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The 14 Most Conservative Cities in New Jersey in 2024

Most Conservative Cities in New Jersey

In the vibrant tapestry that is New Jersey, known for its bustling cities, breathtaking shorelines, and deep historical roots, the state unfolds a rich spectrum of political beliefs. My journey through real estate in this diverse state has given me a unique vantage point, revealing that within its borders, each town weaves its own political narrative.

As a real estate agent, I’ve had the privilege of exploring these communities firsthand, understanding that while New Jersey’s heart beats with a liberal rhythm, pockets of conservatism pulse strongly throughout. So, for those contemplating a new home, considering an investment in the real estate market, or simply curious about the political landscape, recognizing these conservative strongholds is key.

Come along with me as I take you on a tour of the fourteen cities in the state of New Jersey that are considered to be the most conservatively gem-filled.

14. Manville

Tucked away in Somerset County, Manville is a hidden gem that resonates with the conservative values deeply ingrained in my real estate journeys across New Jersey. As someone who’s navigated the diverse communities of our state, I’ve found Manville’s understated charm to be a beacon of conservative spirit, distinguishing it from the more widely recognized locales in New Jersey.

This conservative small town, with its majority of hardworking, middle-class families, has always appealed to me[1]. These people have painted the town as conservative by supporting conservative state and federal candidates.

For instance, the city demonstrated strong support for the Republican nominee in the 2020 presidential election, helping to build the community’s reputation as a conservative stronghold[2]. However, there are more conservative cities in New Jersey. Read on to find out what other places make the list of the most conservative cities in New Jersey.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 39.3 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 14.3% (fewer seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.4% (on par with the national average rate)[7]

13. Hammonton

In my travels across New Jersey, Hammonton holds a special place, not just for its proud title as the “Blueberry Capital of the World,” but for the unique blend of rural charm and agricultural legacy that defines it[3]. Nestled in Atlantic County, Hammonton’s landscape and heritage are pivotal in molding its conservative perspective.

In this city, hardworking farmers, dedicated business owners, and close-knit families stand united in their support of conservative values. They advocate for policies that prioritize fiscal responsibility and minimal government interference, principles they believe are essential for nurturing their businesses and preserving their way of life.

Hammonton’s political identity is notably conservative, a characteristic that stands out within Atlantic County, a region that generally leans more Democratic, according to recent election results and demographic analyses[4]. The blueberry industry, in particular, as well as the town’s economic foundation and social fabric, have a strong influence on the town’s conservative leanings.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 41.4 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 18.7% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[8]

12. Little Egg Harbor

Next up is Little Egg Harbor in Ocean County, notable not only for its stunning marinas and lively recreational areas but also for its pronounced conservative orientation. This seaside jewel serves as a sanctuary for locals and tourists alike, consistently demonstrating a preference for Republican principles in its voting behavior. Recent data from the 2020 presidential elections confirms its continued support for the Republican party[5].

In my interactions with the community, whether while showcasing homes or attending local events, the sense of pride in their conservative stance is palpable. Conservative values strongly influence every aspect of its development, from municipal decisions to state and federal elections.

The unique blend of coastal beauty and conservative values adds a fascinating layer to Little Egg Harbor’s appeal, reflecting a community that cherishes both its natural heritage and its political convictions.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 50.2 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 28.8% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[9]

11. Franklin

Franklin, nestled within Somerset County, caught my attention not just for its historical mining heritage but also for the vibrant local activities that define its community spirit.

The town’s conservative values shine through, particularly in its support for small businesses, property rights, individual freedoms, and the preservation of farmlands[6]For instance, individuals with conservative policies frequently receive significant support during municipal council elections, reinforcing Franklin’s position on this list.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 41.7 (older than the national average)
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 18.9% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[10]

10. Stafford Township

Stafford Township, another community in Ocean County, is renowned for its beach appeal and conservative leanings. Residents of Stafford Township have regularly voted for conservative politicians in local, state, and federal elections, much like their neighboring city of Little Egg Harbor[5].

The city’s policy of conservative alignment is underscored by the recent political shift where the Ocean County Republican Party recognized the Stafford Conservative Republican Club over the traditional Stafford Township Regular Republican Club[21]. This move, favoring a group associated with newly elected conservative officials, highlights a broader trend of prioritizing conservative values in local governance, including lower taxes and minimal government intervention.

Such changes reflect the community’s preference for conservative policies and representatives, emphasizing a commitment to maintaining and promoting conservative principles at the municipal level.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 45.7 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 22.1% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[11]

9. Lacey Township

Lacey Township’s conservative leanings are vividly reflected in its overwhelming support for Donald Trump, signaling a broader alignment with conservative values[22]. This preference is rooted in the township’s demographic makeup, characterized by an older median age and a significant senior population, coupled with economic diversity and challenges, such as those arising from Hurricane Sandy.

The community’s conservatism is also underscored by a lower rate of same-sex relationships compared to national averages, further illustrating its traditional values.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 44.9 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 20.4% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.2% (lower than the national average rate)[12]

8. Wantage

Wantage, a town in Sussex County, takes pride in its conservative viewpoints and agricultural history. Residents of Wantage Township, which is predominately made up of farmers and small business owners, frequently back conservative views that promote less regulation and financial restraint.

