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16 Most Conservative Cities in the USA in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in the USA

The political landscape in the US is incredibly diverse, with opinions and ideas differing greatly from region to region. While other cities tend to support republican party or conservative ideals, some have a strong liberal leaning.

This list of the 16 most conservative cities in the USA can be helpful whether you’re a conservative looking for like-minded neighbors or if you just want to learn about the political landscape of various areas.

We’ll look into what makes each city unique, why it tends toward conservatism, and how that influences both daily life and public policy.

16. Provo, Utah

Provo is a prominent name on the list of the most conservative cities in the USA, and is home to Brigham Young University.

It is also known as the religious center of Utah. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a significant impact on a number of aspects of regional politics and culture. The social fabric of Provo is permeated by conservative ideals such as limited government involvement, traditional morality and family values.

The city’s ongoing attempts to offer top-notch, kid-friendly activities and facilities demonstrate its commitment to upholding a strong feeling of community.

15. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This city, which serves as the state capital of Oklahoma, demonstrates a strong fusion of metropolitan sophistication with classic southern charm. A flourishing economy is supported by the natural gas, oil and cattle industries here.

Political representation and conservative economic policies in Oklahoma City reflect the city’s conservative political leanings.

It is a stronghold of conservatism in the Sooner State due to its concentration on deregulation and business-friendly policies together with a profound reverence for cultural and patriotic traditions. 

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14. Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock, which is located in West Texas, is the area’s center for business, healthcare and education. Religious traditions, strong agricultural links and traditional southern culture are all signs of Lubbock’s conservative background.

An important point is that Lubbock County continually receives one of the largest percentages of Republican votes in Texas, which speaks much about the county’s political leanings among voters. The city’s emphasis on fostering community relationships, financial discipline, and conservative government is valued by the locals.

13. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, which sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and conservative voters. The city has a major military presence, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, which contributes to its conservatism even though it claims to be environmentally conscious.

Conservative candidates have routinely won Colorado Springs’ local and statewide elections. Several evangelical Christian organizations have their headquarters in the area, further solidifying its reputation as a conservative stronghold.

12. Nampa, Idaho

Nampa is based in Canyon County which is an strongly conservative county in the US. Over 68% of citizens in the county voted for the Republican party candidate in the last election.

Nampa is the largest city in this county, and projects its’ conservative ideals to its’ citizens. The strong religious community in the city is one of the reasons why it’s so conservative.

Nampa is based in Idaho, which is one of the most conservative states in the US. The Republican party received more than double the financial contribution the Democratic party received between 2018-2021.

11. Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, which is part of the Phoenix metro region in Arizona, is notable for its conservatism. The city’s government has always tilted to the right, reflecting the region’s intense support for the free market and dedication of residents to maintaining law and order.

Particularly, Mesa is home to a sizable Latter-day Saint community, whose conservative ideologies have a big influence on local politics and culture. This effect is seen in the educational, community development and taxation policies.

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10. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, which is located on Florida’s northeastern coast, is renowned for its strong military presence and dedication to business expansion. Here, conservative economic and political ideology and fiscal principles with a focus on low taxes and little government interference in industry are prevalent.

Such points of view are typically reflected in the political climate of the city, where conservative politicians commonly hold influential positions. Jacksonville is a conservative sanctuary because of its unique fusion of southern charm, economic conservatism and military respect.

For these reasons, Jacksonville is one of the most conservative cities in the USA.

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9. Fort Worth, Texas

Texas’ conservative center is represented by Fort Worth, a community that passionately celebrates its cowboy history. Conservatism is deeply rooted in the city’s identity and has origins in the ranching, oil and cowboy heritage.

The city’s political climate has a strong rightward leaning, reflecting the conservatism of many locals. This place supports a low-tax, pro-business climate where traditional values are highly valued. For the most liberal cities in Texas, read our article here

8. Omaha, Nebraska

The largest city in Nebraska is Omaha, which is a regional center recognized for its robust economic and agricultural sectors. The city’s financial discipline, dedication to law and order, and respect for traditional family values are indications of its conservative leanings.

In Omaha, a Midwest bastion of conservatism, conservative candidates and political parties are frequently elected to positions of power, and conservative values are frequently reflected in local legislation. This is why Omaha is high up on the list of the most conservative cities in the USA.

7. Casper, Wyoming

Casper is a small city located in Wyoming, which is the most conservative state in the US. The state has low taxes, including no state income tax, which is why it is loved by people with conservative beliefs.

Statistics from the Federal Election Commission show that almost $1 million was contributed to the Republican Party in recent years, which is over 3 times the amount that was donated to the Democratic party in the same time-frame.

6. Anchorage, Alaska

The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage, is renowned for its resilient, independent nature, reflecting Alaska’s pioneer spirit. Its conservative inclinations are supported by an extensive oil sector, a love for outdoor activities, a significant military presence, and gun rights.

The city’s low taxes, minimal government involvement, and strong defense of individual freedoms are all signs of its conservatism.

5. Alabaster, Alabama

Alabaster is one of the big cities in Alabama that has consistently voted Republican in past presidential elections. It is a highly religious place, with a high percentage of citizens being Christians, which is one of the main reasons for the conservative stronghold.

Alabaster is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, and also has low tax rates compared to other places in the US.

So if you’re highly conservative, you should definitely consider moving to Alabaster, because it sounds like one of the best cities in Alabama.

4. Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, which is renowned as “The Air Capital of the World” for producing airplanes, supports conservative principles. Right-leaning policies are frequently promoted by local officials,, who also advocate for traditional family values, business-friendly settings, and financial responsibility.

Wichita, Kansas’ largest city, is a major conservative impact on the state’s overall political climate.

3. The Woodlands, TX

This is a highly affluent census-designated place in Texas. A large majority of the area is located in Montgomery County, with other segments part of Harris County. Montgomery County is considered extremely conservative, which aligns with The Woodlands principles.

Oil and gas industries play a huge part in the economic growth of The Woodlands. With Conservative ideals supporting these industries, the citizens that live in this area don’t really have a choice but to vote Republican.

As a lot of people move to the area to work in oil and gas, the unemployment rate is low in The Woodlands. Therefore, there are less people looking to vote for a party which supports people living on welfare.

2. Montgomery, Alabama

Just missing out as the most conservative city in the USA is Montgomery. It is the state capital of Alabama, and has a lengthy history based on southern culture. The city still leans to the right politically, reflecting the state of Alabama as a whole.

The political and social environment is characterized by fiscal conservatism, a focus on law and order, and adherence to traditional southern values. These ideas are regularly repeated by Montgomery’s political leaders, who emphasize small government involvement and free-market economy.

1. Boise, Idaho – Most Conservative City in the USA!

The capital of Idaho, Boise, rounds off our list with its untamed western independence and support for traditional values. The population of the city support low taxes, restricted government, and individual liberty, making the city a conservative bastion.

Boise’s strong outdoor culture and pro-business atmosphere help to further solidify its reputation as a conservative city. Boise is the most conservative city in America, and the perfect place to relocate to if you share conservative views.


Finally, these 16 areas show how conservatism may take many various forms, reflecting the diversity of American economy, culture and history. Each city contributes its own distinctive personality to the conservative environment, despite the fact that they all share fundamental ideas like limited government involvement, fiscal restraint, and traditional values.

These areas provide an insight into the country’s conservative heartland, whether you’re looking for a location that shares your values or trying to understand America’s political spectrum.

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