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10 Richest Black Communities in Georgia

Richest Black Communities in Georgia

In the heart of the South, Georgia combines luxurious living with strong community bonds and a rich cultural heritage. Beyond the landscapes of Atlanta and the historic allure of Augusta, Georgia is home to some of the nation’s most affluent African-American communities. 

In this exploration, we journey through Georgia’s top 10 wealthiest Black neighborhoods. Each one is a testament to the multifaceted nature of Black success, where economic prosperity meets historical significance, and cultural richness blends seamlessly with a sense of belonging. 

Join us as we uncover the unique stories and characteristics that make these areas more than just affluent communities – they are vibrant, thriving testaments to the enduring spirit and resilience of their residents.

10. Gainesville, Atlanta

Gainesville, a hidden gem within Georgia’s landscape of prosperity, presents a harmonious blend of suburban peace and economic vitality. In this Atlanta neighborhood, large, stately homes exude an air of relaxed affluence, while well-kept lawns tell stories of community pride.

In Gainesville, the residential canvas is painted with homes that boast diverse architectural designs, each telling its own story of elegance and comfort. These well-kept gardens and green spaces reflect the community’s commitment to beauty and quality of life. 

These details make Gainesville a popular destination for families and professionals seeking tranquility and access to Atlanta’s city life. Beyond its beauty, Gainesville’s lifestyle captivates residents. It is ideal for those seeking a peaceful getaway near Atlanta’s urban amenities. 

Gainesville combines the prosperity and opportunities of Atlanta with the charm of suburban living, with family-friendly amenities, top-tier educational institutions, and recreational opportunities. It proudly displays affluent living, where serenity and success coexist.

9. Lawrenceville, Atlanta

Lawrenceville is where history and contemporary luxury converge in a symphony of style and community. It is characterized by its large, elegant homes, undulating landscapes, and streets lined with mature trees, and stands as a beacon of inclusive and evolving luxury.

Here, the residences speak of architectural diversity, mirroring the neighborhood’s dynamic spirit. From stately traditional designs to sleek modern aesthetics, each home caters to a variety of tastes. The rolling hills and lush greenery that surround these homes offer scenic beauty and a peaceful, nature-connected lifestyle. 

Lawrenceville boasts numerous parks, such as Alexander Park and Rhodes Jordan Park, offering ample green spaces, sports facilities, and trails for outdoor activities. These areas are ideal for family outings and community gatherings.

Families are drawn to this neighborhood for its proximity to some of the city’s top educational institutions. Gwinnett County Public Schools, serving Lawrenceville, are well-regarded for their educational programs.

Local events and initiatives foster inclusivity and mutual support, reinforcing Lawrenceville’s close-knit community. Its blend of peaceful suburban living and convenient access to the urban offerings of Atlanta makes it an exceptional place to call home.

8. Marietta, Atlanta

In the vibrant tapestry of Georgia’s affluent neighborhoods, Marietta emerges as a jewel. It offers an exclusive blend of opulent living and a strong sense of community welfare, reminiscent of Gainesville’s serene prosperity and Lawrenceville’s historic elegance.

Marietta stands out with its luxurious residences. These homes in Marietta, with their lavish amenities such as gourmet kitchens and private pools, are a testament to the neighborhood’s dedication to comfort and excellence. 

The educational opportunities in Marietta reflect Lawrenceville’s commitment to academic excellence and growth. Families are drawn to Marietta for its top-tier schools, paralleling the educational emphasis of its neighboring communities.

Moreover, the vibrant social fabric of Marietta, characterized by numerous cultural and social gatherings attended by locals in venues like the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre, builds a tight-knit community spirit. 

Similar to Gainesville and Lawrenceville, Marietta is a community where upscale living, education, and a vibrant social life coexist. This neighborhood exemplifies Georgia’s wealthiest Black communities’ healthy mix of luxury and community.

