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15 Most Liberal Cities in Idaho in 2023

Most Liberal Cities in Idaho

Idaho may have a reputation of having a conservative stronghold, but like any state, it has a unique blend of different political persuasions. Whether you’re someone who wants to buy a new property or a renter looking for somewhere that shares your values, understanding the political climate of any city stands important before making your decision.

In this article, we will look at the 15 most liberal cities in Idaho by delving into their political character, the various ranges of amenities they provide, and some of the distinct qualities that make each and every one of them an appealing option for those with left-leaning inclinations.

15. Twin Falls

Twin Falls is a city that rips apart the conservative stereotype that is often associated with Idaho. It rests in the southwest of the state and houses the College of Southern Idaho, lending a youthful progressive energy to the area’s vibes. It is oftentimes that people who undergoes higher education tend to have more liberal views, and Twin Falls is no exception. 

The city has been growing its art scene as well as having multiple parks and working toward sustainability goals including several initiatives aimed at cutting the carbon footprint of the city. Politics in Idaho is a year-round activity of active democratic organizations that promotes civic engagement.

14. Pocatello

Another city welcoming to liberal ideas is southeastern Idaho’s Pocatello. The town revolves around the culture of Idaho State University, which has attracted a plethora of students and faculty from all walks of life and also has a great impact on the city’s political atmosphere. 

Offering several opportunities for cultural activities such as theater productions or art galleries, oftentimes these platforms are used to continue progressive dialogues outside university campuses.

There remain also strong advocacy groups within the community for LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality. If you’re looking for a city with a definite focus on diversity and being open-minded, then Pocatello needs to be on that list.

13. Rexburg

Rexburg won’t immediately come into someones mind when it comes to be an option of liberalism because the population here is mostly Mormons. However, Brigham Young University-Idaho has introduced a younger generation that is increasingly open to liberal ideologies.

The city still leans conservative, but there is a growing progressive community that is active within local politics and social matters alike. 

There are also plenty of outdoor activities available in Rexburg, from hiking to fishing, which draw people who are into environmental conservation. In addition, the city also boasts a burgeoning coffee culture which is another indication of more liberal populace.

12. Caldwell

Sitting on the southwest edge of the state, Caldwell sits in a growing metropolitan center called Boise. The city has grown immensely in the past years and with it has come an equally increasingly diversified population that has made for a more liberal community. Caldwell has a population of just over 60,000.

Caldwell is one of the most liberal cities in Idaho for many reasons. Hand-in-hand with such change of temperament have come several non-profit organizations that focus on social justice issues from affordable housing to food security. As part of its vibrant arts and culture scene, the city’s calendar is filled with several events dedicated to celebrating diversity as well as promoting open dialogue.

11. Moscow

The University of Idaho is in Moscow, and as many college towns are, it occupies an atmosphere that is more liberal than one would expect in a predominately conservative state. The city has a lot of greenery. Many farmers’ markets and an extensive public transportation system define sustainability in Moscow.

Climate change, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ advocacy all have community organizations actively working in this city. Citizens of Moscow are usually involved with local politics, and one can observe that there are several avenues and events that allow place-based civic participation.

10. Sandpoint

Sandpoint is a city that has grown more liberal with time as the tourism industry in the city expands. The growth of visitors from different parts of the country helped create an open and progressive environment in the city. It has been known for environmental sustainability, which builds parks and natural reserves well taken care of and preserved. 

Art lovers here have a vibrant art scene where art galleries and theaters host artworks themed about progression. Sandpoint also hosts volunteer organizations working on social justice issues to work on social justice concerns.

9. Coeur d’Alene

Coeur d’Alene is a city whose political leanings have changed in more of a liberal direction. While it’s still somewhat of a mixed bag, the city has an increasingly progressive community that is becoming increasingly involved in local politics. 

The city is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty which makes environmental conservation one of the focus of its residents. The city provides a variety of cultural activities that often emphasize progressive themes ranging from music festivals to art shows. There are also a number of community organizations centered on progressive priorities such as affordable healthcare and education reform.

