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14 Best Places to Live in Tennessee for Young Adults

Best Places to Live in Tennessee for Young Adults

Tennessee has fast grown in popularity as a destination for young individuals looking for the ideal fusion of urban conveniences and natural beauty as the American South continues to flourish in economic success and cultural vibrancy. Tennessee’s numerous towns and cities have a lot to offer, whether you’re a recent college graduate searching for a vibrant job market, a young professional seeking a balanced lifestyle, or an artist drawn to a diverse cultural environment.

This article will examine the 14 best places to live in Tennessee for young adults. Key factors such as career prospects, cost of living, educational options, social possibilities, and general quality of life were taken into account while choosing each location. We’ll go into detail about what makes each town or city special and give examples to show why. Let’s explore the Volunteer State’s unique charm together!

14. Clarksville

Clarksville, located in Northern Tennessee close to the Kentucky border, combines southern beauty with a reasonable cost of living. The liberal city in Tennessee is home to the diverse, young student body of Austin Peay State University. Since local living expenses are lower than the US average, young individuals will find it simpler to manage their finances when they start their jobs. Additionally, Clarksville has a vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, local shops and entertainment options that makes it easy to socialize.

13. Cookeville

Tennessee Technological University and the availability of outdoor recreation are two of Cookeville’s most well-known features. Cookeville is a city in Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland area. Along with offering educational possibilities, the institution also brings a young energy to the community. Cookeville is a desirable option for energetic young adults due to the nearby Cumberland Plateau region’s spectacular views and an abundance of camping, hiking, and rock climbing options.

12. Collierville

Collierville, a suburb of Memphis, provides a slower pace of life without restricting access to facilities found in a big metropolis. The city’s renowned schools and historic plaza with its lovely shops and restaurants are two of its main draws. Collierville offers the perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban peace for young adults wishing to raise a family.

11. Bartlett

Bartlett, another jewel in the Memphis Metropolitan Area, strikes a mix between easy access to metropolitan facilities and a suburban lifestyle. Young folks are drawn to Bartlett because of its excellent schools, low crime rate, and flourishing employment market. Additionally, the city’s abundance of parks and recreational areas promote an active way of life.

10. Jackson

In the number 10 spot on the list of the best places to live in Tennessee for young adults is Jackson. Jackson home to a number of colleges and institutions, provides young individuals with a stimulating atmosphere. This community in western Tennessee boasts a thriving cultural culture, with exhibitions and music festivals taking place all year round. Jackson’s affordable cost of living makes it an appealing choice for young individuals beginning their careers.

9. Murfreesboro

The largest undergraduate university in Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State institution, is situated in Murfreesboro, which lies in the state’s geographic center. The university’s young energy provides the city a lively, dynamic environment. Murfreesboro is a good place for young professionals since it also boasts a rising employment market, notably in the healthcare and education sectors.

8. Franklin

Franklin, which is located in Williamson County, mixes old-world elegance with contemporary conveniences. This city is well-known for its vibrant downtown area and music events including the well-liked Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. Franklin also has a thriving job market, with a range of sectors from entertainment to healthcare.

7. Knoxville

A bustling city with a thriving cultural scene is Knoxville, which houses the University of Tennessee. Knoxville appeals to a wide range of interests and is well-known for its several local breweries, art galleries, and major music festivals. Young folks have many career options because of its robust economy, which is supported by industries like healthcare and technology. Furthermore, the city has a more energetic, young feel because of the presence of a large university.

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6. Germantown

Germantown is next on the list of the best places to live in Tennessee for young adults. Located east of Memphis, Germantown offers a superior suburban lifestyle and a strong feeling of community. The city is a good option for young individuals considering starting kids because of its excellent educational system and low crime rates. The numerous parks and green areas in Germantown also enable locals to take advantage of the outdoors.

5. Chattanooga

Chattanooga—referred to as the “Scenic City”—is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This city, which is situated on the Tennessee River and is surrounded by mountains, provides a wide range of outdoor activities, including river rafting and rock climbing. Young professionals in the tech sector are drawn to Chattanooga’s developing tech ecosystem. Numerous institutions are located in the area, which adds to its lively, young vibe. The diverse population of Charanooga also makes the city a great place to live for black families in Tennessee.

4. Brentwood

Brentwood, which is part of the Nashville Metropolitan Area, provides a luxurious suburban living while yet being close to Nashville’s amenities. The city draws young professionals looking for a high level of living because of its high median family income and top-notch schools. A healthy, active lifestyle is also promoted by the wide network of parks and trails in the city.

3. Memphis

Memphis offers a distinctive, culturally stimulating way of life and is known for its rich music heritage and mouth watering barbecue. Young individuals may choose to consider the city because of its low cost of living and expanding employment market in industries like logistics, healthcare, and music production. Beale Street in Memphis offers a plethora of entertainment alternatives, and the city also has a thriving nightlife. This is why Memphis is one of the best places to live in Tennessee for young adults.

2. East Nashville

East Nashville, a neighborhood in Nashville, has flourished as a destination for young adults because to its thriving arts scene, modern places to eat, and exciting nightlife. A close-knit, community-focused atmosphere is fostered by the music venues, distinctive boutiques, and coffeehouses that line its pedestrian streets. Young adults from different socioeconomic backgrounds might choose to live in the neighborhood because of its variety of housing alternatives, which accommodate a range of budgets.

1. Nashville – Best Place to Live in Tennessee for Young Adults

Nashville, Tennessee’s gem, is the last to be discussed and is the best place to live in Tennessee for young adults. Sometimes known as “Music City,” Nashville is a paradise for aspiring musicians and music fans. With many work possibilities, the city serves as a significant hub for the education, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Although the cost of living in Nashville is greater than that of other Tennessee towns, it is still cheaper than that of many other American cities, making it a desirable location for young professionals. There is always fun stuff to do thanks to the vibrant nightlife of the city, which is supported by the well-known Broadway strip.

There’s also a lot of single people based in Nashville. In general, Nashville is the best place to live in Tennessee for young adults thanks to its diverse array of possibilities and attractions.

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