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The 12 Best Places to Live in Utah for Non-Mormons

Best Places to Live in Utah for Non-Mormons

Utah, frequently referred to as the Beehive State, is well recognized for its exceptional natural beauty, affordable cost of life and robust economy. Despite the fact that Utah has long been connected with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the state is also home to a wide variety of communities.

If you’re wondering should you move to Utah if you’re not Mormon, it’s still a great place to live for those that don’t follow that religion. There are plenty of welcoming areas in the state.

Utah has several viable communities with unique attractions for individuals who are not Church members. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 12 best places to live in Utah for non-Mormons. Factors such as amenities, quality of life and cultural diversity will be taken into account to find the least Mormon cities in Utah.

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12. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City city view

The capital and largest city of Utah, Salt Lake City, is renowned for its multicultural population and lively metropolitan lifestyle. Despite having The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ headquarters, the city is also home to a wide variety of other religious and nonreligious organizations.

The thriving arts scene, extensive selection of gourmet food and drink options and various cultural and recreational facilities all contribute to the energy of this city. For instance, it serves as the location for the annual Sundance Film Festival and the NBA franchise Utah Jazz.

Some of the best suburbs of Salt Lake City for non Mormon people are Cedar Hills, Draper, and Millcreek.

The city is also an excellent place to live due to its outstanding transit system and range of housing options. It is certainly one of the top 12 best places to live in Utah for non-Mormons.

Living in Utah as a non Mormon might seem quite daunting. But you’ll quickly feel comfortable because there are so many people that live in Salt Lake City that are non Mormon too!

11. Park City

Park City Guardsman Pass Scenic Drive

Park City, which is well-known for its top-notch ski resorts and the Sundance Film Festival, provides the standard mountain town experience. Compared to other Utah towns, this prosperous community has a greater non-Mormon population.

Along with its many natural wonders, such as the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, the city offers upscale dining, luxury shopping and a thriving nightlife. Families may choose to reside there because of its highly rated academic schools, such as Park City High School.

Park City has to be one of the best towns to live in Utah for non-Mormons as it’s one of the least Mormon cities in Utah. City Data shows that over 40% of people in Summit County is non religious.

10. Provo

Provo Utah

Provo, which houses Brigham Young University, is a modern city with a developing tech section. Despite having a sizable LDS population, it also boasts a significant amount of cultural and religious range due to the size of its student body. Numerous festivals and events are held in the city, like the Rooftop Concert Series and the Freedom Festival that offer a diverse cultural experience. It’s one of the good places to live in Utah.

Additionally, the Wasatch Range’s proximity to Provo provides a wealth of recreational options. This is why Provo is one of the best places to live in Utah for non-Mormons.

Although Provo is one of the most non Mormon cities in Utah, Provo is also the most conservative city in Utah.

9. Moab

Moab Utah

The National Parks of Arches and Canyonlands are easily accessible from Moab, which is known as Utah’s adventure capital. It has a smaller, diversified and non-Mormon-heavy population than other cities in Utah.

Moab is renowned for its vibrant creative scene as well as its breathtaking natural beauty. The city regularly hosts festivals like the Moab Arts Festival and the Moab Folk Festival. Furthermore, the country’s thriving tourist sector offers a robust job market, particularly for people with a passion for the service industry or outdoor activities.

Because there’s so much to doin Moab, it’s one of the best places to retire in Utah for non-Mormon people.

8. St. George

St. George Utah view

The pleasant weather and close proximity to Zion National Park make St. George popular. There are many options for biking, hiking and golfing in this rapidly developing metropolis. Additionally, it boasts a thriving arts community with attractions like the Tuacahn Amphitheater and the St. George Art Festival.

Although there is a sizable LDS church presence here, the city has become more diverse as a result of its fast expansion. As a non-Mormon in Utah, this is a good place to live.

7. Ogden

Ogden Utah

Next on the list of the best places to live in Utah for non-Mormons is Ogden. This is a community with a rich history and a strong outdoor culture, which is situated north of Salt Lake City. It is an appealing option for both families and young professionals as the cost of living is affordable.

Also, there is a variety of of housing alternatives. The city’s beauty is enhanced by the Historic 25th Street, which is filled with restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Ogden has a sizable LDS population, but it also has a vibrant non-Mormon community.

As a non Mormon in Utah, you might feel like you won’t fit in. But the Ogden community is very open and there is lots to do. You’ll quickly find people that have the same hobbies and interests as you.

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6. Cedar City

Cedar City view

The annual Utah Shakespeare Festival is held in Cedar City, sometimes referred to as “Festival City USA.” It has a small-town atmosphere, a vibrant cultural scene, and access to a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Its popularity is increased by the fact that it is close to national parks like Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks. The city’s shifting demographics, notably the increasing number of Southern Utah University students residing there, are gradually building a more diverse community.

5. Logan

Logan City view

Logan, where Utah State University is located, provides an ideal combination of city and rural life. It has a thriving artistic community, top-notch public schools and an extensive background in agriculture.

The city’s university population adds some diversity to the primarily LDS community. Furthermore, it offers a variety of outdoor activity options, such as fishing and hiking.

4. Heber City

Heber City view

Heber City has a small-town atmosphere with quick access to Provo and Salt Lake City. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, known for its breathtaking views of the Jordanelle Reservoir and the Wasatch Mountains.

It also serves as a venue for a variety of occasions, including the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the Heber Valley Western Music. The city is home to a sizable LDS community, although it also has an increasing non-Mormon population.

3. Sandy

Bell Canyon Reservoir Sandy Utah

Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City, combines a suburban way of life with quick access to city facilities. Shopping malls, parks and a wide range of dining establishments are all present in this soccer team’s hometown. Sandy is arguably the least Mormon part of Utah, due to its modern facilities.

Sandy’s population has diversity, with a sizable non-Mormon population despite a sizable LDS presence. This is why Sandy is in the top 3 on the list of the best places to live in Utah for non-Mormons. Sandy is also a brilliant place to live for young adults in Utah.

2. Holladay

Holladay city hall

The wealthy Salt Lake City suburb of Holladay is renowned for its tranquil neighborhoods and top-notch educational institutions. The Wasatch Mountains, which are nearby, provide a variety of opportunities for recreation.

Although there are a lot of LDS people there, the town is rather diverse, making it a pleasant location for non-Mormons.

1. Bountiful – Best Place to Live in Utah for Non-Mormons

Center Street Bountiful

Living in Bountiful, which is close to Salt Lake City, combines semi-rural and suburban areas. Wonderful parks, top-notch schools and access to both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are all present in the city.

Despite having LDS roots, Bountiful has become increasingly multicultural in recent years, drawing non-Mormons with its welcoming community and good quality of life.

Bountiful is definitely the best place to live in Utah for non-Mormons, and arguably the least Mormon city in Utah.

The 12 Best Places to Live in Utah for Non-Mormons

In the end, Utah has a significant LDS population, but it also has a lot of diverse, friendly and wonderful non-Mormon communities. Utah is an amazing area to call home as it provides a range of lifestyle options, from urban living to nature excursions.

So what is the least Mormon city in Utah? It has to be Park City. There are a higher percentage of people that live there are are non-Mormon. However there are better places to live than the area.

The best place to retire in Utah for non-Mormon people is between Moab and Heber City, depending on what you like to do in your spare time. Moab is a place where you can partake in lots of outdoor and recreational activities. Whereas Heber City has a much more relaxed vibe to it, and will ideal for those that want to have a quiet life. 

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