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12 Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Black Families

Massachusetts is a dynamic state that values diversity and multiculturalism. It also has a long history as well as top-notch educational facilities. However, there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the finest communities for black families to reside in.

For example, the standard of the local public schools, safety, the cost of living and feeling of community. From number 12 to number 1, this list outlines the 12 best places to live in Massachusetts for Black families. Each of these cities has the most alluring combination of benefits. So, let’s start!

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12. Attleboro

Attleboro Massachusetts

Attleboro, which is a suburban community in Bristol County, has a high homeownership rate. The city is renowned for its diversity, and the Black population plays a vital role in the city’s dynamic communal life.

Attleboro’s public schools are above average, therefore your children will receive a good education there. Families will feel safer choosing this location because of the comparatively low crime rate in comparison to other cities.

Furthermore, there are several career prospects in Attleboro due to its near proximity to Providence and Boston. Numerous community activities, like the Farmers Market and the yearly Winter Night Festival, strengthen the feeling of community by encouraging inter-neighborly ties and a sense of shared purpose.

As a result, Attleboro offers black families seeking a balance of education, safety and community a well-rounded option.

11. Lowell

Lowell aerial view

Lowell, one of Massachusetts’ largest cities, is in position eleven on the list of the best places to live in Massachusetts for black families. Itl is a city with a rich cultural heritage that is known for its historical significance.

It also has excellent public schools and a low cost of living. It also houses the UMass Lowell, a varied institution that is important to the city’s economy and sense of culture.

Black families frequently choose Lowell as their home because of the city’s variety and cultural activities, including the yearly Lowell Folk Festival and African Festival.

These activities not only unite community members but also showcase the cultural diversity of Lowell’s Black population. Lowell’s attempts to uphold a community policing strategy that encourages confidence between law enforcement and people also serve as an indication of its dedication to safety.

10. Malden

Malden Massachusetts

Due to its multiculturalism, top-notch educational system, and feeling of community, Malden, which is situated in Middlesex County, is another excellent option for Black families. Due to the welcoming atmosphere it promotes, Malden has grown more appealing for Black families in recent years.

With its dedication to diversity and value, the Malden Public Schools system offers young students a supportive learning environment. Additionally, the city has a low crime rate and remains highly safe, insuring the safety of your family.

A further demonstration of Malden’s dedication to acknowledging and celebrating the history and efforts of its Black population is the city’s annual Juneteenth festival, which honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

9. Salem

Salem in October

Black families like living in Salem because of its dedication to cultural diversity, safety and top-notch education. Salem is a city that appreciates diversity, history, and community. It’s a city that actively promotes racial awareness and inclusiveness while working to recognize and resolve its own historical links to slavery.

Salem Public Schools provide a top-notch education with a broad curriculum focused on future-ready education. With a lower crime rate than the national average, the city is doing a good job of ensuring safety.

Furthermore, neighborhood gatherings like the Black Picnic, which commemorates the abolition of slavery, support Salem’s commitment to preserving the history and contributions of its Black population.

8. Cambridge

driving around Cambridge

Black families who place a high priority on education will find Cambridge, home to MIT and the famous Harvard University, to be an excellent option. The numerous cultural events and institutions in Cambridge reflect the city’s diverse community and dedication to inclusiveness.

The state’s excellent public schools, Cambridge Public Schools, may offer your kids a top-notch education. There are many options for intellectual and cultural pursuits because there are several internationally renowned universities. Cambridge also appeals to families since its crime rate is lower than the national average.

The city’s dedication to cultural inclusion and diversity are two of its most distinctive characteristics. The lively and colorful Cambridge Carnival, which takes place every year, pays homage to African and Caribbean customs and illustrates the ethnic nature of the city.

The strong feeling of community fostered by this and other events makes Cambridge one of the greatest areas for Black families to live in Massachusetts.

7. Somerville

driving in Somerville

Somerville is renowned for its thriving arts scene and cultural variety and is within a short distance from Cambridge and Boston. For Black families who place a high priority on education, it is a fantastic choice because of its highly ranked public schools.

With several occasions like the yearly ArtBeat Festival and PorchFest, which frequently showcase acts and performances from the local Black community, the city is well known for its sense of community. Such programs provide locals a strong feeling of community and give Black families a platform to interact and showcase their culture.

Somerville has a lower crime rate than the national average, which suggests that families may feel safe there. Thus, Somerville is a wonderful choice for Black families searching for an appealing location to live in Massachusetts due to its combination of superb education, lively culture, and safe environment.

