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15 Most Conservative Cities in Idaho in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Idaho

Idaho sometimes draws attention regarding conservative leanings, as it is where many go seeking limited government, individual liberties, and respect for traditional American ideals. This guide is intended to help those who are researching moving to Idaho and trying to find a community in which many share their views. 

We have researched and compiled the list of the 15 most conservative cities in Idaho based on voting trends, community activities, and local governance. So let’s explore those cities, starting from number 15 down to the one that is considered the most conservative city in the state.

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15. Shelley

Shelley, in Bingham County, is a conservative town with traditional values. Agriculture, especially potato farming, often correlates with conservative ideologies like hard work and self-sufficiency. The local government has a pro-business reputation with lower taxes and less regulation.

Many churches play an active role in both local politics and social issues within the community. All these factors make Shelley one of the better choices for those looking for a place to settle down that shares their values.

14. Rigby

Rigby City, which is within Jefferson County, is another small city where conservative values are ingrained in the community. Family core values and participation in civic activities are important aspects of conservatism.

There is a rich religious tradition in this city, with a host of churches playing an active role in local politics and social matters. The social policies by which the local government operates here are also conservative, such as lower taxes and little government interference. Such factors have contributed to Rigby’s being one of the cities that highly values conservative principles.

13. Jerome

Located in Jerome County, Jerome is a city with deep ties to the agricultural sector. Most residents are engaged to some degree in farming or ranching activities that have traditionally been associated with conservative values.

Property rights and land use are important issues here, and the local government on occasion tends toward policies allowing less regulation and more personal freedom. Conservative people who live in Jerome like that there is a strong focus on community and family values, which can be seen everywhere in this landscape of churches and community groups. 

12. Payette

Another city in Idaho with strong conservative values is Payette, located in the county of the same name. This town is a hub for outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom are staunch proponents of public land use for recreational purposes, which often leads to conservative ideologies.

Local governance in Payette tends to favor business-friendly policies, lower taxes, and little government interference. Payette also has a strong military and veteran community that traditionally leans towards conservatism. These factors make this city highly regarded as a place with an emphasis on conservative principles.

11. Emmett

Emmett, which is found in Gem County, has expanded greatly in recent years but still managed to keep its conservative roots. The local government favors policies that foster entrepreneurship with little regulation while being home to many small businesses throughout the community.

There are several churches active in local politics and social issues here, fostering a strong religious community. The residents of the city don’t generally like big government and speak out for individual rights. As a result, it is a great place to settle for all kinds of conservatives who desire to live in a community with people who share the same views.

10. Weiser

Weiser, in Washington County, is also another Idaho city where conservative values are entrenched in the community. The city has a strong agricultural base, with many residents employed in farming or raising livestock.

These industries usually favor conservative policies, such as lower corporate taxes and fewer regulations. Weiser also has a large religious community with many churches that advocate for conservative social values, making it an advantageous place for conservatives.

9. Preston

Preston is commonly made out to be a conservative hometown centered on traditional industries such as agriculture. This focus fits perfectly into the pillars of conservatism by working hard and being self-sufficient. Preston has a very small but vibrant group of conservative organizations and clubs within its community that actively monitor local politics.

The citizens of this town will generally support policies that allow individual liberties while at the same time restricting government involvement, making it a good place for conservatives to live.

8. St. Anthony

St. Anthony, in Fremont County, is another heavily conservative city in Idaho. Many residents here are involved with farming-related activities, which seems to fit the agrarian focus and conservative values that come with it, such as property rights and limited government intervention.

Local business policies in St. Anthony are also friendly. They include lower taxes and fewer regulations. There are many churches within the city as well; many have active roles in politics and social issues at the local level. All these factors combined make St. Anthony a place conservatives might want to settle down and find people who are like them. 

7. Soda Springs

Soda Springs is a city in Caribou County. This city has some industrial roots, especially in the phosphate mining industry. The population of this city tends to support lower taxes and less government control, which fits well with conservative values.

Additionally, Soda Springs is a place where conservatives feel at home because local government resolutions frequently reflect these values. 

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6. Montpelier

Montpelier, nestled in Bear Lake County, is a rapidly growing city that doesn’t forget its conservative roots. The city is known for having a business-friendly environment with a local government that favors lower taxes and fewer regulations. There is also a large group of outdoor enthusiasts in Montpelier.

Many of them are strong supporters of using public land for recreation, which is often a conservative idea. Residents here also don’t like big government and are vocal advocates for individual liberties, making it another conservative-friendly option for those looking for a community to call home.

5. Driggs

Another city with deeper-rooted conservative values in Idaho is Driggs, located within Teton County. The city is known for putting a lot of emphasis on family values and helping the community, which are important parts of conservative beliefs. Just like other cities on this list, many churches influence local politics and social issues.

The local government in the city is also known for being conservative, with policies like lower taxes and less government involvement. These factors help solidify Driggs’s image as a place where traditional values are valued and as one of the most conservative cities in Idaho.

4. American Falls

American Falls is a rural city that leans conservative. Even though this city is near larger, more diversified cities, it has an agricultural community where many of its members are business owners and generally support the fiscal policies of conservatism.

The local government of American Falls wishes to promote entrepreneurship without too much regulatory bureaucracy. There are also multiple churches of varying denominations that are very active in politics and social issues locally. Those characteristics make American Falls a nice place for conservatives who want to live in a community whose values they share.

3. Orofino

Orofino is also considered one of the most conservative cities in Idaho and lies in Clearwater County. The city is a base for logging and agriculture, with vast quantities of residents working in these industries who often support conservative policies like lowering corporate taxes and requiring fewer regulations to be followed.

Orofino also has a massive religious community, where many churches support conservative social values. The local government of the city also supports conservative policies like low taxes and minimal interference from the government, which makes Orofino an ideal place for conservatives to live.

2. Rathdrum

Rathdrum is the second most conservative city in Idaho, found within Kootenai County. Through their organizations and clubs, the conservatives of this city are very active in local politics; therefore, this is a city where conservatives can establish a base of operations.

This city is a great place for conservatives to settle down because its residents share their ideology and support policies that safeguard individual liberties and oppose tyrannical government. 

1. Star – Most Conservative City in Idaho

Last but not least on our list is Star, which is situated in Ada County. Though it is near the city of Boise, Star is also the most conservative city in Idaho.

The town boasts of putting strong emphasis on American values like patriotism, family, and individual liberties. Resolutions passed by the local government of Star often mirror these conservative principles, and for that reason, it is the most conservative city in Idaho.


In conclusion, Idaho offers a plethora of conservative-values-aligned cities, each with its own set of characteristics that make it appealing to individuals with similar beliefs. Whether you are attracted to the agricultural roots of Shelley, the military community of Payette, or the religious atmosphere of Star, you are certain to find a city in Idaho that aligns with your conservative values.

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