7. Duluth, Atlanta

Duluth encapsulates the essence of suburban prosperity combined with the genuine warmth of a close-knit community. This neighborhood, like others in Georgia’s rich tapestry, boasts a unique charm and a distinctive spirit. reports an $88,915 median household income in Duluth. The large homes here reflect its residents’ financial well-being and preference for comfort. Also, the residential landscape reflects the desire for luxury.

While maintaining its own style, Duluth’s architecture complements Lawrenceville and Gainesville’s diverse styles, offering a wide range of modern and traditional designs. This fusion of architecture makes the neighborhood popular with families and professionals.

What truly sets Duluth apart is its tight-knit community spirit. Shared values and a collective mission contribute to a strong sense of unity. Several community organisations focus on the empowerment and engagement of Black residents, fostering a sense of community and support.

Duluth represents a perfect amalgamation of wealth, space, and camaraderie. Residents here enjoy economic stability, spacious homes, and a close-knit community. Thus, Duluth is an exemplary Atlanta suburb that offers an affluent and connected lifestyle.

6. Ardsley Park, Savannah

Ardsley Park in Savannah stands as a beacon of elegance and historical significance. The society here is celebrated for its expansive homes, exquisite gardens, and the historic Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent District. This is definitely one of the richest black communities in Georgia.

On, Ardsley Park has an excellent median house value of around $609,648, demonstrating its people’s prosperity and refined taste. The grandeur of the area is reflected not only in its economic wealth but also in the architectural splendor and cultivated landscapes that characterize its identity.

Ardsley Park real estate has traditional and modern architecture. Elegant homes in manicured gardens are sought after for their tranquility and luxury. The Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent District, a National Register site, also brings elegance and heritage to enhance local history.

Ardsley Park is more than a picturesque and historical area; it’s a haven of tranquility and elegance. This neighborhood transcends its status as just an affluent community. It represents sophisticated living in Georgia, offering cultural enrichment and a high quality of life. 

5. Johns Creek, Atlanta

Johns Creek is a model of Georgian wealth, especially for Blacks residents. The city, centrally located in Atlanta, symbolizes success and upward mobility.

Johns Creek’s median household income, $133,948 (, makes the area one of the richest communities in Atlanta. Real estate values are among Georgia’s highest at $452,700, reflecting financial stability. The residents enjoy comfortable living in upscale neighborhoods adorned with lavish homes and meticulously maintained lawns.

The city’s top-notch schools contribute to its affluence. It is a home to some of the state’s finest public educational institutions, boasting impressive graduation rates and a strong academic focus. This dedication to exceptional education appeals to families in pursuit of the best for their children and contributes to the overall prosperity of the area.

The area also offers a diverse economic landscape, featuring employment opportunities in sectors such as technology, healthcare, and finance. This array of job options and a low unemployment rate play a role in preserving residents’ financial stability.

With its high median incomes, upscale residential areas, outstanding educational establishments, a varied job market, and a vibrant cultural scene, Johns Creek embodies a thriving Black enclave in Georgia. 

4. Summerville, Augusta

Summerville, Georgia, is one of the richest Black regions due to its history and affluence. It attracted wealthy tourists as a luxury resort and golf capital by the mid-19th century. New high-end hotels attracted business leaders and former presidents to this area. These wealthy people built winter homes or stayed permanently to avoid harsh northern winters.

The architecture in Summerville is varied and includes styles such as Greek, Italianate, Spanish, and Gothic, indicating historical and aesthetic value. Summerville’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 further cements its status as a historically significant and affluent area. 

Summerville has an impressive median listing home price ( of $349,900, despite a median household income of $37,946 ( This difference shows something special about Summerville: its historical and aesthetic value often goes beyond normal economic indicators. This makes it a treasure trove of cultural and architectural wealth.

Summerville’s stately homes reflect its history and culture. The opulence of a bygone age is reflected in these massive mansions, which are frequently situated on expansive, verdant lots. The Victorian and Colonial architecture here enhances its beauty. In addition to investing in properties, Summerville residents preserve the architectural heritage, adding to its charm.

