The 14 Best Places to Live in Wisconsin for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Wisconsin for Young Adults

Setting down roots in an ideal place is a big decision, especially for young adults just starting their careers or beginning families. Wisconsin holds renowned landscapes mixed with high quality education as well as a thriving economy. It offers a wide variety of destinations that perfectly cater to the aspirations of the younger generation.

Here we will discuss about the 14 best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults. Each one has its charm, amenities and opportunities.

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14. La Crosse

La Crosse, located on the banks of the Mississippi River, is a serene city with a blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. This city hosts three colleges – including the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse that fosters an environment rich in youthful energy and eminent intellectual curiosity. The town also features a burgeoning healthcare sector bolstered by two of the largest employers: Gundersen Health System and Mayo Clinic Health System.

The downtown district offers an eclectic mix of music, shopping and dining options from riverfront restaurants to festivals. Young adults will enjoy living here because of the existence of affordable housing options and a cost of living below the national average.

13. Appleton

Appleton hosts the world-class Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, a multitude of museums, and an event calendar of events that reflects its vibrant cultural scene. When it comes to school, Lawrence University is one of Appleton’s leading education institutions. The city’s economy is invigorated by varied industries from healthcare to manufacturing.

Young adults will enjoy low unemployment in Appleton along with competitive salaries and reasonable cost of living. Parks and recreation are major focuses in the city as there is an extensive trail system combined with many parks providing ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

12. Stevens Point

For those people who value small-town atmospheres but also offer many opportunities, Stevens Point is an awesome option. It’s the home of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point that injects youthful vigour and dynamism into the city. The city itself also caters to business and innovation with Sentry Insurance as a significant employer.

A 27 miles of outdoor adventure awaits on the Green Circle Trail, and the nearby local farmers market is a weekly gathering ground for fresh produce. The cost of living is significantly below that of the national average, which makes it an economical option to young adults just starting out.

11. Oshkosh

Oshkosh is a city famous for the “EAA AirVenture Oshkosh” which is one of the world’s largest annual aviation events. It lies in a land of industries with diverse economic portfolio including education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Brimming with restaurants, boutique stores, art galleries and the Grand Opera House, young people will find this place very attractive as it has a vibrant ambiance, affordable cost of living, a unique blend of urban natural attractions and a welcoming and inclusive community.

10. Eau Claire

The city of Eau Claire provides a young adult with a well-rounded life in their vibrant arts scene, lush parks, and rich local history. The feature of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Chippewa Valley Technical College urges an intellectual learning environment and growth.

Mayo Clinic Health System and Menards offer excellent career opportunities as additional employers. Eau Claire offers energetic music culture with numerous breweries to offer an engaging lifestyle that appeals to the young and the young at heart.

9. Green Bay

Green Bay is the home of the legendary Green Bay Packers but this city contains much more than sporting glory. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College add to the youthful feel of this city. Green Bay’s diverse economy comprises sectors like healthcare, education, manufacturing, and paper production that generate ample job opportunities.

The Fox River Trail and Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary offer wide avenues for outdoor plays. With its historic districts, cultural events, breweries, as well as affordable housing, Green Bay is definitely one of the best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults.

8. Racine

Located close to Lake Michigan, Racine constitutes a beautiful natural setting combined with urban convenience. The city’s manufacturing sector provides several job opportunities. Among the highest employers here are the SC Johnson and Ascension All Saints Hospital.

Additionally, there is the presence of several schools here that enriches the city’s educational landscape such as the Gateway Technical College. The cost of living also is well below the national average, making it an attractive option for young professionals seeking affordable housing. The lively downtown area is full of unique shops, eateries, and cultural attractions to Racine’s appeal.

7. Wausau

Young adults find Wausau’s strong economy, scenic beauty, and cultural attractions attractive as a move to the city would create ample job opportunities for them. The city is a major insurance center with companies like Wausau Insurance and Aspirus creating many jobs. Also, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Wausau contributes to youthful energy in the city.

The city has a low cost of living paired with a higher-than-average median income. Being a young adult here meant having comfortable living in Wausau considering its ample outdoor recreational activities like the Nine Mile Forest or the Granite Peak Ski Area along with a thriving downtown. All of these reasons make Wausau one of the best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults.

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6. Kenosha

Kenosha combines the delight of a small town with some of the amenities that comes with a big city. The Carthage College and University of Wisconsin-Parkside add youthful vibrancy to this lakeside city. One can see its economy bolstered by sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing and retail trade which offer a way ahead for young adults to consider their careers.

The cost of living here is below the national average as well. Filled with busy downtown area restaurants, art galleries and museums, and plenty of outdoor opportunities, this city can really be young adults’ starting point on their journey.

5. Janesville

Janesville is situated along the Rock River. The city is famous for its beautiful park system and also a city that is committed to education. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock County is also located here. The economic mix of manufacturing, healthcare, and retail trade creates a stable job market for young professionals in the city.

The cost of living in Janesville is low when compared to other places, making it a perfect for young adults considering relocating without breaking their bank accounts. The revitalized downtown and dynamic cultural scene coupled with the community spirit make Janesville an enticing place for young adults.

4. Sheboygan

Sheboygan is on the western shore of Lake Michigan. The city is known for its walkable waterfront, vibrant arts scene, as well as a stable job market. Major employers like Kohler Co., Acuity Insurance, and Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center offer active job opportunities here. Nearby universities include the University Of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus, and Lakeshore Technical College.

Its cost of living is substantially less than the national average. Thus, it proves to be an economical choice for young adults. Sheboygan’s vibrant downtown, diverse dining scene as well as ample recreational activities makes it attractive to a younger demographic.

3. Madison

Being Wisconsin’s capital and home to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this city represents a great mix between both academic vigour as well as recreational opportunities along with a strong economy. Major sectors range from government, education, healthcare and technology industries. 

This is an excellent choice for young adults looking for a community with a thriving cultural scene, top notch dining amenities alongside plenty of stores for shopping, and ample outdoor activities available. The cost of living here is at least slightly higher than most areas, but thanks to high median income and low unemployment rate that helps balance things out making it a financially viable option for young adults looking to establish their careers.

2. Milwaukee

As the biggest city in Wisconsin, Milwaukee combines big-city living with a welcoming Midwestern atmosphere. Higher education institutions like the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and Marquette University add to the youthful energy emanating from this hugely liberal city.

Its economy such as healthcare, education, finance and manufacturing offer a wide career opportunities. The bustling downtown area, renowned breweries, diverse cuisine, music festivals and lively arts scene makes Milwaukee an enticing option for young adults who are desiring a vibrant urban lifestyle.

1. Brookfield

Topping our list is Brookfield, a huge suburb of Milwaukee known to have safe neighborhoods and offers top-notch education. Top employers here include Fiserv and Milwaukee Tool which provides qualified employment to young adults.

Although much smaller than its neighbors, Brookfield has plenty to offer. The thriving downtown area contains shopping centers as well as art galleries, gourmet restaurants, theaters and many more for entertainment and cultural enjoyment like the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts.

With an abundance of parks, trails, and golf courses, Brookfield can also be considered as a paradise for those outdoor enthusiasts. Despite the cost of living being slightly higher than other cities on the list, the high median income and low unemployment rate make Brookfield an excellent place to live for young adults seeking to lay down roots.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Wisconsin provides a lot of cities that serve the young adults with their specific characteristics and attractions. These 14 best places to live in Wisconsin for young adults create a mixture of economic opportunities, educational institutions, recreational amenities along with cultural attractions which make Wisconsin very good for young adults who would like to start their journey in life.

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