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12 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Young Adults

In this ultimate guide on the 12 best places to live in Minnesota for young adults, you’ll find a lot of things that will hit your fancy about this state. From fun cultural scenes, to outdoor activities, and rock-solid job opportunities, this state truly has a lot to offer.

Let’s take a look at what makes each location different and see how they answer the calling of young adults at whatever stage in their life or career may come along. Here we’ll travel up and down starting from number 12 until finally uncovering the best place to live in Minnesota for young adults.

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12. Mankato

Mankato aerial view

Beginning the list of the best places to live in Minnesota for young adults is Mankato. Situated in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley, Mankato offers an intriguing mix of small-town ambiance tempered by urban momentum. This city has a solidly established economy focused on robust sectors such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

The presence of Minnesota State University is a key pull for young adults not just for education but also because this university’s influence contributes to local culture and lifestyle. Mankato is also famous for its outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, biking and skiing. These attract those who love to explore outdoors. The cost of living is relatively low as compared to the state’s average. This makes it attractive for those starting their careers too.

11. St. Cloud

aerial view St. Cloud

St. Cloud is a city that beautifully combines tradition with progress. The city is where St City State University is located, making it an educational center for young adults as well as home for various cultural activities and experiences.

Besides the higher education institute, it has a developing healthcare sector among many employment opportunities. The downtown area of the conservative city includes shops, restaurants along with historic sites. There are also several parks where young adults can enjoy recreational activities in their free time or leisure hours.

10. Burnsville

I-35W and Hwy 13. Minnesota State Highway

Located in Dakota County, Burnsville is a part of the greater Twin Cities metro area and a suburb of Minneapolis. Being an attractive location for young adults seeking suburban tranquility without sacrificing the urban pulse, it makes it an increasingly popular place to reside.

The city has seen its commercial sector flourish with many businesses and corporate offices that offer ample job opportunities. Burnsville Center, one of the biggest shopping malls in the region, adds to the city’s charm with its big footprint of retail and dining possibilities. Also, it hosts a variety of community events and is adjacent to the city’s arts and crafts scene.

9. Bloomington

Bloomington Minnesota

The Mall of America, which is the largest mall in America, is located in Bloomington. This mall is not just a shopping hub but also a place where young adults have lots of  opportunities for growth because of the job possibilities that are being offered. These can be in the sectors of retail, healthcare, and tech – making it an appealing destination for career-oriented youth aged 20-40s.

Bloomington also boasts great transportation infrastructure which makes commuting easy. Surrounded by nature reserves with well-maintained biking trails that cater to people seeking an active outdoor lifestyle, it’s a perfect place for family outings or individual sports pursuits. These reasons make Bloomington worthy of being on the list of the best places to live in Minnesota for young adults.

8. Duluth

Duluth downtown

Duluth is located on the shores of Lake Superior. The city nurtures young adults who love nature, having attractions like the Superior Hiking Trail and Canal Park. However, Duluth is so much more than beautiful scenery and recreation; it’s a metropolis with an arts scene that thrives and a growing economy. Healthcare and education are big players in the city, providing ample work opportunities for young professionals looking to join their ranks.

7. Eagan

Eagan Minnesota

Eagan, the largest city in Dakota County, is famous for its growing job market and rich local culture. Within the city limits of Eagan include Thomson Reuters Professional and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. The city has great career opportunities as well as its dedication to preserving green space that provides many outdoor recreational opportunities. With a variety of shops as well as cultural events plus eateries, Eagan renders a well-rounded lifestyle that caters to many young adults.

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6. Edina – Best Place to live in Minnesota for Young Professionals

Edina road view

Edina is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis and offers both suburban tranquility as well as city vibrancy. Young professionals starting families can enjoy a community that is recognized for its high-quality education system and diverse job market. This makes Edina one of the best places to live in Minnesota for young professionals.

Edina also has an upscale shopping and dining scene with particular attention to the 50th and France district. Aside from that, with several parks, sports facilities, and golf courses, this city caters to various recreational interests.

Let’s get into 5 of the best places to live in Minnesota for young adults.

5. Woodbury

aerial view of Woodbury

Woodbury is one of the fastest-growing cities in Minnesota. The city boasts a pleasant mix of residential, retail and corporate areas. High ranking schools as well as an excellent job market, especially in the healthcare sector, makes Woodbury an outstanding place to grow in your career.

The City offers varying kinds of outdoor activities with its many parks and trails as well as nature preserves that make Woodbury home to numerous young adults since it has such high quality life coupled close proximity to St. Paul and Minneapolis.

4. St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park sign

St. Louis Park is a Minneapolis suburb that enjoys its lively life as well as diversity in population. The city’s central location is an advantage to the young adult population who works in the city but would still like to have a suburban life. With so many parks, trails and recreational facilities, St. Louis park is very organized for those who love an active lifestyle. The events brought by the city throughout the year keep people connected.

3. Rochester

Rochester aerial view

Home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Rochester is a city where opportunities are buzzing because, especially in the healthcare sector. The city is known for its high standard of living, excellent education system, and rich cultural scene that make it ideal for young adults to settle down personally and professionally. With several recreational parks and various facilities of shopping malls and restaurants, Rochester offers a balanced lifestyle.

2. Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is one of the Twin Cities and a metropolitan hub with an impressive economy, rich arts scene and lively nightlife. The Minneapolis job market encompasses diverse sectors such as healthcare, finance and technology, making it an ideal city for career growth. One can also enjoy myriad recreational and cultural activities in Minneapolis, from its gorgeous parks, to lakes, to music festivals and theaters that are famed across the country.

1. St. Paul – Best Place to Live in Minnesota for Young Adults

St. Paul Minnesota

Arising at the top is St. Paul, state capital and other half of the Twin Cities. Known for its congenial community as well as vibrancy in their culture, St. Paul offers a medley of opportunities and amenities. It has an economically strong state with sectors like government, healthcare, and education offering numerous job avenues.

The city has a great arts and music scene, besides numerous festivals throughout the year. St. Paul is also attractive to many outdoors people because of its beautiful parks next to the Mississippi River and other attractions. Based on its quality life, economic opportunities as well as culture richness, St. Paul deserves to be at the best place to live in Minnesota for young adults.

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