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The 12 Most Conservative Cities in Wisconsin in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, known as “America’s Dairyland,” is important to the political landscape of our country. The state features a sizable number of conservative cities that have a big impact on defining state and municipal politics, making it an important swing state in presidential elections.

The 12 most conservative cities in Wisconsin are examined in-depth in this article. Our rating takes into account a comprehensive perspective of what it means to be a ‘conservative’ city, from regions with historically Republican voting inclinations to those with strong conservative principles shown in local administration and community standards.

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12. Hudson

The gateway to Wisconsin is in Hudson, which is on the Minnesota border. The city has strong conservative beliefs and nonetheless fosters a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The majority of voters in Hudson during the most recent elections were Republicans, reflecting the city’s conservative slant.

However, these conservative ideals are not limited to political politics; they also influence local business and communal endeavors. The success of small businesses demonstrates the city’s support for free capitalism, and the strong public support for the military and local law enforcement demonstrates a respect for law and order, two fundamental conservative values.

Additionally supporting Hudson’s conservative ideals, the local educational institutions emphasize conventional academic topics and promote a meritocratic environment.

11. Waukesha

West of Milwaukee, in the city of Waukesha, conservative principles continue to be a cornerstone of the state. The city’s Republican base, which is strong and consistently votes in favor of Republican candidates, reflects the city’s conservative ethos. In the 2020 Presidential Election, Donald Trump the Republican Party candidate received almost 60% of the votes in Waukesha.

Waukesha emphasizes on self-reliance, fiscal restraint, and traditional values—all essential components of conservative ideology—beyond merely political politics. The city’s robust local economy, which places a high focus on small businesses and has minimal taxes, demonstrates its adherence to the ideals of free market economics.

Additionally, local schools reflect the conservative individualism ethos by emphasizing basic academic courses and supporting individual performance. The city’s robust law enforcement presence, well-kept public areas, and respect for traditional values reveal a firmly conservative ethos underlying its social standards and governmental practices.

10. Mequon

Another bastion of conservatism in Wisconsin is Mequon, which is located on the western side of Lake Michigan. Republican politicians have frequently received the support of the city, which reflects its conservative inclinations. The community’s mentality also adheres to conservative ideas including fiscal conservatism, traditional values and restricted government involvement.

Mequon, which embodies the conservative ideology in free market economics, has one of the lowest tax rates in the state and a vibrant business community. The emphasis on conventional academic subjects and upholding high levels of achievement in city schools reflects conservative educational beliefs.

The city’s dedication to law and order and community cohesion—both fundamental to conservative ideology—can be seen in the low crime rates and active local participation.

9. Elm Grove

Despite being a distinctive entry on this list, Elm Grove, a tiny municipality in Waukesha County, is fully among Wisconsin’s most conservative regions due to its political inclinations and community values. The community has a history of backing Republican politicians and conservative political causes.

Beyond politics, Elm Grove residents uphold conservative principles in many aspects of daily life. Elm Grove places a strong emphasis on independence, and its citizens are active in civic affairs and local governance.

The prosperous local economy, supported by financially responsible policies and a focus on small companies, is consistent with conservative tenets of limited government and free market economics.

8. New Berlin

Moving up the list of the most conservative cities in Wisconsin is New Berlin. The Waukesha County city of New Berlin is a stronghold of conservative principles. It strongly supports limited government, economic discipline, and conservative values as its voting history favors Republicans.

Low tax rates and a strong small company sector reflect New Berlin’s dedication to free market ideals and economic restraint. In addition, this city has a strong commitment to law and order, as seen by its low crime rate and well-funded law enforcement organizations. New Berlin is one of Wisconsin’s most conservative cities because of the focus placed on personal accountability, family values, and local independence.

7. Pewaukee

Pewaukee, a city in the Milwaukee metropolitan region, has a conservative social and political slant. The Republican Party is continuously supported in the city by vote trends. The city also supports free-market ideas, as shown by its low tax rates and the prosperity of neighborhood businesses.

