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12 Best Places to Live in Utah for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Utah for Young Adults

Utah has recently been emerging as a hot spot for young adults keen on career opportunities, outdoor recreation as well as availing of living at pocket-friendly prices and high quality of life. From booming tech hubs to serene mountain towns, Utah offers varying choices in terms of living arrangements to suit different palates and preferences.

Here are the 12 best places to live in Utah for young adults, taking into account factors such as job prospects, affordability, nightlife, along with outdoor activities.

12. St. George

First on the list of the best places to live in Utah for young adults is St. George. Situated in Utah’s southwest corner, young adults often look to the city for outdoor activities. The city acts as a gateway to Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, and all manner of natural wonders.

With around 90,000 inhabitants, it’s big enough to offer amenities like shopping and dining but small enough to give that tight-knit community atmosphere such as the downtown area with a mix of local shops, eateries, and art galleries. Though being a tourist hot spot, St. George has a relatively low cost of living, thus attractive to young adults to pursue careers.

11. Ogden

If you’re the kind of outdoor lover that would like to be close to the city as well as the mountains, Ogden is just for you. This liberal city in Utah rests at the base of the Wasatch Mountains and has a trail for hiking, skiing, and biking.

Moreover, this place is famous for its historical downtown that’s both charming old buildings together with modern amenities. You’ll find breweries, coffee shops, boutiques, as well as a healthy arts scene.

Ogden serves as the home to Weber State University, which contributes to the youthful energy plus robust job market in the area. For example, graduates in tech-related fields often find employment at the numerous tech startups within the city.

10. Provo

Provo is the third largest city in Utah and is home to Brigham Young University. The liberal city in Utah has a healthy cultural scene due to the influence of the university and is also rated as one of the happiest cities in the USA.

The city’s tech scene is also growing, with startups like Qualtrics and Vivint calling Provo their home. Together with the low cost of living and stunning views of Mount Timpanogos, this makes Provo a favorite for young adults. Provo’s “rooftop concerts” are an ounce-plus community delight where local artists perform concerts inside a parking garage in the heart of downtown, showcasing the city’s bustling arts scene. 

9. Cedar City

Cedar City, also known as the “Festival City USA,” is a lively city that offers young adults a balance of the tranquility of a small town and the vibrancy of cities. Southern Utah University is housed in Cedar City, attracting its youthful population.

Its influence can be seen in the culture as well as the economy of the city. The famous Utah Shakespeare Festival produces its shows in Cedar City, where audiences can see a distinctive blend of classic and modern plays. And best of all, Cedar City is an hour’s drive from some of the country’s favorite natural destinations, including Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. This makes Cedar City one of the best places to live in Utah for young adults.

8. Logan

Logan is a bustling city that offers everything to young adults looking for a low cost of living, a strong job market, and an exciting college-town atmosphere. Downtown Logan is alive with restaurants operated by local owners and boutiques and art galleries. The arts scene in Logan is also vibrant and robust, presenting attractions such as the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theatre.

The location of this city in Cache Valley’s surrounding mountains also provides many opportunities for hiking, skiing, and camping so it makes a good choice for young adults interested in outdoor activities.

7. Park City

Park City has one of the world’s best ski resorts and, in addition to Sundance Film Festival fame, has cemented itself into an elite mountain town known for its glamorous lifestyle and spectacular quality of life. However, as a tourist attraction that maintains small-town charm, it has much to offer, like hiking and biking during the summertime and skiing and snowboarding in winter.

The city’s Main Street flies with activity and brims over with gourmet restaurants, art galleries, and high-end boutiques. While the cost of living is higher compared to other Utah cities, young adults love the verve of culture and natural beauty of this city.

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6. Midvale

Centrally located in Salt Lake County, Midvale is a perfect combination of urban and suburban living. With its median age of 31.7, Midvale is one of the best places to live in Utah for young adults. It’s incredibly young and lively, with people enjoying an active life. The city offers excellent job opportunities as well, especially in the tech and healthcare industries. 

Midvale boasts a thriving arts center and diverse dining establishments. The city is also relatively close to Salt Lake City, and public transportation options like the UTA TRAX light rail make commuting easy. Plus, with an affordable cost of living and getting access to both city life and outdoor recreation, Midvale makes an excellent place for young adults.

5. Lehi

Lehi lies in Utah County and has a reputation as a technology hub, earning the nickname “Silicon Slopes.” Several tech giants like, Adobe, and Vivint Smart Home have offices here, creating plenty of job opportunities for young professionals.

Despite its growth, Lehi manages to retain that small-town feel with a strong sense of community. It combines suburban living with urban amenities. One can enjoy walking and shopping at Traverse Mountain Outlets to hiking in the Timpanogos Cave National Monument.

Lehi offers a combination of career opportunities, outdoor recreation, and a community atmosphere – making young adults fall for it.

4. Salt Lake City

As the state’s capital and most populous city, Salt Lake City presents a dynamic urban environment with an evolving cultural scene and a booming job market. Downtown SLC is alive with activity, offering high-rise condos, gourmet restaurants, bustling nightclubs as well as cultural attractions like the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

Tech, finance, and healthcare flourish sectors with fruitful careers. SLC is a big city but lies minutes away from several ski resorts as well as hiking trails which makes it an ideal place for young adults wanting to combine city lifestyle and outdoor recreation.

3. Proximity to Higher Education Institutions – Orem

“Family City USA” is how Orem is known, but don’t let this moniker fool you. Utah Valley University sits in the center of Orem and gives it a youthful vibe that will compel your young adult members to return time after time.

The bustling tech sector includes companies like Omniture and Bluehost. University Mall and a number of shopping centers cater to the need for shopping, among other options. Provo Canyon lies nearby with hikes and camping opportunities.

Employment prospects lie high, coupled with a low cost of living that makes Orem an enticing option for young adults.

2. Farmington

Farmington, to the north of Salt Lake City, offers a unique mix of suburban tranquility and city amenities. Station Park, a famous shopping and dining destination here, is loved for its vibrant ambiance. Though it has a walk-able downtown area, that part of town truly buzzes with commercial activity. 

While young professionals in Farmington enjoy having jobs—particularly those involving sectors like retail, healthcare and tech—there are plenty of opportunities available. It’s on the Wasatch Front—easily accessible for skiing and hiking while also allowing easy access to all sorts of outdoor activities.

There are also many good things like a low crime rate and quality schools that add up to make it an attractive place to settle down, especially for young adults.

1. Sandy

The city of Sandy tops our list and is the best place to live in Utah for young adults, as it seamlessly combines the tranquility of a suburb with the convenience of urban living. With its population sitting at around 95,000 residents, Sandy offers a close-knit community atmosphere while also containing a number of corporate offices.

The city further has a vibrant arts scene as it hosts events put on by the Sandy Arts Guild that run throughout the year. Those avid outdoors people will love the easy access to world-class ski resorts such as Snowbird and Alta.

Sandy also has a wide variety of housing solutions: modern apartments and ample family homes. Athletics or arts inspire young adults, a healthy job market, a robust cultural scene as well as loads of outdoor activities. Therefore, Sandy is definitely the best place to live for those young adults in Utah.

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