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6. Quincy

driving in Quincy

Norfolk County’s Quincy provides a blend of rural and urban living. Excellent public schools and reasonably priced homes are two things the city is noted for. Quincy also boasts a lower crime rate than the national average, making it a safe place for families to live.

Quincy’s wide variety of cultures is one of its best features. Events like the yearly August Moon Festival, which highlights a range of cultures including the Black community, help to appreciate this diversity. Quincy is one of the greatest areas for Black families to reside in Massachusetts as a result of these events and the city’s dedication to safety and education.

5. Amherst

driving in Amherst

Amherst is a small-town feel college town that is home to Amherst College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In addition to the city’s strong dedication to diversity and culture, its public schools are well regarded.

Another appealing aspect of Amherst is its thriving arts and cultural scene. Popular events like the Amherst Jazz Festival, which includes performances by Black artists from the area, are held every year.

The city also holds a number of other cultural events throughout the year, offering chances for civic involvement and diversity celebration.

Amherst’s allure to Black families is heightened by the city’s lower crime rate than the national average. Amherst is undoubtedly one of the greatest areas for Black families to reside in Massachusetts when you take into account the excellent educational options, safety and diverse culture.

4. Newton

driving around Newton

For Black families looking for a suburban lifestyle with easy access to metropolitan facilities, Newton, a city in Middlesex County, is a fantastic choice. Excellent public schools, safe areas, and a strong sense of community are all characteristics of the city.

The Newton Public Schools system is well known for its commitment to offering top-notch instruction. Further proof that Newton is an ideal place to raise a family is its lower than the national average crime rate.

Events that bring people together, like the yearly Newton Festival of the Arts, strengthen community bonds. These festivities frequently include performances and works of art from various cultures, especially the Black community.

Newton is a prominent choice on our list of the best places to live in Massachusetts for Black families to live due to its focus on high-quality education, safety, and community involvement.

3. Lexington

Lexington aerial view

Lexington, which is recognized for its historical significance and top-notch public schools, is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts for Black families. The town stands out as a candidate because of its commitment to provide outstanding education and its safety reputation.

Since Lexington Public Schools frequently rank among Massachusetts’ top-performing schools, it is a desirable area for families that place a high value on education. The crime rate in Lexington is also far lower than the national average, making it a safe place for families.

The annual Multicultural Festival is only one example of how the community celebrates diversity and cultural inclusion. The Black population feels honored in the celebration of the town’s different cultures, which fosters a strong feeling of inclusion. Its dedication to diversity, safety, and education places Lexington among the greatest cities for Black families to reside in Massachusetts.

2. Brookline

Brookline aerial view

The city of Brookline, which combines urban conveniences with rural tranquility, is our runner-up. Because to its top-notch educational system, safe communities, and cultural variety, it’s a fantastic option for Black families.

Offering excellent educational possibilities, Brookline Public Schools are among the best in the state. The town is a safe option for families because its crime rate is lower than the US average.

The city’s dedication to diversity is demonstrated through the town’s numerous event. For example, the annual Coolidge Corner Arts Festival, frequently features artwork from the area’s Black community. These kinds of initiatives aid in fostering a strong feeling of community among locals. Therefore, Brookline is a top choice on our list because of its excellent school system, high level of safety, and vibrant community.

1. Boston

Boston aerial view

Boston, the state’s capital, tops our list of the best places to live in Massachusetts for Black families. It is an excellent choice for Black families since it provides a diverse combination of cultural variety, educational opportunity, and safety.

Numerous prestigious colleges and institutions, like Northeastern University and Boston University are situated in the city. Also, Boston Public Schools are committed to giving every student a high-quality education. While not the lowest on our ranking, Boston actively manages its crime rate through programs designed to provide a secure, community-focused atmosphere.

Numerous occasions, like the yearly Boston Caribbean Carnival and the Juneteenth Emancipation Observance, honor Boston’s rich cultural variety. The Black community may express and celebrate their cultural history through these gatherings. Boston stands out as the ideal city in Massachusetts for Black families to reside due to its mix of high standards of education, dedication to public safety, and solid community ties.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Massachusetts has an array of opportunities for Black families looking for a thriving, secure, and caring place to call home. The state has something to suit all tastes, whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of Boston, the academically focused atmosphere of Cambridge, or the sense of community in smaller communities like Brookline or Lexington.

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