Pewaukee’s status as a conservative bastion in Wisconsin is further cemented by the area’s emphasis on devotion to law and order, fiscal responsibility and respect for traditional values. Local schools in Pewaukee, for instance, emphasize challenging educational programs and individual responsibility, promoting the conservative value of meritocracy.

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6. River Hills

The village of River Hills, which is located along the Milwaukee River, is firmly conservative. The community’s preference for Republican candidates politically reflects its conservative leanings. The economic policies and social customs of the hamlet are consistent with its devotion to conservative beliefs.

River Hills is a model of fiscal conservatism and limited government, with a robust local economy, minimal taxes, and a high degree of local autonomy. High academic standards are upheld in River Hills schools, which promote an atmosphere of individual success and meritocracy in line with conservative values.

5. Muskego

Waukesha County’s Muskego, a city, is notable for having intensely conservative views. The city routinely supports Republican candidates and adheres solidly to conservative values, economic conservatism, and a small-government involvement. The city’s low tax rates and thriving local economy are examples of conservatism’s commitment to free market capitalism.

The emphasis on challenging academic programs and individual accountability in Muskego’s schools further reflects the conservative ideals of the neighborhood. The city’s dedication to maintaining law and order, fostering community harmony, and upholding traditional values is also shown in its low crime rates and community participation initiatives.

4. Brookfield

A conservative stronghold in Wisconsin is the city of Brookfield, which is situated in the county of Waukesha. The city’s conservative leanings are reflected in Brookfield’s continuous Republican voting. Beyond electoral politics, conservative ideas are reflected in the city’s social and economic policies. The local economy in Brookfield is thriving and has a low tax rate, which is a sign of fiscal conservatism.

The emphasis on conventional academic courses and merit-based accomplishment in Brookfield schools reflects the conservative view of individual accountability and success. The city’s dedication to maintaining law and order, its sense of community, and its regard for traditional values further cemented its reputation as one of Wisconsin’s most conservative communities. Brookfield is also one of the best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults.

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3. Hartland

The Waukesha County community of Hartland is a shining example of conservatism. Residents of Hartland consistently cast Republican ballots, demonstrating the community’s conservative political views. Furthermore, the group adheres to social and economic values that are fundamentally conservative.

Hartland is known for its robust small business community, low taxes, and strong local economy, all of which are indicators of the town’s support for free market principles and fiscal conservatism.

Additionally reflecting the conservative emphasis on individual performance, Hartland’s schools foster a curriculum built on conventional academic disciplines and an atmosphere of individual responsibility and merit.

2. Elm Brook

On our list of the most conservative cities in Wisconsin, Elm Brook, a municipality in Waukesha County, comes in at number two. Elm Brook routinely backs the Republican party, demonstrating its conservatism. The village’s adherence to conservative economic ideals is demonstrated by its thriving small business community, low taxes, and strong local economy.

Elm Brook public schools adhere to a meritocratic attitude and emphasize conventional academics, in line with conservative values. The village’s active engagement in the community and respect for law and order also reflect important conservative ideals.

1. Cedarburg – Most Conservative City in Wisconsin!

Finally, we reach Cedarburg, Wisconsin, which is Wisconsin’s most conservative city. Cedarburg, which is in Ozaukee County, routinely backs Republican candidates and promotes conservative principles in both its political environment and social mores.

Its low tax rates and strong local economy are clear indicators of its emphasis on fiscal restraint. Furthermore, Cedarburg’s small enterprises thrive as a result of the supportive atmosphere for free-market ideas.

The educational institutions in the city place a strong emphasis on individual responsibility, traditional academia, and the meritocracy that characterizes conservative thought. The most conservative city in Wisconsin is Cedarburg, thanks to its strong sense of community, adherence to law and order, and appreciation for traditional values.

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