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13 Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Young Adults and Professionals

Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Young Adults and Professionals

Choosing a place to reside is a decision that affects your career path and lifestyle as a young adult or professional. In this post, we’ll look at the 13 best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults and professionals.

Along with being lively and thriving, these locations provide a wealth of chances for social life, leisure activities, and professional advancement. Every region, from bustling cities to seaside communities, has a distinctive personality that appeals to a range of interests and preferences.

You may choose wisely where to plant your roots in the Bay State by being aware of the advantages and characteristics of each of these regions.

13. Greenfield

aerial view of Greenfield

First on the list of the best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults. Greenfield, a charming tiny town renowned for its picturesque rural location and high standard of living, comes in at number 13 on our list.

Greenfield, surrounded by beautiful hills and forests, is ideal for young individuals who like the outdoors and being in touch with nature. Despite its rural appeal, it is not lacking in contemporary comforts and services. Ιt has a variety of unique stores, craft brewers, and local restaurants that contribute to its sense of community.

The town’s low population of 18,000 residents fosters a close-knit neighborhood while also making it simple to get to bigger towns like Springfield and Worcester. Greenfield is a hotspot of possibilities for young people in the IT industry. It has an expanding tech sector and plenty of tech firms.

12. Pittsfield

aerial view of Pittsfield

Pittsfield is ranked number 12. This town, which is located in the picturesque Berkshire Mountains, is frequently referred to as the cultural center of Western Massachusetts. It’s a haven for young individuals with a creative bent, with a variety of music festivals, art galleries, and performance arts venues.

The manufacturing, healthcare, and tourist sectors, which provide a variety of work possibilities for professionals, are the main drivers of Pittsfield’s economy. Pittsfield has a lower cost of living than other areas of the state, making it a desirable location for people just starting their careers or want to save money for the future.

11. Peabody

Peabody sign

On Boston’s North Shore, the town of Peabody provides an ideal combination of suburban beauty with urban convenience. Young professionals looking to establish a family would do well to live in this area, which is known for having a solid educational system.

Its close proximity to Boston makes commuting simple, allowing residents to take advantage of the bustling employment market of the large city while still living in the tranquil suburbs. You won’t run out of things to do in Peabody because it has so many leisure and recreational options, including parks, retail centers, and historical places.

10. New Bedford

aerial view of New Bedford

The bustling Massachusetts city of New Bedford is situated on the state’s southern coast and is well-known for its past as a whaling port. It is a thriving city with a strong economy focused on education, healthcare, and fishing sectors.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which is located there, offers the community a young spirit. New Bedford provides a diverse cultural experience and a good standard of living for its citizens with a thriving arts scene, historical monuments, and the lovely Buttonwood Park.

9. Waltham

driving around Waltham

Waltham, a city renowned for its combination of historical beauty and technological innovation, is next on our list. The city, which lies on the Charles River, is the location of several IT firms and universities, including Bentley University and Brandeis University.

For young individuals looking for employment prospects in tech or academics, Waltham is the best option. Waltham provides its citizens with an interesting and well-balanced way of life with a varied culinary scene, a vibrant nightlife, and beautiful walking routes.

8. Lowell

driving around Lowell

On our list, Lowell, a city known for its history and diversity of cultures, comes in at number eight. A key figure in the industrial revolution, Lowell is now a thriving city with a wide range of employment prospects in fields including education, healthcare, and technology.

The city draws younger residents due to the presence of multiple universities in the region, notably the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Young adults prefer Lowell because of its vibrant cultural scene. There are a number of galleries, music venues, and the famous Lowell Folk Festival.

7. Worcester

Worcester Massachusetts

The second-largest city in Massachusetts, Worcester, offers a lively metropolitan setting with a thriving cultural scene. Worcester, often known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” has a variety of employment options in fields including education, healthcare, and biotechnology.

The city boasts a vibrant diverse student population and is home to nine colleges and institutions, including the famed Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The abundance of parks, museums, and restaurants in Worcester offers a tempting blend of recreational, cultural, and employment options.

6. Salem

driving around Salem

The seventh-placed city is Salem, which is popular for its extensive history and stunning seaside views. Salem provides much more than simply historical interest, despite being known for its witch trials. Strong areas of the city’s economy include education, healthcare and tourism.

Salem is a popular place for professionals working in the city due to its close proximity to Boston. Salem provides a culturally diverse living experience with activities including art galleries, museums, and several festivals.

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5. Quincy

driving around Quincy

The “City of Presidents,” Quincy, is located just south of Boston. It offers a harmonious blend of seaside beauty and urban convenience. Jobs are plentiful because of the strong economy, especially in fields like education, healthcare, and finance.

For professionals living in the city and working in Boston, it is the ideal location as it has great public transit. Beaches, parks, and historical monuments abound in Quincy, which also provides a wide range of entertainment and leisure pursuits.

4. Cambridge

Cambridge aerial view

Cambridge, the academic capital of Massachusetts, comes in at number four on the list of the best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults and professionals.

The city has a thriving atmosphere for innovation and learning thanks to the presence of the MIT and Harvard University. Cambridge provides a wide range of professional options in fields including education, biotech and IT startups. Cambridge, albeit a busy city, has a laid-back vibe with a variety of bookstores, parks, and cafés.

3. Brookline

aerial view of Brookline

Brookline, a town next to Boston, offers a tranquil and green suburban setting. It offers the advantage of being only a short distance from Boston’s bustling city life. Brookline is the perfect location for young professionals, especially those wishing to create a family.

Brookline has an excellent educational system and variety of healthcare and education career prospects. Furthermore, it has a diverse selection of restaurants, stores, and green spaces, offering an array of entertainment and recreational opportunities.

2. Boston

aerial view of Boston

Boston, the nation’s capital and one of the country’s oldest cities, provides a combination of old-world elegance with advanced conveniences. It is a desirable location for professionals thanks to its robust employment market, in fields like education, healthcare, and technology.

In addition, it has a thriving cultural environment with a variety of sporting events, museums, and festivals. The presence of various institutions and colleges in the city contributes to its youthful and vibrant culture.

Boston is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults and also black families. However, Boston has a high cost of living in terms of employment prospects and cultural experiences.

1. Somerville

aerial view of Somerville

Somerville is at the top of our list of best places to live in Massachusetts for young adults and professionals. Why is Somerville considered to be the best place for young adults and professionals to reside in Massachusetts?

Particularly in industries like education, technology, and healthcare, it has a burgeoning job economy. The somewhat greater cost of living is balanced out by the higher average income of the locals.

Boston is a quick drive from the city, providing quick access to additional job options. With its abundance of shops, restaurants, art galleries and music & arts scene, Somerville offers a high quality of life.

The city is popular for its neighborhood gatherings as well, including the yearly Fluff Festival and Honk! Creating a strong sense of community and belonging via the Festival of Activist Street Bands. Because of its abundance of culture, opportunity, and community, Somerville is the top Massachusetts destination for young adults and professionals.

However, if you just want to live in a place in Massachusetts with stunning scenery, and beautiful beaches, take a look at Cape Cod.

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