music, and entertainment, as well as its modern economy, which places a premium on technological advancement and interpersonal networks.

But today we are going to the very center of the state’s conservative movement. Listed here are the 12 most conservative cities in Colorado. We will analyze these metropolitan areas based on a number of criteria, including voter turnout in recent elections, the presence of conservative media outlets, the local culture, and the political leadership.

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12. Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan is located on the eastern Colorado plains. Voting patterns in this city’s elections reveal that it is a stronghold of conservative values. In the 2020 presidential election, for instance, a large majority of the votes cast here went to the Republican candidate. Such regular patterns point to conservative leanings.

The local economy is predominantly dependent on agriculture and small businesses. The community as a whole tends to be very conservative. This conservative city also has a large military, again in line with its views of being more conservative on defense and security. Radio talk shows and newspapers are common mediums conservative ideas can be heard.

11. Canon City

The next city is Canon City, located in Fremont County. Traditional values have a strong influence on the city today. For instance, almost 70% of the votes cast in Fremont County were for the Republican candidate during the 2020 election.

Canon City is a community with deep roots that places a premium on tradition, family, and minimal government involvement. Its economic foundations in agriculture, tourism, and the public sector are reflective of these ideals. Canon City’s position on this list is further supported by the fact that the city’s local media outlets frequently advocate for conservative principles and ideas.

10. Montrose

Montrose, on Colorado’s Western Slope, is yet another city with a strong conservatism. Voting patterns have consistently favored the Republican party, as they have in many of the other places on this list of the most conservative cities in Colorado.

The local economy relies heavily on agriculture and small businesses, and these two pillars have strong correlations with conservative economic ideals of free markets and low regulation. The city also shares other characteristics of conservative areas, such as a strong sense of community based on traditional family values and religious beliefs.

9. Sterling

Sterling is another strong conservative city in northeastern Colorado. A strong farming association gives this small town a reputation for fiscal conservatism. The city displays strong community spirit with numerous gatherings and local politics that bear testimony to their commitment to the traditional family, patriotism, and religion. More proof of its conservative leanings is evident in its voters preferring Republican candidates by a majority in recent elections.

8. Craig

Craig is a rural town in the northwest corner of Colorado that is conservative. The region has a large number of jobs related to mining and hunting, two important industries that support the city’s economy and are closely associated with conservative energy policy views.

The city’s conservative lean has also been demonstrated in past election outcomes. Its citizens tend to vote for conservative candidates who share their views on smaller government and more traditional family values.

7. Fruita

Fruita is located on Colorado’s Western Slope and has a strong conservative presence in the state. Most of its economy centers around agriculture, especially the apple orchards that give the city its name, and tourism, which is mainly influenced by people’s love of outdoor activities.

These facts about the economy show how conservatives feel about economic freedom and how land should be used. Its tendency toward conservatism is also clear in the politicians it chooses and the policies they stick to.

The culture of the town of Fruita is based on family values, patriotism, and a traditional rural way of life. These are all things that are often associated with conservatism.

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6. Brush

Brush, another city in the eastern plains, is known for its consistent conservative leanings. Its economy is largely based on agriculture and livestock, sectors that often align with conservative ideologies of minimal government intervention.

A strong sense of community, rooted in traditional values and religious beliefs, makes Brush stand out. Their consistent support for conservative political candidates seals their place on this list.

5. Rifle

Rifle is on the Western Slope of Colorado. Its economy, local culture, and political choices show that it has conservative values. The city economy is fueled by construction, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Conservative views are shown in these industries, as well as the community’s support for gun rights implied by the name of the city. Rifle’s conservative views are shown by the fact that they always vote for Republican candidates.

4. Woodland Park

Woodland Park lies in the Rocky Mountains, just south of Colorado’s second-largest city, Greeley. It takes its small town, farmer values, and independence seriously. It pays close attention to every citizen’s needs, from farmers’ markets and family projects to service clubs and senior centers. 

In Woodland Park, politics are a business instead of an area for controversy. The area is largely supportive of conservative political candidates and policies, as reflected in voting records.

The city also boasts a conservative media presence, with local news outlets often promoting conservative views. It’s not uncommon to see Woodland Park events reflecting patriotism, faith, and family values, further substantiating its conservative leanings.

3. Peyton

Peyton is a small town northeast of Colorado Springs that also shows strong conservative values. People in this town care a lot about their neighborhood, their traditions, and their own freedom.

Peyton is mostly rural, and its economy is based on farming and the smaller businesses that an area focuses on. Just like many on these lists, Peyton consistently votes for Republican candidates, which shows how much it fits into these definitions of conservatism.

2. Meeker

The second place is Meeker which belongs to the northwest of Colorado. It has a strong conservative ethos and espouses traditional values. Most of the local economy comes from ranching, oil, gas, and hunting.

All of these are often linked with conservative values and beliefs. It is not surprising that the Meeker community usually steers in favor of much support for political contenders who embrace conservative ideas.

1. Yuma

Finally, at the number one spot, we have Yuma – the most conservative city in Colorado. Located in the northeastern part of the state, this city has a strong agricultural sector, reflecting such a conservative belief that a small government with reliance on oneself is better than a big government with reliance on other people. 

Yuma’s community is deeply rooted in traditional family values and religious beliefs, typically correlating with conservative views. Voting records show strong support for conservative political candidates, affirming its position as the most conservative city in Colorado.


The cities on this list show how conservative Colorado is as a whole. These communities, which are based on traditional values, agriculture, and industry, show how diverse American politics are.

Still, they have one common characteristic, which is sticking to conservative ideas. This can be found in the way they construct their economy, value community life, and view politics at large.

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