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12 Most Conservative Cities in California in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in California

Although California is frequently considered as a liberal state, there are still a large number of conservative California cities. These cities frequently have distinctive values and traits that appeal to traditional purchasers and renters.

This article will examine the 12 most conservative cities in California, giving you a detailed analysis of each one’s politics, population and distinguishing characteristics. This should hopefully help you make the best decision for where you want to move to.

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12. Bakersfield

Downtown Bakersfield California

Political Climate

First on the list of the most conservative cities in California is Bakersfield. The ninth-largest city in California [1], Bakersfield is in the Central Valley. Bakersfield is well-known for its heavy focus on agriculture and the oil sector [2].

It has a conservative political leaning and puts a strong emphasis on family values. The city has continuously chosen Republican mayors and politicians, demonstrating the conservative sentiments of the local community.

Demographics and Community

The citizens of the city are a mixture of white, Hispanic and African Americans [3]. The Bakersfield Business Conference and the Kern County Prayer Breakfast are two examples of the numerous religious organizations and neighborhood gatherings that Bakersfield organizes for its conservative citizens.

Housing and Neighborhoods

For conservative families searching for a location to settle down, it is a desirable option due to the inexpensive housing market and low cost of living. In Bakersfield, a few of well-known conservative communities include River Oaks and Seven Oaks, which are renowned for their close-knit communities and family-friendly features including parks and schools.

11. Fresno

Fresno aerial city view

Political Climate

Another sizable city in California’s Central Valley, Fresno is popular for its agricultural heritage and conservative political views. Historically, Fresno County has supported Republican presidential candidates and the city has a history of choosing Republican mayors [4].

Demographics and Community

Fresno, California’s fifth-largest city [1], provides a range of services and activities, including the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, the Tower District and the Forestiere Underground Gardens. A combination of the manufacturing, agriculture and service sectors make Fresno an economically varied city.

Along with individuals who are white, Asian and African Americans, the city also boasts a sizable Hispanic community [5]. Families that hold conservative beliefs will value the strong community values, religious organizations and accessible housing alternatives found in areas like Sunnyside and Woodward Park.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Fresno has a variety of options for housing to fit different budgets, with Sunnyside and Woodward Park being popular selections for conservative citizens. These areas are renowned for their suburban atmosphere, excellent educational institutions and proximity to parks and hiking trails.

10. Modesto

Modesto California aerial city view

Political Climate

Next on the list of the most conservative cities in California is Modesto. This city is situated in the California Central Valley, has a long history of agriculture and a conservative political environment. Republicans have repeatedly won elections for mayor and council in the city, indicating the conservative political preferences of the locals.

Demographics and Community

The Gallo Winery, one of the biggest wineries in the world, is located in Modesto, which also organizes the annual Modesto Graffiti Classic Car Show [6]. The various churches, great feeling of neighborhood and conservative beliefs are all present in Modesto. With a mixture of Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, and African American citizens, the city has a diverse population.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Modesto attracts conservative families with its affordable housing options and inexpensive living cost, including popular areas like Del Rio and Village One [7]. These areas have a suburban atmosphere and are close to excellent parks, retail shopping centers, and schools.

9. Visalia

Political Climate

A conservative city with strong family values and a sense of community, Visalia, is located in the agricultural Central Valley of California.

Demographics and Community

The Mooney Grove Park, Visalia Fox Theater and the ImagineU Children’s Museum are just a few of the many facilities and recreational opportunities that the city has to offer [8]. The community gatherings, traditional values, and religious organizations all exhibit Visalia’s conservative inclinations [9]

Housing and Neighborhoods

Shannon Ranch and Oak Ranch are two examples of conservative communities in Visalia. These areas are renowned for their suburban feel, excellent schools and family-friendly facilities like community centers and parks. For conservative families wishing to settle down, Visalia is an appealing option because of the inexpensive housing market and low cost of living.

8. Redding

Redding California road view

Political Climate

Redding, a community in northern California, is known for its traditional values and passion for outdoor recreation. The current mayor of Redding is Republican demonstrating the conservative political views of its citizens [10].

Demographics and Community

The city’s stunning Shasta Dam, Sundial Bridge and Lake Shasta Caverns provide residents a variety of outdoor recreation options. The city is renowned for its strong sense of community, faith-based institutions, and family-friendly areas.

Housing and Neighborhoods

In communities like Parkview and Branstetter, conservative home buyers will find reasonable housing options and an affordable living cost [11] . These areas are renowned for their suburban atmosphere, top-notch schools and closeness to parks and other outdoor leisure areas.

7. Chico

Chico California in autumn

Political Climate

Northern California’s city of Chico, houses the Chico California State University. Although the presence of a university may imply a more liberal environment, Chico has a strong conservative history, but recently more democrats have come into power [12].

Demographics and Community

The city’s emphasis on faith-based organizations, family and community participation serve as prime examples of its conservative ideals.

Chico Air Museum and Bidwell Park are just a few of the city’s outdoor recreation options [13].

