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12 Best Places to Live in Minnesota for Black Families

Best Places for Black Families to Live in Minnesota

Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, is a great state with so much to offer. It has great towns and cities that offer a high standard of living. However, for a black family who wants to relocate to another place can be a challenging task. Therefore, if you are interested in Minnesota, identifying a community that welcomes everyone, school systems that are flourishing, low crime rate areas, job prospects, and celebrating varied cultures is an important factor to consider.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to live in Minnesota for Black families. All information here is taken from sources such as research, census data, and personal experiences, so you have an all-around perspective.

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12. Duluth

Duluth, Minnesota

Starting with number 12, Duluth is a port city on the shores of Lake Superior. With its population consisting only around 32,000, Duluth has a good reputation for festivals and community events despite having a small population.

Since Minneapolis’ cost of living compared to the national average is at a lower rate than Duluth, families will find affordable housing options there as well if they seek communities that offer such things. Furthermore, the Duluth Public School system also has a good reputation for various programs catering to various kinds of students, from advanced placement courses to special education services.

Duluth also has a robust healthcare sector, with a number of hospitals and clinics, including the renowned Essentia Health-Duluth. The city’s growing black population has also fostered the development of several community organizations, such as the Duluth NAACP and Black Lives Matter Duluth. These parties promote civil rights and work to address racial disparities, whereby Duluth is a city actively seeking diversity and inclusivity.

11. Rochester

Rochester, Minnesota

Rochester, the third-largest city in Minnesota, is home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, making it a hotspot for healthcare and scientific research. It has a high standard of living with good educational prospects, especially in STEM disciplines. Rochester Public Schools have been recognized for quality education/innovative approach and provide excellent opportunities to learn/grow for children.

Rochester is constantly diversifying, largely driven by the burgeoning healthcare industry within the city. The city has active social groups such as the Rochester Black Nurses Association and the Rochester for Justice organization that strive to create inclusive environments for Black residents. The city’s commitment to social justice and its many well-paying jobs in healthcare all contribute to making Rochester a very good choice for Black families. Due to all of these reasons, Rochester is one of the best places to live in Minnesota for Black families.

10. Maplewood

Maplewood downtown

Maplewood is the next city on our list of the best places to live in Minnesota for Black families. A St. Paul suburb with an urban, suburban feel and an abundance of parks and shops as well as quality schools. The North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District and the Roseville Area School District serve Maplewood; these districts also offer quality education to all children. Maplewood has lower crime rates compared to several other cities of its size.

Maplewood’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is apparent through its various community programs, such as the “Building an Inclusive Community” initiative. This program aims to celebrate diversity and promote understanding and respect among all residents. Moreover, community organizations like the African American Leadership Forum and the Black Civic Network actively contribute to building a supportive environment for Black families.

9. St. Cloud

St. Cloud downtown

St. Cloud, situated along the Mississippi River, is another excellent choice for Black families. The city has the small-town charm with the comforts of a city. One of the most diverse districts in Minnesota, the St. Cloud Area School District offers a culturally inclusive educational ambiance. Though not hosting its own university, St. Cloud State University, a part of the city, adds to its cultural vibrancy and provides ample scope for higher studies.

The city has a growing Black population, and organizations like the St. Cloud NAACP and the African Coalition Network are active in promoting social justice and racial equality. Additionally, events like the St. Cloud Juneteenth celebration highlight the city’s commitment to honoring and celebrating Black culture. St. Cloud, with its wonderful low cost of living, great community feels, and lively commitment to diversity is truly a fortunate situation for families.

8. Brooklyn Park

apartment complex at Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park is one of the Twin Cities’ largest suburbs and a diverse and family-friendly city. The area is considered to be quite expensive since it has an extensive park system, recreational activities such as bowling and tennis facilities planned, and also great schools like Park Center Senior High School International Baccalaureate Program.

With a huge Black community, Brooklyn Park is a one of the best places to live in Minnesota for Black families. The city has hosted the annual Twin Cities Juneteenth Festival and regularly holds events celebrating Black culture and history. The African Immigrant Services organization works to empower the African community and promote racial equity in the city. Brooklyn Park’s commitment to celebrating diversity alongside its top-notch amenities makes it a wonderful place to call home.

7. Eagan

aerial view of Eagan

Eagan is a Minneapolis suburb with safe neighborhoods, excellent education, and truly high living standards. The school districts of the city have many high ratings and provide very good educational establishments for students, making it one of the best places to live in Minnesota for Black families with younger children.

