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Top 14 Most Liberal Cities in Massachusetts

Most Liberal Cities in Massachusetts

Each city in a state reflects its cultural and political identity. As one of the first states to come into view on America’s eastern horizon, Massachusetts brings forth an array of cities with their political dispositions.

These 14 most liberal cities in Massachusetts are among the most progressive municipalities; they exemplify an inclusive, diverse, liberal society built on social justice and environmental sustainability.

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14. Pittsfield

With its thriving arts scene and rich history, Pittsfield kick-starts our list. It is located in scenic Berkshire County, which has long been a haven for artists, thinkers, and liberal-minded individuals. With around 42,000 residents, Pittsfield is politically active and inclined towards progressive ideologies. 

In Pittsfield, voters overwhelmingly supported Elizabeth Warren, a renowned progressive senator, in her senate race in 2018. Local businesses and social organizations reflect these progressive ideals, promoting sustainable practices, supporting local produce, and endorsing inclusivity.

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13. Framingham

Just west of Boston, you will find Framingham, a city that has been progressively liberal over the years. It has a diverse community with a size-able population of Brazilian immigrants, contributing to its vibrant multicultural atmosphere. 

Framingham is also the home of Framingham State University, an academic institution that often hosts speakers advocating liberal ideas. The Framingham Democratic Town Committee, an influential organization, advocates for progressive policies and candidates. It actively engages in community events and encourages political participation.

12. Lowell

Once a bustling mill town, it has transitioned into a modern city with a distinctive progressive vibe. Home to UMass Lowell, the city’s youthful and educated populace has steered it towards liberal ideals. 

In recent years, Lowell has hosted numerous events promoting diversity and inclusivity, including the Lowell Folk Festival, which celebrates multicultural music, food, and crafts. Additionally, it has countless social justice-oriented nonprofit organizations like Coalition for a Better Acre.

11. Worcester

As the second most populated city in Massachusetts, Worcester is known as an inclusive and progressive community. The city has maintained its progressive identity, seeing a rise in activity fueled by citizens of Worcester who are increasingly active in local, state, and national politics. 

Worcester functions for numerous student populations from the University of Worcester, Clark University, and the College of Holy Cross. This set of institutions has implanted progressive ideas in varying degrees. Local organizations like Worcester Roots have focused on creating economic and social justice.

10. Northampton

Next, we have Northampton, a city that stands out in the Pioneer Valley with its unique blend of rural charm and urban sophistication. Northampton is the home of the prestigious Smith College and a thriving LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, the city organizes an annual Pride Parade attracting visitors from all over the country.

9. Brookline

Despite its proximity to Boston, Brookline has a distinct political identity. This city is famous for being environmentally friendly and smartly reforming its Climate Action Plan. Brookline’s citizenry actively participates in town meetings, advocating for progressive causes like affordable housing and school reforms.

8. Arlington

Arlington, just northwest of Boston, showcases its liberal leanings through its active citizen involvement in political affairs. The Arlington Democratic Town Committee is notably involved in the community, promoting progressive candidates and issues. Arlington also prides itself on its eco-conscious approach, with numerous green initiatives in place.

7. Newton

Besides the prestige of its numerous and good public schools, Newton, known as the capital of liberal thought. Many people there are very well-read and educated professionals who lean toward liberalism; they easily support a progressive candidate or cause. Additionally, these initiatives demonstrate their dedication to environmental care.

6. Medford

Medford is a small city just north of Boston. It has an important Revolutionary and Civil War history wherein it has an economic base and a former industrial center. Many local businesses promote social justice causes and enhance those causes through sustainable practices, which makes Medford one of the most liberal cities in Massachusetts.

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5. Amherst

Home to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, this town is a melting pot of different cultures and political views. However, liberal ideals prevail here, influenced by a student population active in social justice causes and environmental activism.

The city’s action toward drawing sustainability from its Master Plan by considering smart growth and environmental stewardship were firmly shown. For these reasons, Amherst is one of the most blue cities in Massachusetts.

4. Lexington

Historically significant as the starting point of the American Revolution, Lexington today stands as a beacon of progressive thought. The town has shown strong support for liberal candidates and issues. Lexington is home to numerous organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability and social justice, underlining its commitment to progressive values.

3. Somerville

Somerville, another city with a youthful and diverse demographic, ranks third on our list. Known for its hip urban culture and vibrant arts scene, Somerville embodies progressive ideals. The city has a proactive approach to social justice, illustrated by initiatives like the “Welcoming City” ordinance that supports immigrant communities.

2. Cambridge

Cambridge, home to Harvard University and MIT, naturally aligns with progressive values. This global academic hub boasts a community committed to social justice, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship. The city council passed a policy order to enable the withdrawal of shares from such companies, proving in favor of combating climate change.

1. Boston – Most liberal city in Massachusetts

Finally, at number one, we have Boston, the state capital and the heart of Massachusetts. Known for its intellectual, cultural, and political dynamism, Boston embodies liberal principles in its governance, lifestyle, and community engagement. Its commitment to progressive causes is evident in its Climate Action Plan, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050, and its robust support for equal rights and social justice causes.

As a beacon of liberal thought, Boston is a true testament to the progressive spirit of Massachusetts.

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