Housing and Neighborhoods

 With access to top-notch schools, parks and community centers, this is one of the best places to live in California for Conservatives.

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6. Yuba City

Downtown Yuba City California Drive

Political Climate

Yuba City is a moderately conservative city with a focus on community values. Almost 60% of voters in the 2020 Presidential election voted for the Republican candidate [14].

Demographics and Community

Yuba hosts the annual Sikh Parade and at least 100,000 people attended in 2023 [15]. Yuba City’s strong feeling of community, abundance of churches and family-friendly areas are evidence of the city’s conservative leanings.

Housing and Neighborhoods

When compared to the rest of the US, Yuba City is considered an expensive place to live. However, it’s actually one of the more affordable areas in California [16] These areas are popular for their suburban atmosphere, excellent educational institutions and proximity to parks and hiking trails.

5. Lancaster

Lancaster city view

Political Climate

5th place in the most conservative cities in California is Lancaster. This is located in Southern California’s Antelope Valley, has a long history in aerospace manufacturing. The mayor of Lancaster is R. Rex Parris, who has been the mayor of Lancaster since 2008 [17].

Demographics and Community

Numerous aerospace firms, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing, are based in the city. Lancaster’s strong sense of community, faith-based organizations, and family-friendly areas are all examples of the city’s conservative ideals.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods like West Lancaster and Quartz Hill are the best neighborhoods to live in the city [18]. These areas are renowned for their suburban atmosphere, top-notch educational institutions and proximity to parks and other outdoor recreational possibilities.

4. Tehama County

Drone footage of Tehama County

Political Climate

Tehama County is definitely one of the most conservative places in California, with 2/3 voters siding with the Republican party in the 2020 Presidential election [19].

Demographics and Community

Tehama County is the place to live for Conservatives that love the outdoors. There is lots of opportunities to go camping, hunting, golfing, fishing, and skiing [20]

Housing and Neighborhoods

The cost of living in Tehama County is lower than the state average, which makes it an ideal place to relocate [21].

3. San Clemente

Aerial view of the coast of San Clemente, California.

Political Climate

Making it into the top 3 of the most conservative cities in California is San Clemente. This is a community renowned for its conservative politics, with no Democratic nominee winning in the area for over 40 years [22].

Demographics and Community

As you can see from the image above, San Clemente is a stunning place, and has the popular beach and pier. For those that love exploring, there is the San Clemente Coastal Trail, which I absolutely loved! It’s only a couple of miles long so it won’t take you too long to do. It also might be best going early in the morning as it can be hard to get a parking space.

Housing and Neighborhoods

Those that are looking for a luxury place to live will never run out of options in San Clemente. Areas such as Southwest San Clemente are home to the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area [24].

2. Orange

Downtown Orange road

Political Climate

Orange, a conservative community in Orange County, is well-known for its lovely residences and historic Old Towne area. Although the state of California has become more liberal in recent times, Orange has managed to have a lower margin of liberal voters compared to other areas in the state [25].

Demographics and Community

The Hilbert Museum of California Art, Irvine Park, and the Orange Circle Antique Mall are just a few of the city’s attractions and amenities. Orange’s strong feeling of community, numerous churches and family-friendly areas are evidence of the city’s conservative leanings. It’s a great place to live if you’re religious, as you’ll quickly be welcomed into the community when you show up to church for the first time.

I attended Elevation Church in Orange back in 2019 before the pandemic. This is such a special place and I would recommend anyone visiting Orange to attend a service.

Housing and Neighborhoods

The cost of living in Orange is higher compared to other places in America [26]. But this shouldn’t put you off. The cost of living is higher because Orange is an in demand place to live.

1. Escondido – The Most Conservative City in California!

Escondido road

Political Climate

The most conservative city in California is Escondido. The conservative community in San Diego County, has a vibrant cultural scene and a rich history. Republican mayors and elected officials have historically been elected, demonstrating its support for the conservative political movement. 

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Demographics and Community

The San Pas Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, California Center for the Arts and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are just a few of the city’s attractions [27].

Housing and Neighborhoods

In communities like San Pasqual Valley and Hidden Meadows conservative families can find reasonable home alternatives and the cost of living is low. This is cheaper than in neighboring city Temecula. These areas are famous for their suburban atmosphere, excellent educational institutions and proximity to parks and hiking trails.

Conclusion – The 12 most conservative cities in California

To sum up, while being a state with a primarily liberal population, California nevertheless has a number of conservative cities for people wishing to start a life in an area that shares their beliefs.

You can see that California is still home to a large number of people that lean conservative, as they have an estimated gun ownership rate of 28%, which is the 4th highest amongst other states in the USA [28].

They are renowned for their conservative political beliefs, thriving local economies, and welcoming neighborhoods. Every city has distinctive characteristics and services that serve a wide range of residents.

When selecting a conservative city in California for your new home, you may make an informed choice by taking into account aspects like the political atmosphere, demographics and recreational opportunities.


Here are some common questions asked about the most conservative areas of California.

Whats the most conservative county?

The most conservative county in California is Lassen, which had a huge 74% votes for the Republican party.

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