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14 Most Liberal Cities in Montana in 2023

Most Liberal Cities in Montana

Welcome to this detailed guide of the 14 most liberal cities in Montana. Whether you are a property owner looking for place to move or someone looking for like-minded communities, this list offers valuable insight into each city’s political climate, cultural offerings and engagement within communities that’ll help you have an informed decision-making process before making any moves. Now let’s begin.

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14. Havre

Starting off our list of the most liberal cities in Montana is Havre. A city that has been slowly trending to more progressive inclinations over the years. This city, located in Hill County, is home to Montana State University-Northern, which gives the community a youthful vibe and a more progressive perspective. The educational institutions often times is the reason for a more open-minded populace, and Havre delivers on this. 

Daily discussions of social justice are common here and are usually hosted by coffee shops. The residents at the farmers’ market also center their efforts around organic produce and activists about sustainable living. It may not be the most liberal city in Montana, but Havre is headed there fast.

13. Sidney

Another city that lies within Richland County is Sidney. A city that has been transforming into more progressive ideologies over the years. In the arts scene of the city, there are growing numbers of galleries and theaters presenting works to patron a progressive perspective. There is also an active LGBTQ+ community, one that fought for greater inclusivity at the local level.

Over time, the city council became increasingly accepting of these changes as several members call themselves advocates for environmental sustainability and social justice issues. Sidney is such a notable addition to our list because of the welcoming environment it provides for people with left-leaning political views.

12. Lewistown

Lewistown, the seat of Fergus County, is a city where liberal ideals are forging their way in education and healthcare. The city has several non-profit organizations that actively run on community welfare, mental health services, and educational outreach. These organizations work together with local governments to implement public policies which benefit the whole of the community. 

Furthermore, these organizations have growing numbers of eco-conscious residents that are active in promoting renewable energy solutions for its residents. Commitment of social welfare of Lewistown as well as environmental responsibility makes it an attractive destination for those liberal-minded individuals looking for a new place to set roots.

11. Dillon

in 11th place on the list of the most liberal cities in Montana is Dillon. Dillon in the Beaverhead county is a city that has striven well towards social justice. It has a strong network of activists pushing for issues like cheap housing, racial equality, and LGBTQ+ rights among others. 

Over time, the city’s local authority has grown more on board with these initiatives with several policies set in place addressing these concerns. For instance, rent control measures have been advanced by the city to make housing affordable amongst low-income families.

The liberal perspective together with active participation in community affairs makes it an ideal location for liberal minded.

10. Polson

On the south end of Flathead Lake is the city of Polson. In time, it has slowly been advancing further and further into what are considered liberal ideals. A city that contains a strong artist community active in using their voices to call for social change. 

Polson also shows similar efforts regarding environmental conservation with progressive grassroots initiatives working to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Even local government has made an effort: funds have been allocated to green spaces and public parks.

With these two issues centered on a commitment to social and environmental justice, Polson stands as an extremely appealing option for liberals.

9. Columbia Falls

Columbia Falls is a city near Glacier National Park that has been moving toward more liberal thinking. The population of the city tends to be quite diverse, with many immigrants who throw differing opinions into the mix. 

Education itself is an issue forefront in Columbia Falls with numerous schools utilizing progressive curriculum devoted to topics such as climate change and social justice practices. The government of Columbia Falls has supported these educational movements giving grants to schools that seek to advance a liberal agenda.

A place for those on the political left, Columbia Falls proves itself to be worth a look.

8. Kalispell

Kalispell, resting in the Flathead Count. has been seen a noticeable progress in when it comes to liberal idealogies. The tech industry of the city continues to blossom and more people have moved into the place because it appeals for a younger crowd with more liberal views. 

On top of this, the local city government also has embraced some policies for social welfare, affordable healthcare, improving public transportation among others. There are members who encourage inclusive policies of its local government making Kalispell an interesting stopover for those keen on advancing social justice and economic equality.

All of these reasons make Kalispell one of the most liberal cities in Montana.

7. Bozeman

For a significant period of time, Bozeman has stood out as a prominent location within the state of Montana due to the establishment of Montana State University. This institution has had a substantial impact on the political atmosphere of the region, fostering an environment that promotes diverse perspectives and alternative viewpoints.

Sustainability has been a priority in this city. Several initiatives are reducing the city’s carbon footprint. The local government gives grants and incentives to businesses who look towards eco-friendly practices. Add that with the open-mindedness shown by Bozeman citizens combined together forms a great match-up for politically minded liberals who also care about preserving their environment.

6. Whitefish

Whitefish, close to the famous Glacier National Park, has a flourishing arts community that promotes liberalism through its many galleries and theaters. The city also has an active social life, with numerous organizations promoting environmental sustainability as well as social justice within their respective spheres.

In fact, much of the municipal government has been committed to supporting these initiatives through appropriate funding directed towards community development projects that have liberal principles embedded at their core. Whitefish’s growing commitment towards social as well as environmental justice makes it quite attractive for liberals in general.

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5. Livingston

The city of Livingston, along the Yellowstone River, has been particularly active in social justice. A strong group of activists involved in such issues as affordable housing, racial equality, and LGBTQ+ rights inhabit the city. The local government in Livingston had progressively supported these initiatives for some time, with several policies put into place to deal with these concerns.

Among them are measures aimed to make public transportation more accessible for low-income families. All this makes Livingston an interesting place for those who tend towards liberalism due to its progressive outlook and activist community engagement.

4. Missoula

Missoula, home of the University of Montana, has long been a bastion of liberalism. The presence of one of the major educational institutions in the city has an effect on the political climate, which fosters an atmosphere open to divergent points-of-view. The city is very committed toward sustainability, one finds many initiatives geared toward reducing the carbon footprint of the city itself.

Grants and incentives are offered by the local government for businesses who adopt eco-friendly practices. Liberal-minded people will find much in Missoula with which they can appreciate about its progressive point-of-view and commitment to environmental responsibility.

3. Helena

Helena, which is the capital city of Montana, is a bastion of political activity and thus leans heavily liberal because of its role as the seat of government. Multiculturalism abounds in this city, where there are many people who immigrated and mix their diverse views with others. 

Education has taken on a progressive slant in several schools: with many moving past traditional subjects to teach climate change or social justice curricula. Local governments have been supportive of these progressive educational pushes by providing grants and other resources to schools that promote what could be called a liberal agenda.

If you lean to the left on political issues, Helena might be a good place to live because of its welcoming atmosphere.

2. Great Falls

Great Falls is a city located along the Missouri River that has been shifting more liberal. It is an extremely diverse community, with many new folks moving in with several different worldviews and values for their community. Without any big liberal organizations in town, many smaller groups work on social justice projects as well as environmental sustainability projects.

The local government backs these up by giving money to various community development projects that embody more liberal ideals. Both social and environmental justice make Great Falls a great place for liberals to call home.

1. Billings

Billings is number one on the list, not only because it is the largest city in Montana but also because it boasts the most liberal urban center of any city in all of the state. With diversity and a bustling economy—two factors often associated with progressive attitudes—Billings has long been at the forefront of social justice initiatives as well as environmental sustainability. 

A handful of organizations are dedicated to equality and inclusivity, while several community-led movements work to reduce the carbon footprint of the city. The local government has been highly supportive of local efforts in both areas, creating avenues for resources and funding to further projects that align with liberal values. Social justice and environmental responsibility make Billings the most liberal city in Montana.

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