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14 Most Liberal Cities in Tennessee in 2023

Most Liberal Cities in Tennessee

Tennessee, which is well-known for its glorious past, thriving music industry, and breathtaking scenery, has a diverse political environment that includes a number of communities with liberally inclined residents. The following article aims to navigate you through the 14 most liberal cities in Tennessee. This extensive list has been put together using information from previous elections, socioeconomic indices, and citizens’ perspectives on social and environmental concerns.

It should be emphasized that the term “liberal” here refers to the political philosophy commonly associated with the Democratic party, which traditionally favors progressive policies like environmental preservation, social equality, and accessible healthcare. Starting at position 14, this rating moves up to the most liberal city in Tennessee, which is position 1.

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14. Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, Tennessee’s 14th most liberal city, is renowned for emphasizing scientific research and education. One of the most esteemed scientific institutions in the country, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is located in the city. The majority of locals work in the scientific field, which has a liberal statistical leaning.

Additionally, Oak Ridge has a history of supporting Democratic candidates in recent elections. For instance, a sizable portion of the city’s votes in the 2020 presidential election went to the Democratic candidate.

13. Clarksville

An educated and young population may be found in Clarksville thanks to Austin Peay State University, which is located there. Higher educational attainment is frequently associated with more liberal political views, and Clarksville appears to be no exception. The young vibrancy of this college town encourages a spirit of social progressivism.

The city’s proactive programs, such the Green Certification Program, which promotes companies to adopt ecologically friendly practices, indicate its dedication to sustainability. Together, all of these variables move Clarksville up to the 13th position on our ranking of the most blue cities in Tennessee.

12. Cookeville

The Tennessee Tech University is located in Cookeville, another community with a university. The city has a sizable population of college graduates and students, favoring liberal ideals. In recent state and federal elections, Cookeville consistently supported Democratic candidates. The city also receives praise for its efforts to advance LGBTQ+ rights, including yearly Pride celebrations.

11. Germantown

Our next city is the Memphis suburb of Germantown. Germantown, a wealthy and highly educated community, frequently displays a sizable degree of support for Democratic candidates in elections.

Additionally, the city’s demographic information, which shows a varied population and a high proportion of people who have completed post-secondary education, suggests a leaning towards liberal ideas.

10. Murfreesboro

Another city with a sizable population of young, educated people is Murfreesboro, which is located in the geographic middle of Tennessee and houses Middle Tennessee State University. The demographic, socioeconomic, and political trends of Murfreesboro point to a liberal leaning.

The city is in the top ten of our list of the most liberal cities in Tennessee due to its active involvement in social concerns and support for progressive policies in the areas of education, healthcare and sustainability.

9. Chattanooga

Chattanooga is well known for its sustainability and innovation. Initiatives like the Green|Light Certification program, which encourages sustainable business practices, show the city’s commitment to environmental conservation. Chattanooga stands out for putting a strong emphasis on inclusion and equality. The city often hosts cultural and Pride events.

8. Franklin

Another city that contradicts the prevalent, conservative perception of Tennessee is Franklin. This city boasts a diverse population and a high number of individuals with college degrees, two characteristics sometimes linked to liberal ideas. Residents in Franklin often vote for Democrats, and the city has progressive policies on issues like affordable housing and environmental sustainability.

7. Bartlett

A Memphis suburb called Bartlett stands out for having progressive values. The number of individuals with college degrees is significant, and the city has demonstrated growing support for Democratic candidates in previous elections. Bartlett’s municipal leadership has also shown a dedication to progressive principles including diversity and environmental sustainability.

6. Jackson

Jackson, which is located in the center of West Tennessee, is a center for higher learning with several schools and universities. These establishments provide the city a fresh energy and intellectual curiosity that contributes to its liberal tendencies. Jackson ranks sixth on our ranking due to its diversity, educational attainment, and longstanding support for Democratic politicians.

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5. Collierville

In 5th place on the list of the most liberal cities in Tennessee is Collierville. Collierville, which is well-known for its mix of cultures and well educated residents, has a significant leaning toward liberal beliefs. One of the most liberal communities in Tennessee, the city consistently supports Democratic candidates while working to further social equality and environmental sustainability.

4. Knoxville

Knoxville, where the University of Tennessee is located, has a vibrant, forward-thinking energy. The political, social, and demographic information shows a left slant in this thriving college town. Knoxville is ranked fourth on our list due to its efforts in the areas of sustainability, social justice, and LGBTQ+ rights as well as its support for Democratic politicians.

3. Memphis

Memphis, one of Tennessee’s major cities, is renowned for its rich history, diverse population, and thriving music scene. This thriving metropolis has demonstrated significant support for progressive ideas, notably in the areas of healthcare and education, and regularly votes Democratic votes in elections.

Memphis is ranked third on our list due to its dedication to social justice and inclusion as well as its progressive political environment.

2. Nashville

Tennessee’s capital city of Nashville is a mecca for music, arts and culture. Its educated and urban population consistently backs Democratic politicians and liberal ideas. With initiatives like the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and the Metro Human Relations Commission, Nashville’s administration has also demonstrated a strong commitment to social justice and sustainability.

1. East Nashville

The most liberal city in Tennessee is East Nashville. East Nashville, which is renowned for its diverse and eclectic population, routinely demonstrates fervent support for liberal causes and Democratic politicians.

The area is the most liberal in Tennessee thanks to its dedication to environmental sustainability, social equality, and other progressive initiatives. East Nashville locals foster a welcoming environment for visitors from all walks of life, supporting the liberal attitude that permeates this area of the city.

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