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15 Best Places to Live in Louisiana for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Louisiana for Black Families

Living in Louisiana is appealing for families because of the state’s unique blend of cultural attractions, including its lively music scene and delicious cuisine. But for Black families, locating a welcoming community that offers educational, professional, and personal development opportunities is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the 15 best places to live in Louisiana for black families. We will discuss education, employment, safety, and community engagement. Let’s commence our countdown with the 15th spot and progress towards the top recommendation.

15. Ruston

Ruston is a city making waves for its community development and education. With Louisiana Tech University, there are many educational opportunities available to college students as well as other children. Also, the public schools of Ruston surpass most average standards with various extracurricular activities that allow the younger children to be at their best while in school.

For Black families, the presence of a strong, centrally located community and various cultural events make this city an attractive choice. The cost of living remains rather moderate among other cities, so families may enjoy comfortable lifestyles without breaking the bank.

Ruston is a great start, but read on to find out more of the best places to live in Louisiana for black families.

14. Prairieville

Nestled within Ascension Parish, Prairieville stands as a suburban gem in proximity to Baton Rouge, providing residents with a tranquil suburban atmosphere without sacrificing access to urban conveniences.

Its excellent public schools make it a top choice for families who value education. There is also a thriving job market here, particularly in healthcare, education, and retail, offering ample employment opportunities for its residents.

The community here is steadily diversifying, with numerous organizations and events dedicated to embracing and celebrating this cultural richness.

For Black families seeking a nurturing and well-rounded community, Prairieville provides a warm and inclusive environment with the resources children need to succeed academically and socially.

13. Shreveport

Shreveport, nestled in the northwestern region of Louisiana, offers different opportunities for Black families. This city, with a rich history in music and the arts, exudes a vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Shreveport further boasts a range of public and private schools, ensuring accessible, quality education for its residents. With numerous parks and recreational areas, this city encourages enjoyable family outings.

Here, healthcare and services are the main industries with jobs. The city’s cost of living is below the national average, making budgeting easier for families.

12. Mandeville

Mandeville, on Lake Pontchartrain’s north side, has great schools and a welcoming atmosphere. To suit different budgets, this community offers apartments and single-family homes.

Black families feel at home in Mandeville because it hosts diversity and inclusion events and organizations and has many healthcare, technology, and education jobs.

Outside of educational or career reasons to live in Mandeville, outdoor activities abound – water sports, hiking – making this ideal for people who love the outdoors.

11. Metairie

Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans that offers various amenities geared toward families. The area has several public and private schools that have high ratings for quality educational institutions.

Through its many events and festivals, Metairie offers Black families a diverse and inclusive community. The city has numerous job opportunities, particularly within the fields of education and healthcare, making it a promising destination for career growth.

Coupled with a low cost of living and a wide range of housing options, it becomes effortless for families to secure homes that align with their requirements and financial plans. This census-defined region is one of the most conservative places in Louisiana.

These factors collectively render the city ideal for families in search of a harmonious and culturally diverse community, where both professional prospects and the quality of life are well-balanced.

10. Lafayette

Lafayette is a culturally and artistically diverse town. The richness of their culture gives Black families ways to show their creativity. In education, the wealth of extracurricular activities stems from the reputation of excellent public schools.

Opportunities abound in various sectors, including oil and gas industry, as well as the thriving medical and academic fields.

The community’s welcoming nature is a hallmark, with numerous local organizations dedicated to fostering tolerance and promoting diversity, ensuring that residents can find a supportive and inclusive environment in this vibrant area.

9. Gonzales

Gonzales is a small city in Ascension Parish that offers a family-friendly environment. The public schools are above average, and there are lots of recreational activities to keep the students busy, from playing at parks to joining sports leagues.

For Black families, Gonzales has an encouraging community with many events geared toward appreciating diversity. Also, the low cost of living and industrial and retail employment opportunities here make it a viable option for many families.

8. Bossier City

The city of Bossier City, situated in northwestern Louisiana, is famous for its community and educational institutions. Among the most highly-rated are the public schools, where many extracurricular activities are available for children.

A friendly environment for Black families comes through several cultural events and organizations designed around promoting diversity in their communities. Employment opportunities abound in sectors such as healthcare services, education, and retail trade. The cost of living is reasonable enough that your family can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

7. Covington

Covington, situated on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain, stands as a family-friendly city with a strong sense of community. The public school system enjoys a stellar reputation, making it an attractive choice for families.

For Black families, Covington offers opportunities through various events and organizations dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion within the community.

The city primarily provides employment prospects in the fields of education and healthcare. In terms of living expenses, Covington maintains a reasonable cost of living, adding to its appeal as a well-rounded destination for families seeking a close-knit and culturally inclusive environment.

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6. Zachary

Zachary is a city in Baton Rouge that becomes popular because of its excellent schools. The community is family-friendly, with various parks and recreational activities for children.

For Black families, Zachary is a welcoming community that stresses education and growth for its residents. Opportunities for work are abundant, especially working within healthcare or educational institutions. The cost of living is moderate, making it a financially viable option for many families.

5. Slidell

Slidell, near New Orleans, offers a suburban setting with urban facilities within easy reach. Public schools are highly rated, and many extracurricular activities are offered for children.

For Black families, the city provides a supportive community with different events and organizations that promote diversity. Employment opportunities here are mostly in the healthcare industry, while living costs are average compared to other areas in Louisiana.

4. Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, the Capital city of Louisiana, offers many opportunities for Black families in this community. The City has a rich history and is full of places to explore, making it very culturally enriching.

Public schools are above average, and there are many colleges and universities in the area for education options. Employment abounds with government agencies, among others, in the health industry as well as in educational fields.

Diversity is also evident within this community. There are numerous organizations and events that focus on diversity and inclusivity throughout the year.

3. Lake Charles

Lake Charles is a city where many good opportunities could be available for Black families. The public school system is great, with lots of children’s extracurricular activities available at their disposal.

Employment is ripe in the petrochemical and tourism industries. To the eyes of Black families, Lake Charles looks like an open community with many events and organizations promoting diversity, while the cost of living is relatively low, allowing residents to live comfortably.

2. New Orleans

In New Orleans, black families have a lot of options. The city is known for its lively arts and music scene, which gives it a strong cultural life. The city has public schools, colleges, and universities with many specialized programs. Employment opportunities include tourism, healthcare, and education.

Many kinds of people are found within the neighborhoods, along with different groups and events working towards diversity and inclusion. New Orleans is also one of the most blue cities in the South.

New Orleans just misses out on top spot on the list of the best places to live in Louisiana for black families.

1. Alexandria – Best Place to live in Louisiana for Black Families

Our number one city on the list of the best places to live in Louisiana for black families is Alexandria. This is a city that ensures Black families have adequate education options, employment prospects, and community engagement.

Schools are great with all-rounded specialized programs to keep kids busy, along with extracurricular activities. Employment options are also plentiful in healthcare, education, and retail. The community is warm enough to make newcomers feel welcomed amidst lots of cultural events and organizations aimed at promoting diversity.

The cost of living here is moderate, making it affordable for all families. These aspects make this place the best place to live in Louisiana for Black families.


In conclusion, Louisiana offers a wide range of options for living that cater to all the needs of Black families. From educational opportunities to employment prospects, these fifteen locations offer an encouraging and welcoming environment where black families can thrive.

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