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15 Best Places to Live in Mississippi for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Mississippi for Black Families

Finding the right place to settle down involves many factors. School quality, safety, job prospects, and community connection all matter. For Black families, a sense of belonging and representation are also important factors to think about. Fortunately, Mississippi’s cultural diversity and geographical variety provide ample opportunities to satisfy these demands.

In this article, we are going to look at the top 15 best places to live in Mississippi for black families based on educational opportunities, career choices, safety, and community involvement. We will start from number 15 all the way down to number one.

15. Tupelo

aerial view Tupelo

The Elvis birthplace, Tupelo, has much more to offer than just a tie to rock ‘n’ roll history. The manufacturing and healthcare industries boost the economy.

Black families in Tupelo can find an array of public and private schools that have been commended for their academic success.

Additionally, there are lots of parks and activities in which families can indulge, fostering family fun. There are also numerous churches and social organizations where Black families could feel welcome and receive aid, fostering thriving community engagement.

14. Hattiesburg


Hattiesburg is situated in southeastern Mississippi. Its life centers on education and military presence. Home to the Southern University of Mississippi, the city provides good educational opportunities not just for college students but for young children as well.

The public education system is also robust, with many excellent schools offering advanced curriculum in areas like science and the arts. This city provides Black families with a sense of belonging through its many cultural events, black-owned businesses, and community development and social justice organizations.

Families looking to get the most out of their money will appreciate the city’s low cost of living. Mississippi as a whole is one of the cheapest states to live in the USA.

13. Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs is on the Gulf Coast and is noted for its scenic beauty and artistic community. While it’s a small city compared to some of the others on this list, it has an outstanding quality of life.

Ocean Springs has highly regarded educational facilities, and residents are encouraged to actively participate in city life rather than merely observe. City crime rates are also lower than national averages.

There are many ways for black families to get involved, including through churches and community organizations that aim to better the lives of local residents. This fantastic area has to be one of the best places to live in Mississippi for black families.

12. Starkville

Starkville, a college town, is young, values education, and is proud to be home to Mississippi State University. Public schools here are well-regarded, and kids have many extracurricular and sports programs. Suburban and rural housing options make Starkville appealing to Black families.

The city also has many festivals and events that celebrate diversity and inclusion. For families seeking a well-rounded community, Starkville offers many job opportunities, particularly in education, healthcare, and retail.

11. Clinton

Clinton, which is located to the west of Jackson, has a good educational system and a family-oriented environment that make it popular with families. The public schools are among the best in the state, so it’s a good option for those whose families appreciate academic quality.

Clinton has a lot of community events and groups for Black families that focus on cultural enrichment and social justice. The city also has a wide range of places to live, from apartments that are easy on the wallet to homes that are more expensive.

10. Pearl

Pearl is a city that offers the feel of suburbia while still being close to amenities provided in bigger cities, as it borders Jackson on the other side of the Pearl River. The city has a wide collection of public and private schools, many of which offer specialization through technological and art programs.

For Black families, Pearl presents ample opportunities for community involvement through churches, social organizations, and cultural events. Living costs also come in below the national average, which suits many families’ financial needs.

9. Southaven

Southaven is another suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. It is located in northern Mississippi and has many facilities and services to accommodate the residents needs. Education also holds an important place in this city because there are many public as well as private schools offering advanced classes in different subjects.

Southaven provides diverse housing choices for Black families and is becoming more of a place for multiracial living. Employment can be found mostly in healthcare and retail areas. The city also has many parks and places to have fun, making it a good choice for families.

8. Olive Branch

Olive Branch is another city in northern Mississippi with a high quality of life. It has good public schools and a lot of parks and other places for families to have fun. For the Black family, Olive Branch is a supportive community with several churches and social organizations meant to empower the black community.

The vast job opportunities available to residents of this city are within the healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors. These excellent benefits make Olive Branch one of the best places to live in Mississippi for black families.

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7. Madison

Madison has a sophisticated suburban vibe and places a premium on family values. Public schools in Madison are some of the best in the state, and there are all types of housing available.

For Black families, Madison proves to be a community that is diversifying and becoming more welcoming, filled with many institutions and events celebrating cultural differences. Employment abounds, especially in such industries as healthcare, technology, and professional services.

6. Ridgeland

North of Jackson, Ridgeland is a city that supports a combination of suburban and rural living. The area has highly rated public schools and many parks and recreation opportunities available to families.

For Black families, the community-based setting comes laced with churches and social organizations aiming at creating programs designed to improve the community’s well-being while protecting justice through various initiatives. In addition to this opportunity, the city also presents employment options in the retail and service industries.

5. Brandon

Brandon stands out as a city that offers a suburban setting with excellent public schools and a diverse range of housing options. For Black families, Brandon fosters a welcoming and increasingly diverse community.

Numerous churches and social organizations focus on cultural enrichment and community development. The job market is robust, particularly in service industries like healthcare, education, and retail.

4. Gulfport

Gulfport is the second largest city in the state and is home to many amenities and tourist spots. This city puts much into education, with many public as well as private schools offering specialty programs.

The most attractive factors for Black families are the housing options available as well as a sense of diversity and inclusion within the community. Employment opportunities are abundant, especially in the thriving tourism and service sectors. Additionally, Gulfport boasts numerous parks and recreational facilities, making it a great choice for families.

Read on for more of the best places to live in Mississippi for black families.

3. Biloxi

Biloxi, a Gulf Coast city with beautiful scenery, has a successful tourism industry. With many extracurricular and sports programs, its public schools thrived. For Black families, the housing choices in Biloxi are abundant: from beachfront homes to affordable ones with easy access to local transportation routes.

The community here is also tight-knit. Throughout the year, celebrations of diversity and openness to all are held here, making for a lively environment.

2. Jackson

As Mississippi’s capital, Jackson has impressive amenities and services. Public and private schools, colleges, and universities are rampant in the city. Jackson offers a diversified choice of housing options and a community richly steeped in cultural history and diversity for Black families.

Employment opportunities thrive, especially within government healthcare and education departments. In addition to this, Jackson has an array of parks and museums that make it an attractive destination for families.

1. Oxford – Best Place to Live in Mississippi for Black Families

Oxford is our top pick for its high quality of life and education. The University of Mississippi in Oxford offers excellent education for college students and young children.

The public schools consistently rank among the state’s best, and the city offers a wide range of upscale housing options. For Black families, Oxford presents a warm and increasingly diverse community.

Cultural enrichment and community development are the focus of numerous organizations and events. Employment opportunities abound, particularly in education, healthcare, and professional services.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Mississippi offers a diverse range of options for Black families seeking a place to call home. Whether you’re drawn to the lively cities or the serene suburbs, there’s something here for everyone. Each city on this list delivers a strong sense of community, outstanding educational opportunities, and a variety of housing and employment choices.

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