Sussex County’s Farmland Preservation Program, which plays a significant role in the area’s economy and quality of life, underscores the township’s agricultural heritage. The program’s focus on preserving farmland and supporting commercial farmers reflects the community’s agricultural roots and commitment to maintaining this way of life[23].

Also, the voting trends in municipal and federal elections make this tendency quite obvious[24]. This consistent alignment with conservative candidates and principles underscores the community’s deep-rooted values, reinforcing its commitment to maintaining its agricultural heritage and conservative ethos.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 45.7 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 19.3% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.2% (lower than the national average rate)[13]

7. Jefferson Township

Jefferson Township, another city with a sizable conservative population, is located in Morris County. Conservative views that place a strong emphasis on economic discipline, limited government, and individual liberty are preferred by its population, many of whom are professionals and retirees.

Local government and election results mirror their political views, with almost all of the running candidates being mostly Republican[25]. In fact, the current mayor of this city, Eric Wilsusen, is a Republican[26]. This political landscape underscores the community’s commitment to conservative principles.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 45.1 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 16.5% (less seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[14]
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6. Berkeley Township

Ocean County’s Berkeley Township, a seaside community, is renowned for beautiful beaches, charming residences, and a decidedly conservative mindset. The demographic data of this city indicates a community with an older median age and socioeconomic factors that traditionally align with conservative preferences[15]

The significant financial support for the Republican Party and conservative campaigns in Berkeley Township, approximately $200,000 over the last four years, underscores the community’s strong conservative inclination[27]. This level of political engagement and financial backing further highlights the township’s commitment to conservative principles and candidates, reflecting its conservative mindset.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 60.4 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 40.9% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[15]

5. Jackson Township

Jackson Township, which is also in Ocean County, is well known for having residents who lean conservative. The city, which is famous for its calm suburban homes and amusement parks, frequently backs conservative candidates and ideologies that promote small companies and private liberty[28].

The historical overview of Jackson Township has evolved over time from small villages to a more suburban environment, which could align with preferences for community-based values and conservative ideologies. This evolution reflects a balance between growth and preserving the community’s character, which can resonate with conservative principles. 

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 40.8 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 18.8% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.2% (lower than the national average rate)[16]

4. Manchester Township

Manchester Township’s position on this list is reinforced by its well-known retirement communities, which often support conservative values. The township enhances this demographic’s influence through its dedicated Manchester Senior Services Department, aimed at delivering tailored services to its elderly population[29]. This specialized focus not only meets the specific needs of senior residents but also reflects the township’s broader conservative leanings.

Also, the government has a strong commitment to its community through a variety of departments and initiatives that cater to the needs of its residents, reflecting a conservative approach to governance and community engagement. It offers a wide range of services through its departments, not only senior services but also public works, planning, and zoning that aim to maintain a high quality of life for its residents[30]​​.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 65.3 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 50.7% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[17]

3. Wall Township

Wall Township in Monmouth County is characterized by its historical landmarks, picturesque landscapes, and a community that leans towards conservative values. The presence of the Monmouth County Republican Committee helps highlight the county’s fertile farmlands and beautiful Jersey Shore, including the Wall Township[31]

The establishment of boards and committees in Wall Township, such as those focused on planning and zoning, indicates a preference for structured and responsible development, reflecting conservative values towards growth and land use. Additionally, the focus on substance abuse prevention and senior citizen advisory suggests a commitment to traditional community welfare and support systems[32].

These aspects highlight a balanced approach to governance, emphasizing safety, community health, and orderly development, which can be aligned with conservative principles of community management.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 48.3 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 23.2% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[18]

2. Roxbury Township

Morris County’s Roxbury Township is a large bastion of conservatism. Families and professionals make up its population, which often supports conservative ideas, especially those that emphasize financial prudence and little government involvement. Many families and professionals call this township home, appreciating the highly rated public schools and a community that tends to support conservative ideals[33]​.

During my visit to Roxbury Township, I noticed a palpable sense of community and shared values. The local emphasis on fiscal responsibility and minimal governmental oversight was evident in the efficient public services and well-maintained public spaces. Conversations with residents revealed a deep appreciation for the township’s approach to education and local governance, highlighting a collective prioritization of conservative principles.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 44.1 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 17.8% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.2% (lower than the national average rate)[19]

1. Toms River

The most conservative city in New Jersey is Toms River, which tops our ranking and is located in Ocean County. Its voting patterns, the demographic make-up of its population, and the active participation of neighborhood Republican organizations all support its political identity[35]

The demographic composition of Toms River, with a higher median age and a substantial percentage of residents holding bachelor’s degrees or higher, contributes to this conservative trend[34]. Despite the educational background, which can often correlate with liberal voting patterns in other regions, Toms River maintains its conservative stance, with older generations and the majority of the population favoring Republican candidates​.

Key Statistics

  • Median Age – 43.3 (older than the national average) 
  • Population Aged 65 or over – 20.6% (more seniors than the national average)
  • Same sex relationship status – 0.3% (lower than the national average rate)[20]

Final Thoughts on the Most Conservative Cities in New Jersey

In conclusion, despite the fact that New Jersey’s political environment is diverse, these 14 cities stand out for having conservative political leanings. Each city in the Garden State offers a distinct viewpoint on conservatism, whether it is because of its demographic make-up, historical trends, or economic activity.

It’s important to keep in mind that a city’s political orientation may have a significant impact on its policies, culture, and community values when considering a relocation or investment.

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