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14 Best Places to Live in Connecticut for Black Families

Best Places to Live in Connecticut for Black Families

Connecticut is known for its scenic landscapes, world-class educational institutions and proximate location to large cities such as New York and Boston. There are many living options at the disposal of different people in the state. For black families seeking a community where they can settle and live comfortably, there are several towns/cities in Connecticut.

Here, we bring you 14 of the best places to live in Connecticut for black families. This based on factors including quality of education, employment opportunities present, safety, and levels of community engagement.

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14. Norwich

Norwich, Connecticut

Beginning the list of the best places to live in Connecticut for black families is Norwich. Located in New London County, Norwich is a city that offers urban and suburban living. The city is known for its strong community tightness and the presence of various recreational activities.

For families that value education greatly, there are several public schools and private institutions offering good curricula. Employment opportunities are as diverse as the healthcare and manufacturing sectors. With a growing black population, they have more venues for cultural engagements and social activities that cater to black families.

13. New Britain

New Britain Connecticut

New Britain is another city located in Hartford County that offers ample amenities for black families. This is the city that houses Central Connecticut State University; therefore, young people tend to be in large numbers here, which brings youthfulness vibe.

This city is culturally rich as well; however, its diversity takes a major role when it comes to black families settling down. It has affordable houses and with parks and recreational areas present within easy reach for families to spend time together. There are also many jobs, most of them within health care and education.

12. Middletown

Middletown Connecticut

Middletown sits on the Connecticut River and is one of those cities that offers a blend of suburban landscape and rural living. The presence of Wesleyan University gives an intellectual atmosphere to the community.

There are several public schools that offer quality education and are therefore ideal for families whose priority is education. Diverse opportunities also exist for employment within the city, but most of them revolve around healthcare or education.

Middletown’s black communities blossom day by day, and there are a number of churches and social organizations that exist to cater to black families’ needs.

11. Waterbury

Waterbury Connecticut

In Waterbury, located in New Haven County, affordability and diversity are what define the city. The city has a multitude of housing opportunities that are affordable to families so that they can have homes instead of renting them out.

There are many public schools within the city, besides private or charter options for families, to provide varied educational choices. Several large employers exist in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors to provide long-term employment opportunities for residents.

The black community in the city is vibrant, with several cultural events as well as social organizations that allow them to be involved and engaged with their community.

However, if you have more Conservative political views, you might prefer moving to one of these cities.

10. West Hartford

West Hartford Connecticut

West Hartford is a suburban city of Hartford and is famous for its excellent public schools as well as its family-friendly atmosphere. The town offers parks, hiking trails, and shopping centers to spend the day in.

The job opportunities are also diversified here, with many positions in healthcare, education, and retail. There’s a growing black community in West Hartford, and the inclusive atmosphere makes it perfect for black families who want to be part of a community where they can grow.

9. Stamford

Stamford Connecticut

Stamford is part of Fairfield County, which blends urban and suburban living. Fortune 500 companies have made the city their headquarters, offering plenty of work in finance, healthcare, and technology.

There are also excellent public and private schools in Stamford offering a rigorous curriculum designed for academic excellence. The diverse population of Stamford forms a black community that has launched several cultural activities and social organizations to meet the needs of families seeking activities and social outlets.

8. Greenwich

Greenwich Connecticut

Greenwich is another town in Fairfield County that has a lot of amenities to offer families. The town has a reputation for being affluent and boasts several top-rated public and private schools. It offers the beach, parks, and golf courses for recreational activities for residents.

Also, diverse employment opportunities are primarily available within the finance and healthcare sectors. Though the cost of living is on the higher side, the quality of life and numerous opportunities to engage within the community make it a worthwhile place for black families who can afford it.

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7. New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, being the home of Yale University, offers a lively and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to its residents. As a diverse liberal city, many cultural events and social organizations are designed specifically for black families. There are also several public schools as well as private and charter options to choose from.

Employment opportunities abound here, with an emphasis on education, healthcare, and technology businesses. The affordability of this place, as compared to other cities in this list, makes New Haven a great place for black families.

6. Danbury

Driving Danbury Connecticut

Danbury lies in Fairfield County and also offers urban living with suburban lifestyles. The city has great public schools and wonderful recreational facilities. Job opportunities here are diverse in the retail sector, healthcare, and education. There is also a burgeoning black community, making it an excellent option for black families seeking a thriving neighborhood.

5. Fairfield

Fairfield, Connecticut area

Fairfield is a town with great public schools and several recreational activities that are ideal for families. This town has Fairfield University, which harmonizes with its youthful and energetic atmosphere. There are different kinds of employment, especially in education, healthcare and retail industries.

The recent growth of the black population in Fairfield is mainly responsible for the town’s welcoming ambiance. This makes it one of the best places to live in Connecticut for black families looking to settle down and raise their children. Fairfield is also one of the richest towns in Connecticut. To find out which other places made the list click here.

4. Bridgeport

Bridgeport Connecticut

Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut and provides many amenities for black families. This area has a diverse population and offers various housing choices, from apartments to single-family homes.

There are several public schools in Bridgeport, as well as private or charter schools that offer many educational options. Employment also abounds in the healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries.

A flourishing black community also exists, with cultural events held along with social organizations providing venues for community involvement.

3. Bristol

Bristol Connecticut

Bristol is a suburban and urban community in Hartford County. The city has some excellent public schools and many recreational activities, like Lake Compounce, the oldest amusement park in America.

Employment tends to be heterogeneous, especially in healthcare, education, and manufacturing. Bristol’s welcoming environment and expanding black community make it a great place for black families to settle down.

2. Manchester

Manchester Connecticut

Manchester is situated in Hartford County and also merges suburban and rural life. It has excellent public schools and many recreational amenities. Work opportunities are very diverse, especially in the retailing, health care, and education sectors.

The black community in Manchester is rapidly growing as well. And this inclusive atmosphere just makes it the perfect place to live for any black family.

1. Hamden – Best Place to live in Connecticut for Black Families

Hamden CT

Hamden tops our list as a town offering an excellent array of amenities for black families. This town is located in New Haven County and is known for its high-quality public schools and many recreational activities. Quinnipiac University houses the community’s young and energetic atmosphere. 

Diverse employment opportunities are available in the education, healthcare, and retail industries. The black population is thriving in Hamden, with several cultural events being held as well as many social organizations forming avenues through which the community can engage.

In addition to this, the inclusive atmosphere in Hamden and its emphasis on community wellness make Hamden the best place for black families to settle in Connecticut.


In conclusion, black families can choose from a number of different communities in Connecticut that will welcome them and provide them with a sense of belonging and access to opportunities.

From booming cities to quiet suburbs, each place on this list offers something valuable. Whether you value education and employment opportunities or prefer community engagement, your family is sure to find a place where they can fit in Connecticut. Make sure to look for properties in these areas, as these are the best places to live in Connecticut for black families.

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