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The 14 Most Liberal Cities in New Jersey

Most Liberal Cities in New Jersey

New Jersey stands as a testament to its diverse population, a harmonious melting pot of cultures and perspectives. In terms of political orientation, the Garden State boasts a balanced mix of both conservative and liberal cities.

This article presents an analysis of the 14 most liberal cities in New Jersey. Whether you are curious about the political climate or thinking about moving to a city that embraces progressive ideas, we have outlined all the information for you here.

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14. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the fourth largest city of New Jersey, with a diverse blend of cultures and economies leaning towards the liberal end of the political spectrum. This aspect can be observed in the standing of the people collectively regarding several social and political issues, for instance, universal healthcare support, labor union views and the rights of LGBTQ+. This is why Elizabeth is one of the most liberal cities in New Jersey!

Additionally, the city is recognized for its education system that leans towards a liberal perspective, actively promoting comprehensive sex education and fostering a celebration of diverse cultures and histories. Notably, Elizabeth takes pride in hosting the Union County Pride events, showcasing a strong dedication to inclusivity and acceptance, which are fundamental pillars of a progressive and forward-thinking community.

13. New Brunswick

The next state on our list of the most liberal cities in New Jersey is New Brunswick. Home to University of Rutgers, it’s one of the leading public research universities in America. The city’s student population alone sees these ideologies thrive and propagate. Universities themselves inherently foster progressive thought, and Rutgers exemplifies this throughout its vast array of programs and initiatives working towards social justice and inclusivity.

Within the community, vibrant college Democrats, LGBTQ+ student organizations, and a multitude of environmental advocacy groups actively engage in ongoing discussions about progress and change. These conversations contribute to a dynamic and ever-evolving political landscape in the city. Moreover, the liberal leanings of the academic faculty also exert a significant influence on the local political discourse, shaping the perspectives of many within the community.

12. Bloomfield

Bloomfield, located in Essex County, has been swinging liberalism over the last few years. As a suburb of Newark, this city is renowned for its robust arts and culture scene, often a sign that a community leans liberal. The city’s government actively prioritizes green initiatives, community policing, and the promotion of affordable housing, exemplifying a progressive ethos that drives their decision-making.

Bloomfield’s dedication to sustainability shines through its implementation of green technology in public transportation, including the use of hybrid buses. Moreover, the city’s vibrant cultural diversity and the array of annual multicultural festivals demonstrate a welcoming and open-minded community that embraces people from all backgrounds.

11. Hackensack

Moving to the north, Bergen County’s Hackensack is another liberal-minded city that epitomizes progress in New Jersey. The most notable contributions were an appeal for public education and improvements in affordable housing living spaces as well as being environmentally friendly about their business practices and development. 

For instance, the partnerships maintained between the schools within the region by providing comprehensive support to students from any background through initiatives undertaken by numerous NGOs and institutions. This makes Hackensack one of the most blue cities in New Jersey.

Hackensack is also proud to host Riverkeeper, an esteemed organization that tirelessly works towards safeguarding the Hudson River. This notable presence reflects the city’s unwavering dedication to environmental conservation, a cause that holds great significance for many individuals with liberal leanings.

10. East Orange

East Orange is one of the most Democrat-rich towns in New Jersey. Founded as a unique mixed race-class setting, this place upholds diversity as an ideology with focus on low costs for housing and good education, coupled with justice for all.

East Orange is committed to fostering educational opportunities for disadvantaged youth, evident through multiple initiatives. The city is also actively working on several affordable housing projects, highlighting its dedication to creating a more inclusive society. Moreover, East Orange boasts numerous organizations that are passionately dedicated to social justice, further emphasizing its commitment to building a fair and equitable community.

9. Plainfield

Nestled in the heart of Union County, Plainfield, affectionately known as ‘The Queen City,’ stands as a vibrant urban center renowned for its rich diversity and a legacy of progressive political thought.

City residents, elected officials and community leaders band together to support liberal causes of education reform, affordable housing and racial equality, as well as sustainability. The Queen City embraces its LGBTQ+ community each year at Pride’s celebration – a weekly ritual proclaiming diversity, inclusiveness and acceptance.

Furthermore, the city’s commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030 exemplifies its dedication to addressing environmental issues, a significant priority for many individuals with liberal perspectives.

8. Hoboken

Hoboken is a city located on the Hudson Waterfront. Young professionals there lean toward liberal ideologies. Home to Stevens Institute of Technology, the youth in Hoboken benefit from an educated population and they learn about progressive issues such as climate change, social justice, and the LGBT+ rights movement.

The public transportation system and walkability in which people do not rely on private vehicles is a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainability. Also, Hoboken’s active arts scene, progressive city ordinances, and thriving LGBTQ+ community of the city underscore their liberal character.

7. West Orange

The city of West Orange is situated in the mountain ridges of Essex County is a lively city that is embraced by a liberal-leaning community. The city’s focus on affordable housing and quality public education serves as a clear indication of its progressive values.

West Orange’s commitment to social inclusion and attempts at nurturing an inclusive community can be seen in the establishment of the West Orange Human Relations Commission that is supposed to foster understanding and acceptance among residents. Furthermore, West Orange harbors different environmental projects, thus indicating that liberal policies and sustainability is a priority.

6. Montclair

The city of Montclair is best known for being the hometown of Montclair State University. It is a liberal town that proudly embraces its progressive views on public education, support of LGBTQ+ rights and environmental sustainability. Its people are open-minded resulting in a thriving arts and culture here.

There are a lot of social justice, equality operations in Montclair. Numerous people go to the annual parade among LGBTQ+ population.

5. Jersey City

Being the second largest city in New Jersey, Jersey City is a multicultural hub where many different cultures are found intertwined with one another to form its liberal orientation. Year after year, Jersey City hosts its Pride Festival that comprises the LGBTQ+ community which is the largest in  Northern New Jersey.

The progressive nature of the city is further indicated by its commitment to affordable housing, strong public transportation system and a recycling program which provides ample opportunities for people to do their part towards environmental progress.

4. Princeton

Princeton University in New Jersey is located in a city steeped in intellectualism and progressive ideologies. The contribution of the university community here contributes substantially to the liberal mindset of the city.

From promoting diversity and racial justice to endorsing the implementation of environmental measures, Princeton is a city embodying liberal values.The Princeton Community Democratic Organization plays a prominent role in the city’s political landscape, highlighting its progressive inclinations.

Princeton is also one of the best places to live for young professionals.

3. Newark

As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark stands as a hub of liberal ideology.. Having several higher learning institutions like Rutgers University–Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, it makes room for liberal ideals even more.

Newark has led liberalism on issues like criminal justice reform and affordable housing. It has also laid a solid foundation for LGBTQ+ rights/laws and protections making Newark an increasingly liberal place when it comes to social justice concerns.

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2. Asbury Park

Asbury Park, situated in the center of New Jersey on the coast, has been considered a bastion of liberal ideology. The town is well known for hosting the largest Pride events and an empowered LGBT+ population, making it one of the most liberal cities in New Jersey.

Asbury Park’s government is focused on sustainable initiatives, affordable housing and social justice.

1. Maplewood

Lastly, claiming the top spot on our list is Maplewood, a city that wholeheartedly embraces liberal values. Maplewood shines as the most liberal city in New Jersey, celebrated for its diverse population, inclusive policies, and progressive school district.

The city hosts a North Jersey Pride Festival every year in recognition of its support for the LGBTQ+ community. Its city council comprises Democrats who often push progressive policies concerning environmental sustainability, affordable housing, and social justice. It is no wonder that Maplewood tops the list of most liberal cities in the Garden State.

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