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12 Best Places to Live in Tennessee for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Tennessee for Black Families

Tennessee is renowned for its smoldering music scene, rich history, and beautiful landscapes. Even more so than many other midsized states, Tennessee has become a desirable location for families seeking to plant their roots. Its favorable cost of living coupled with diverse job opportunities combined with outstanding educational institutions make Tennessee an attractive prospect as it is welcoming towards black families desiring to flourish in a community that embraces them. 

But picking the best city, or town, can feel overwhelming given all of the options. In this article, we’ll narrow down the 12 best places to live in Tennessee for black families measured from twelve to one with an analysis as to why each is particularly enticing.

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12. Millington

Millington is located in Shelby County, which offers a small-town feel while including easy proximity to Memphis’ amenities. The black community here provides lots of life with several cultural festivals and events throughout the year. Millington Municipal Schools system plows strong educational opportunities championed by its leaders. 

Local efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness further enhance the allure of your town. Businesses here span a variety of industries, from retail to technology, offering promising career paths for the adults in your family. Millington’s affordable housing and low cost of living make it an excellent choice for black families seeking to establish a stable financial foundation. 

11. Oak Ridge

Popularly known as the “City of Innovation”, Oak Ridge is a center for science and technology. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory as well as many high-tech companies can be found here. The city also has an excellent quality of education with its public school system regularly ranking among the very best in the state. 

An important part of Oak Ridge’s fabric is confidently its black community which contributes greatly to its diversity and culture. With a higher than average median income and with the cost of living low, Oak Ridge presents a black family richly prospering environment in which they may develop and grow.

10. White House

Named for the original stagecoach stop on the Louisville & Nashville (L&N) railroad, White House is a city embodying history and community spirit. With a growing economy coupled with a low crime rate, it offers security and ease of living to families. Local initiatives ensure that all residents, irrespective of race, share access to opportunities as well as resources.

Here, schools emphasize inclusivity and diversity. They create an environment of acceptance that is far greater beyond the classroom into the wider community. The rich social fabric as well as the sense of safety makes White House one of the best places to live for black families in Tennessee.

9. Bartlett

Bartlett, a suburb of Memphis, marries the conveniences of city life with the charm of a small town. The city is home to a growing black community that serves actively in local governance and community development. Cultural events are organized by the local schools so that all students get quality education as well. The low crime rate here and diverse job opportunities provides security for black families who want to settle here. 

8. Hendersonville

Located on Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville is an ideal setting for families who enjoy the outdoors. The city has thrived as a community proudly supported by its various community organizations and initiatives. Education is a top priority in the city including most of their city schools that throughout the state earn high marks. With a strong economy coupled with higher than normal median income, Hendersonville provides a prosperous environment coupled with secure family finances.

7. Spring Hill

The excellence in the education system, rich history of Spring Hill, and growing economy is a favorable choice for the black families. The city has a vibrant black community that plays an integral part of the city’s culture. With initiatives designed to promote diversity and higher than average median income, Spring Hill offers plenty of opportunities for a black family to succeed.

6. Murfreesboro

Black families can find a lot of reasons to like Murfreesboro. The rich history, culture, and growth opportunities make this city standout. Its strong economy with a low cost of living  and a higher than average median income, provides a perfect environment for financial stability. From public schools to Middle Tennessee State University, from public schools to Middle Tennessee State University, the education system here is truly outstanding and provides ample opportunities for academic advancement. To top it all off, Murfreesboro is the most conservative city in Tennessee.

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5. Chattanooga

Chattanooga has been known for its vibrant arts scene and countless outdoor attractions. The city also presents a sense of growth among the black population actively involved in local culture and governance. With many job opportunities available and an extremely high standard of education made available to families, Chattanooga offers a dynamic family environment with a promising future. 

4. Brentwood

Brentwood is a suburb of Nashville known for the quality of life and excellent schools. The city boasts of a diversified community with active black organizations that provide support and resources to the black families. With job opportunities from various industries as well as higher than average median income, Brentwood brings in a prosperous secure environment where black families can comfortably grow.

3. Franklin

Black families are eager to settle for any place rich in history, dynamic economies with excellent schools – and Franklin does it all. The city offers a warm inclusive community where different resources actually exist for black parents. Its booming economy offers opportunity on both financials as well as makes the city one of jumping off spots. 

2. Nashville

As Tennessee’s capital city, Nashville offers many opportunities in different sectors like music, healthcare, and technology. The city also has a lively black community that is part of its culture and history. In this city, educational opportunities and a strong job market is also available which makes Nashville deserving to be one of the best places to live for black families in Tennessee.

1. Knoxville

Knoxville is ranked as the best city for black families to live in Tennessee. A sound economy, growing community, and excellent schools all add up to creating a conducive environment that fosters development and growth. The city comprises a thriving black community unit committed towards making efforts at increasing diversity and inclusivity of every kind. This translates into an affordable cost of living with diverse job opportunities coupled with a robust cultural scene. All these make Knoxville emerge as their top choice for black families seeking supportive prosperous environments in Tennessee.


Tennessee is a state full of promises and potential and the cities listed here represent the best it has to offer to black families. From Millington’s friendly community to Oak Ridge’s scientific hub as well as Knoxville’s thriving economy, each city offers their own unique advantages that make them one of the best places in Tennessee for black families.

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