Historic sites and verdant landscapes enhance its allure. The distinctiveness lies in its ability to preserve its history while embracing modernity. The meticulously maintained residences and the active engagement of its residents in safeguarding the area’s heritage reflect a deep sense of pride.

Summerville is a gem in Augusta, offering historical grandeur, architectural beauty, and a high-quality suburban lifestyle. Its large homes, historical significance, and dedication to preserving a peaceful and upscale living environment make it a living museum and a testament to refined suburban living’s enduring appeal.

3. Druid Hills, Atlanta

Druid Hills in Atlanta epitomizes the union of historic elegance and contemporary affluence. reported a median household income of $137,576 and a median property value of $698,000 in 2021, making Druid Hills an economically prosperous neighborhood, and one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Atlanta.

It has many large homes with gardens and impressive facades. The estates here brighten up the area with their verdant landscaping, well-kept lawns, and tree-lined streets.

Beyond its economic and architectural appeal, Druid Hills is a cultural and educational hub. Families that value education choose the area because it is near Emory University and Druid Hills High School. Gallery, theater, and events also abound here. 

Moreover, the quality of life in Druid Hills is exceptional. It has clean parks, top-notch recreational facilities, and exclusive country clubs, which offer many leisure and social activities. 

Luxury and fulfillment are hallmarks of Druid Hills in Atlanta. Residents enjoy economic prosperity, architectural beauty, cultural richness, and a high quality of life.

2. Cascade Heights, Atlanta

Cascade Heights is known for its stately homes and notable African American residents. It’s a hub of professional success and cultural richness, often hosting events and gatherings.

The estate-like homes in Cascade Heights demonstrate the area’s wealth. These architectural marvels offer luxurious living spaces and symbolize aspiration and accomplishment. Its strong community further establishes its status as an affluent and desirable neighborhood.

There are numerous clubs, organizations, and social events that cater to the professional and social interests of the Black community in Cascade Heights. Its location provides easy access to downtown Atlanta, the airport, and other key areas in the city, making it convenient for commuting and accessing city amenities.

Despite not being the wealthiest Black neighborhood in the country, Atlanta is proud of its prosperity and history. It has long been a hub for influential African Americans in the city.

Cascade Heights has a strong economic profile. The median household income is $67,674, and the unemployment rate in Cascade Heights is 3%, which is 27% lower than the US average​​​​. These statistics show Cascade Heights’ economic success.

Cascade Heights is quiet, elegant, and prosperous. It  prioritizes education, culture, and residents’ well-being, making it the best choice for a peaceful and prosperous Atlanta life.

1. Buckhead, Atlanta

Buckhead is Georgia’s symbol of wealth and luxury. Rich Black Americans choose this place for its high property values and upscale lifestyle. It has luxury shops, restaurants, and grand homes. Buckhead is the richest black community in Atlanta!

In recent years, Buckhead has attracted wealthier Black residents. This region’s luxury attracts celebrities, business-people, and wealthy professionals. Its wealth, opportunities, and lifestyle demonstrate economic strength.   

Buckhead has a great real estate market, with a median listing price of $875,000. This figure shows Buckhead’s luxury housing market, which includes mansions, condos, and townhouses. 

Beyond the economy, it is culturally and socially vibrant. Its fine dining, nightlife, and upscale shopping malls make it unmatched. Art galleries, theaters, and events enrich the place. Given its proximity to top schools, Buckhead attracts families and education-minded individuals. 

Despite its affluence, Buckhead’s true worth lies in its exceptional quality of life. The neighborhood boasts numerous parks, recreational amenities, and wellness centers. Prioritizing the well-being of its residents is just as essential as individual achievements in this opulent and convenient environment.


In conclusion, Georgia’s richest Black communities are a mix of affluence and culture. From the historic charm of Summerville to the suburban luxury of Johns Creek, each area shows how excellence and prosperity flourish in the state. 

These areas transcend being merely wealthy neighborhoods; they serve as pivotal hubs of culture, learning, and heritage, embodying the rich legacy and promising future of Black Americans in Georgia.

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