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15 Most Conservative Cities in Utah in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Utah

Utah is known for the deep conservatism that pervades its rich history and is woven into the fabric of its culture. If you are considering a move to a conservative community, there are many options in Utah.

In this article, we will look at the top 15 most conservative cities in Utah by looking at how they vote, what religions they associate with, and how involved people who live within those cities are with their communities. If you are considering a move or apartment rental, this comprehensive list can help you make an informed decision.

15. Roosevelt

Beginning the list of the most conservative cities in Utah is Roosevelt. It is a city in the Uintah Basin that heavily leans conservative. The city is known for its strong sense of community, which can be seen in things like local events and people’s involvement in government.

For example, Roosevelt has very high volunteerism, especially in community-driven relationship oriented initiatives based on traditional values. There are also many churches per capita, which have played a central role in growing the social fabric of the community since they usually act as meeting points where conservatives share their ideas and reinforce them.

In recent voting patterns in major elections, Roosevelt often picked conservative candidates to lead the country.

14. Nephi

Another conservative-leaning city in Utah is Nephi, which is found in Juab County.  Agriculture has been a part of the community for generations, so farming communities tend to value self-reliance and community support—the very foundations of conservatism. And here, residents are known to be very active in local politics, rallying behind conservative causes and candidates.

The city’s schools also reflect its conservative views, with lessons on American history and traditional values being taught often. Nephi also has a lower-than-average crime rate, largely attributed to the focus on family values and moral integrity within the community.  

13. Vernal

Vernal is another city in the Uintah Basin and tends to be conservative on issues such as energy policy and land use. The city houses a large number of oil and natural gas companies. Conservative policies frequently support such industries. Residents tend to support limited government interference with businesses and property ownership rights.

Many families have people who are in or have been in the military. This creates a culture that encourages patriotism and respect for authority, both of which are important parts of conservative thought.

Furthermore, schools and community organizations in Vernal host numerous events celebrating American heritage, solidifying its conservative identity through shared history and reinforcing patriotic values among residents.

12. Payson

Payson is a city in Utah County that holds traditional American values in high regard. The annual Scottish Festival and Golden Onion Days are events that bring communities together with patriotic themes celebrating cultural heritage.

The population trends towards conservative views and continues to support the community’s events. Payson also has a strong religious community. A lot of the people who live there are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most of what the church teaches points in a conservative direction that greatly influences the city’s overall ideology.

Furthermore, the decisions of the local government tend to be based on conservative policies regarding zoning and public safety.

11. Brigham City

Brigham City, in Box Elder County, is also a bastion of conservative thought and action. It is home to several manufacturing and aerospace companies, an industry often aligned with conservative economic policy. The residents of Brigham City are known for their work ethic, something long held dear by those on the right side of the political spectrum. 

Symbols of the city’s traditional roots, such as the Brigham City Tabernacle, attest to its rich history. Keeping historical sites alive is a part of community involvement, and conservative groups frequently lead these preservation initiatives. Finally, schools emphasize subjects like mathematics, science, and American history in a traditional educational model.

10. Lehi

Lehi is in the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Area. In spite of its rapid growth in recent years, the city has maintained a conservative ethos that enables it to manage this growth responsibly. It now boasts a burgeoning tech sector, an industry seemingly incompatible with traditional conservatism.

But residents and local governments have worked to keep such growth closely managed according to conservative principles of minimal government and fiscal responsibility.

Additionally, Lehi’s schools are well-known for their emphasis on STEM education, a subject that conservatives frequently support because of its focus on practical knowledge and individual achievement. This also makes Lehi a fantastic place to live for young adults in Utah.

9. Pleasant Grove

Another bastion of conservatism, which is dubbed “Utah’s City of Trees” in Utah County, is Pleasant Grove. The city holds family values dear and has many parks and community centers offering family-friendly activities.

Most people who live in Pleasant Grove are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the dominant church’s teachings act as a major guiding force for shaping the city’s conservatism.

The local government in Pleasant Grove is known for its fiscally conservative policies involving low taxes and limited regulations imposed on businesses. The education system here is also known for its high standards, which promote traditional learning methods, further solidifying its conservative stance.

8. Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork is another more conservative city located in the southern part of Utah County. The city has a long history, and many of its customs date back to the pioneer era. Because of this, residents are often known as very tight-knit people who get involved together to rally support for conservative candidates and causes.

Homeownership is common in the city, which is seen as a sign of stability and traditional values. There is also a robust religious community within the city’s bounds, where dozens of churches serve as landmarks for discussion about conservative thought. The city’s schools here emphasize a classical education, with a focus on subjects that are often seen as the foundations of conservative ideas.

7. American Fork

Another conservative leaning city in Utah County is American Fork. Home to many small businesses, this city is also known as the backbone of conservative economic policy. Residents like low taxes and do not want the government to get too involved in their lives. This is reflected in the city’s local policies.

Because of this, many members of the community choose to homeschool their children and instill these conservative values in them. Leaders supported this decision by focusing on protecting religion while holding public positions. A lot of people in American Fork are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which adds to the town’s conservative atmosphere.

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6. Lindon

Lindon is a conservative city located north of Provo. It has many technology companies that make up the good economy in the area. Although modern industries may predominate in this city, it still adheres to traditional values, particularly in the areas of education and community involvement.

There is an incredibly high rate of volunteerism everywhere around Lindon, where people frequently participate in community service efforts that fall in line with conservative belief structures. When it comes to land use and public safety, the local government of Lindon also supports many of these same conservative views; they often choose policies based on individual rights and responsibilities over greater public protection.

5. Orem

Orem, which is part of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Area, has always been one of the most conservative cities in the country. The city houses Utah Valley University, an institution very well known for having one of the most conservative student bodies and faculties around.

While conservatism covers many aspects of life for the citizens of Orem, it weighs the most when it comes to areas such as education and healthcare. Orem is also religious, and a large number of citizens identify themselves as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.This influence from religion so heavily impacts the conservative way of thinking of people in this community.

4. Alpine

Alpine is a city located in the northern part of Utah County. It is famous for being conservative on many issues The city houses many affluent residents who are active participants in local and national issues regarding conservative politics.

Fiscally-conservative policies like low property taxes and little regulation of businesses are exercised by the local government here. Families with conservative values who choose to homeschool or privately educate their children frequently use traditional educational methods.

Nearly everyone who belongs to the religious community within this city attends their church through membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which reinforces the conservative atmosphere of this city.

3. Highland

Highland, another city in Utah County, is definitely one of the most conservative cities in Utah. A large number of professionals have jobs in sectors like technology and healthcare—it’s an industry that many conservatives consider to be economically aligned—and it is generally quite active politically, often rallying behind conservative issues and candidates.

The educational system emphasizes traditional learning methods, rendering it all the more conservative. There is also a very large religious community—many also belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—that helps solidify Highland’s conservatism.

2. Santaquin

Located in southern Utah County, Santaquin is also a city associated with conservative values. The area’s agricultural history created an atmosphere of conservatism that pervades the community today.

Residents are known for their strong community sense and often unify to support conservative causes and candidates. Because Santaquin has a high rate of homeownership, it is another indicator that families tend to settle there because it is stable and traditional. Also, the religious community is very vibrant there, where many churches provide focal points for conservative thought.

1. Provo

The top city on the list of the most conservative cities in Utah is Provo, Utah’s third-largest city and one of the bastions of conservative ideology. Brigham Young University, which lives within its borders, is deeply steeped in conservative principles. The residents of Provo mostly advocate for conservative policies, especially those involved with education, healthcare, and public safety.

The city has a robust religious community comprised of a high percentage of citizens saying they identify as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that Christian influence does much to mold the city’s political perspective, which makes it the most conservative city in Utah. Provo is definitely one of the best places to live in Utah.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Utah has several cities that agree with conservative ideologies. If you would like to visit a small town within a warm community or one with an active economy, this list would serve as the ultimate guide to the most conservative cities in the state.

However, here are some reasons to make you reconsider moving to Utah.

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