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Top 12 Most Conservative Cities in New York in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in New York

As a metropolis widely known for its bustling city life, beautiful landscapes, and historical landmarks, New York State is far from being a monolithic political entity. While the state as a whole might be interpreted as leaning left, it cleverly contains conservative, liberal, and moderate areas alike. 

In this article, we will explore the 12 most conservative cities in New York, beginning with number twelve and working our way up to the city that is most conservative. We will find out what makes these cities politically right-leaning and discuss each of their uniqueness as well as give an impression of the communities which exist there.

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12. Batavia

Located in Genesee County, Batavia, with a population of roughly 15,000, is referred to as a conservative community that has close ties within its neighborhood and overall populace. A substantial number of residents here are the fruits of town settlement by early settlers – a figure typically laden with viewpoint conservatism.

People here hold strong to the principles of limited government, lower taxes, and the Second Amendment. Community events and the hustle and bustle of Main Street are present at almost every community venue, demonstrating how much people value small-time businesses and individual entrepreneurship.

11. Hornell

Located in Southern New York State, Hornell is another conservative-leaning city. About 8,000 people live in the city of Hornell.

The conservative inclination prevalent in this area is rooted in a profound commitment to traditional American values and a preference for limited government intervention. Local residents firmly believe that this approach nurtures a sense of community strength and resilience.

The community’s patriotism, which is a core aspect of conservative values, is evident through events like the annual Veterans Day Parade and the unwavering support extended to local veterans. These expressions of appreciation reflect the community’s deep reverence for those who have served their country.

10. Watertown

We reach Watertown when we head north. The population is around 25,000, with history and conservative values that are centuries old.

Situated close to the Fort Drum military base, Watertown has a very strong military presence. This fact tends to encourage a conservative political attitude in general among its residents. The key elements of the city’s conservative nature are respect for military service, love for the country, and appreciation for personal freedoms and liberty. This is why Watertown is one of the most conservative cities in New York.

9. Auburn

Auburn, located in Cayuga County, is a city of approximately 26,000 residents that proudly embraces its conservative values. With a historical legacy rooted in being an active hub of abolitionist activity and a participant in the Underground Railroad, Auburn holds a steadfast commitment to individual rights and liberty.

In the present day, this conservative city continues to prioritize principles such as self-reliance, fiscal responsibility, and a preference for limited government intervention. These core values shape the community’s collective mindset and contribute to Auburn’s distinct identity.

8. Lockport

Moving on to our next destination, we have Lockport, a charming city situated in Niagara County.

Boasting a population of around 20,000 residents, Lockport takes great pride in its illustrious history, particularly its significant contributions to the Erie Canal and the Industrial Revolution. These pivotal periods in American history often evoke a sense of nostalgia among conservatives who appreciate the city’s rich heritage.

In Lockport, the conservative community values the principles of limited government intervention, lower taxes, and the preservation of personal liberties. These core beliefs shape the city’s ethos and contribute to its unique character.

7. Rome

In 7th place on the list of the 12 most conservative cities in New York is Rome (no, not that one). Nestled in Oneida County and encompassing a population of approximately 32,000 residents, finds its character shaped by the influential presence of Griffiss Air Force Base. 

This esteemed military institution contributes significantly to the city’s conservative inclinations. Alongside its military roots, Rome upholds a deep-rooted commitment to traditional values and a steadfast focus on individual liberty, further strengthening its conservative identity.

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6. Tonawanda

Tonawanda, situated in Erie County, thrives with a conservative population that holds great reverence for its rich history and cherished traditions. With a population of around 15,000, this city’s proximity to the magnificent Niagara Falls adds to its allure. 

Tonawanda’s industrial heritage instills a deep appreciation for hard work and individualism, which are fundamental conservative values that resonate within the community.

5. Binghamton

Binghamton, with about 45,000 citizens, is another conservative hometown. Situated in the Southern Tier across both New York and Pennsylvania borders, this city is an economic hub, hosting several large business corporations. In Binghamton, individualism, entrepreneurship, and economic growth are held high.

The ties in this community are very strong, and local small businesses dominate again because the conservatism of this town relies on self-reliance and economic freedom.

4. Jamestown

Jamestown is located in Chautauqua County, with approximately 30,000 residents in the city itself. This conservative city is built largely on a blue-collar, working-class background occupied by mostly males. Hard work, personal responsibility, and a hands-off approach to government are highly regarded here.

Moreover, the National Comedy Center honoring one of America’s most iconic conservative comedians, Lucille Ball underscores a disparity between conservative and liberal respect for tradition.

3. Utica

Utica, located within Oneida County in New York State, exceeds 60,000 persons and lands at number three on this list. The residents of Utica all believe that conservative views and ideas should be held squarely by the electorate: a self-sufficient economy, limited government, and lower taxes are key tenets of this belief system.

Its history as a transportation hub and current status as a home to different industries gives rise to a culture in that hard work and entrepreneurship are virtues.

2. Olean

Olean is the second most conservative town in New York, and it lies along the Southern Tier. A city with about 14,000 inhabitants, Olean chooses to value tradition and have a self-sufficient mindset.

St. Bonaventure University, a Franciscan school sets in Olean, also contributes to the city’s conservative bent. In Olean, you’ll find a lot of people who believe strongly in individual rights and, of equal importance, the right to self-determination.

1. Elmira

Lastly, we come to our top choice as the most conservative city in New York is Elmira. Located in the scenic Chemung County, the city boasts a population of around 28,000 residents. Elmira stands as a proud epitome of conservatism within the state of New York.

The conservative values ingrained within the community run deep, shaping the very fabric of its collective consciousness. Elmira’s conservative character finds its roots in the city’s rich historical heritage as a prominent railway hub, symbolizing a longstanding tradition of hard work and industriousness. 

Furthermore, Elmira’s unwavering support for law enforcement personnel and military veterans serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to conservative principles. These factors solidify Elmira’s reputation as a resilient conservative stronghold that embraces its traditions and values.

Final Thoughts

Spanning from Batavia to Elmira, these 12 cities stand as the most conservative in New York. They serve as a testament to the state’s diversity, proving that New York’s identity is not solely encapsulated by the more liberal-leaning New York City. Each city possesses its own distinct traits and firmly held values, collectively contributing to the vibrant political tapestry that defines New York State.

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