8. Lewiston

Lewiston is where the Snake River and Clearwater River meet. It has a long history of progressive activity that goes back to the labor movements of the early 1900s. The city’s robust union presence has contributed to its liberal orientation. The Lewis-Clark State College is also located here and has academic influence here that often correlates with progressive inclinations. 

This city also has several community-based organizations focusing on social justice issues, from workers’ rights to LGBTQ+ advocacy. If you’re looking for something richly rooted in activist heritage, it might be worth considering Lewiston.

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7. Ketchum

Ketchum has long been associated with a more liberal way of life, due in part to its popularity as a tourist destination.  This city is very much and actively engaged in environmental conservation based on sustainable efforts. It also has a very active arts and culture scene that presents forward-thinking topics for discussion among its members. 

Ketchum hosts numerous organizations devoted to social justice issues from gender equality to racial inclusiveness. If you are looking for a town that embraces progressive ideals, Ketchum may be a great place to consider moving to.

6. Meridian

Meridian, part of the Boise metropolitan area, is experiencing rapid growth and demographic changes that have contributed to the city shifting more liberal in its views. The community is particularly focused on engagement with the community, offering many platforms and events for civic participation to occur. 

In addition, Meridian houses several non-profit organizations whose mission lies over a number of issues related to social justice. From mental health awareness to housing for those who struggle financially, there are many such concerns addressed by these groups in Meridian. The city is also developing an arts scene where many galleries and theaters feature work intending to promote progressive themes.

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5. Nampa

Nampa, also part of the Boise metropolitan area, is witnessing a growing progressive community getting more active in local politics. The city has a high sustainability focus like farmers’ markets and a robust public transportation system.

Also, Nampa is famous for its presence of active community organizations that deal with climate change, women’s issues, and LGBTQ+ advocacy. The people of this city are highly engaged in local politics, and there are many platforms and events that encourage civic participation.

4. Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls is a city that has been slowly creeping toward the liberal end of the political palate, though it’s still something of a mixed bag politically with a growing progressive community gaining more and more traction in local politics.

The city is best known for its emphasis on environmental conservation and preservation including numerous parks and natural reserves maintained well as protected areas. There is also felt sense of community within the city which can be seen through numerous volunteer organizations working on social justice problems.

3. Sun Valley

With Sun Valley’s reputation as a prominent tourist destination, liberalism is synonymous with the city. The conservation effort of its environment makes it keen on promoting sustainable living. 

It also hosts an active arts and culture scene where various progressive dialogues are encouraged to foster social rejuvenation. A number of community organizations work towards justice such as gender equality to racial inclusivity. If you want to find a city that embraces progressive ideals, then Sun Valley should be one of the top considerations for you.

2. Garden City

Garden City, just miles outside Boise, is a city with a large and thriving arts community that hosts progressive platforms for dialogues often. The city has strong support for inclusivity where groups throughout the community advocate on behalf of both LGBTQ+ rights as well as racial parity. 

Within Garden City are non-profit organizations centered around social justice issues from affordable housing to food security. The city runs lively arts and culture to match its socially aware population which features many events each year celebrating diversity while promoting open discourse between individuals. Garden just misses out on top spot on the list of the most liberal cities in Idaho.

1. Boise

Boise is the most liberal city in Idaho. Being the capital and largest city, Boise has a large population and many cultural activities that have created its progressive atmosphere. Starting with youthful energy and academic influence associated with liberal viewpoints being given via contributions of Boise State University. 

Throughout the city, there is strong sustainability interest evidenced by many initiatives reducing its carbon footprint. The social justice community organizations active within the city are diverse and include those promoting rights for LGBTQ+ people as well as racial equality. If you’re seeking for a city in Idaho that shares your liberal beliefs, Boise is the most obvious choice.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Idaho is generally a conservative state but it has a variety of cities that offer liberal lifestyles. There is likely a place in Idaho that corresponds with your values, whether you prefer the academic atmosphere of a college town or the progressive activism of a growing city.

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