Eagan has a growing Black population, and the city actively promotes diverse commitment and inclusive vitality. The Eagan Inclusion and Diversity Initiative is one such effort to celebrate the town’s variety and advance an inclusive community.

Further, the black community in Eagan constitutes a heated united body actively participating in the development of the community. Organizations like the Black Parent Advisory Council at Walter Scott school do a magnificent job guiding and assisting black students along with advocating on their behalf for them to remain proficient in classes. Because of these, Eagan stands as a viable option for Black families looking for a safe, inclusive, and thriving community.

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6. Minnetonka

Minnetonka lake

Ranked sixth on our list, Minnetonka is a western suburb of the Twin Cities. It is a highly coveted western suburb of beautiful landscapes and dramatic school district life. Minnetonka Public Schools are top-rated in the state. Students can choose from rigorous academic programs offered or range through extracurricular activities that rival any other public school in the area.

The city is experiencing an increasing Black population and a welcoming physical environment for all. The commission such as Minnetonka Diversity Equity and Inclusion works to promote inclusiveness in the city. Local programs or events take place like the Celebration of Black Cinema, which highlights Minnetonka’s context of recognizing and honoring Black cultural identity. Thus, educated families may benefit from relocating to Minnetonka.

5. Bloomington

aerial view of Bloomington

Located in Home, Bloomington is a city that offers a unique range of suburban and urban feel. The city has adequate infrastructure, is well connected by public transports as well as having excellent schools, the Bloomington Public Schools also provide adequate facilities to all students. The city is dedicated towards fostering diversity and hence hosts entities like the Human Rights Commission that works towards equality for all members of the community.

Events like the Black History Month celebrations demonstrate that the city recognizes diversity. There are also organizations, like the African American Family Services, who work within the system to advocate for the Black community. With so many amenities-including good schools, housing opportunities-Bloomington is an enticing place for Black families.

4. Woodbury

neighborhood in Woodbury

Woodbury, an eastern suburb of St. Paul, is known for its excellent quality of life, top-tier school district, and family-friendly environment. The city boasts a robust park system, recreational facilities, and the highly-rated South Washington County Schools.

Woodbury is proactive in diversity and inclusion. The city’s Multicultural Advisory Committee advises the city council on matters related to multicultural relations and diversity. Additionally, the city holds an annual Woodbury Community Expo which celebrates the cultural diversity of the city. 

Organizations like the Black-owned East Metro Collective also contribute to a supportive community for Black residents. Woodbury has committed episodes of diversity that comprise a lot of excellent living standards, making it an awesome place for the Black family.

3. Edina

Edina sign

The third best place to live in Minnesota for black families is Edina. This is among the highest-rated suburbs of the Twin Cities which draws high-income people due to its pretentious living, excellent schools, and safe neighborhoods. Edina Public School District is one of the best school districts in Minnesota, catering for quality education for its students.

Besides all this, the city welcomes immigrants from various parts of the world as well as a rapidly increasing population. The Edina Community Foundation hosts events that celebrate the city’s cultural diversity. Additionally, the Edina Race & Equity Advancement Committee works to advance racial equity in the city. This commitment to inclusivity and diversity, coupled with its top-rated schools and high standard of living, makes Edina a desirable city for Black families.

2. Eden Prairie

aerial view of Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie is one of the southern Twin Cities suburbs and, overall, one of the best places to live in Minnesota. Another great thing about Everettsville or Eden Prairie is its excellent schools that offer a good education to their students. The city also offers many recreational activities hence making it one of the top tourist spots in Minnesota.

In particular, Eden Prairie stands out with their diversity commitment along with their racial equity. The city’s Human Rights & Diversity Commission and the Police Multicultural Advisory Committee work to foster a welcoming environment for all residents. The Eden Prairie African American Professional Network is another asset for the Black community in the city. With its great amenities, strong schools, and inclusive community, Eden Prairie is indeed a top choice for Black families.

1. Minneapolis – Best Place to Live in Minnesota for Black Families

Minneapolis downtown

And now, the top spot, Minneapolis, is the largest city in all of Minnesota. Minneapolis offers a rich urban life with a very strong arts community, many job opportunities, and a warm, welcoming, diverse community. The Minneapolis Public Schools district provides different academic and extracurricular programs helping students to meet their needs.

The liberal city in Minnesota has a rich history of African American culture, and it is an Oakland neighborhood with numerous organizations that exist as advocates for racial equity as well as social activism. Among these are the Minneapolis Urban League and the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum. Therefore, from its radiant culture to the economic opportunities and commitment to racial equity, Minneapolis tops our list as the best place to live in Minnesota for Black families. It’s also one of the best places for black families to live in America.

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