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14 Most Conservative Cities in Montana in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Montana

Montana is known for its vast sweeps of open land, wild mountains, and strong sense of independence. A place where conservative views predominate, especially in less populous urban and suburban areas. This article is for people who are moving to Montana or thinking about moving there and want to find a place that shares their values and leans to the right politically.

The 14 most conservative cities in Montana make this list based on things such as voting patterns, demographics, local culture, and other criteria. Whether you’re searching for a peaceful retirement haven, a wonderful environment to raise a family, or simply a delightful place to relish the beauty of nature, there are numerous options here that align with a more traditional perspective.

14. Eureka

First on the list of the most conservative cities in Montana is Eureka, which is a small town on the Canadian border. The local government and community activities here show that they have a community that maintains strong conservative values and rugged individualism.

For instance, the Second Amendment rights are so valued that many contribute to hunting and sport shooting. There are many churches serving the spiritual needs of its residents, making this a very religious community as well. Eureka gives the impression of a close-knit community in which conservative values are not merely tolerated but embraced.

13. Libby

Libby is another conservative-leaning town, particularly in fiscal responsibility and the limited role of government. The local economy depends almost entirely on natural resources such as the logging and mining industries, which usually find broad support among conservative voters.

The residents usually oppose any environmental regulations that could hamper economic development, and local politicians frequently share these sentiments. If you are looking for a community that endorses conservative economic policies, Libby is the place for you.

12. Deer Lodge

Deer Lodge is a very conservative city that appreciates traditional culture and has a close community. The city is home to the Montana State Prison, and the institution’s presence has influenced local attitudes toward law and order. Residents of this city are usually supportive of strong law enforcement and tend to have a low crime tolerance.

The history of this town is rich, with several museums as well as historical sites preserving it. If you are looking for a conservative city when it comes to its views on law and order, then consider Deer Lodge.

11. Anaconda

Anaconda is also a conservative city in Montana. A strong Catholic presence is one of the defining sensations of the city, and issues such as family values and pro-life stances are important to many residents.

The local schools often host events or curricula that reflect these values, making it a good place for families with conservative leanings. Anaconda’s residents also support Republican candidates in local and national elections, which further solidifies their conservative ideologies.

10. Hardin

Hardin is a conservative city, especially in how it relates to issues about land use and property rights. The city borders farmland, and most of its residents are engaged in agriculture or ranching.

Generally, locals believe that property owners should be allowed control over their own land without too much government involvement. This fits well with conservative ideology based on individual liberties and property rights.

9. Glendive

Glendive is a central hub for oil and gas businesses in Eastern Montana. Those industries tend to find loyalty among conservative voters. While its citizens typically take an approach of pro-energy independence and growth with fewer regulations on the environment, local politics often reflect that perspective by advocating for more business-friendly policies.

Whether you are employed within an energy-based industry or just an advocate of conservative economic beliefs, the community in Glendive shares your perspective. 

8. Laurel

The city of Laurel is also very traditional and conservative. Many veterans and people who are still in the military live in the city, giving it a strong military presence. This has created a patriotic and supportive community when it comes to a strong national defense, two main pillars of conservatism.

There are also many events and groups that focus on American heritage, which contributes to the city’s conservatism.

7. Miles City

Next as one of the most conservative cities in Montana is Miles City. It has a tremendous annual event called the Bucking Horse Sale, which an event that draws rodeo fans and shows how traditional and conservative the city is.

The city’s agriculture also makes up the main part of this local economy, and people often feel that the government should be limited when it comes to regulations in this industry. This city has a very warm community because of all the events and organizations that bring residents together over common conservative values.

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6. Glasgow

Glasgow is also a conservative city, especially in matters of education and family honor. Most parents tend to agree that the curriculum of the school district must have a conservative foundation. There is also a big religious community here, with many churches that are involved in the lives of the residents.

If you’re looking for a place where conservative values become part of daily life, Glasgow might just be your thing.

5. Hamilton

Hamilton is a city of staunchly conservative ideologies, as reflected in its local governance. The city has a tradition of electing Republican officials who support government limitation and fiscal discipline. Here, residents are generally for policies that promote individual freedoms as well as growth in the economy.

There is also a great business community with many small business owners who share conservative economic principles.

4. Stevensville

Stevensville is also a conservative-leaning city, especially when issues of gun rights and personal freedoms come into play. The culture of hunting runs deep through the community here, with many residents belonging to local gun clubs as well as shooting ranges. Local governance often reflects these values through elected officials advocacy for policies that protect Second Amendment rights.

If either you’re a gun aficionado or simply value personal freedoms, then Stevensville offers communities where these principles overlap.

3. Belgrade

Belgrade is also a city with conservative leanings, both economically and socially. This city has an active business community that often endorses deregulation as well as low taxes. Moreover, many of its residents tend to focus on social matters such as family values and religious freedom.

Quite a number of churches and faith-based organizations are very active in its community affairs, making it a suitable place for people who value conservative social attributes.

2. Big Timber

Big Timber is a conservative city that values the ideals of self-reliance. Most of its population spends their time enjoying outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and farming. These are conservative values that support individualism and personal responsibility.

Additionally, it has less crime than many other cities. This portrays a sense of general commitment to order in society. If you want an environment where people revere self-reliance and personal freedom, then Big Timber might be for you.

1. Roundup – Most Conservative City in Montana

At the top of our list of the most conservative cities in Montana is Roundup. Over time, this has often been called the most conservative city in Montana. Since it started out as an agricultural community, many of its citizens are farmers or ranchers, and that has produced a community with hard work, personal responsibility, and limited government involvement as cherished values.

Also, this town seems to be very supportive of any local or national conservative political candidates. If you want to see what conservatism actually looks like in Montana, then Roundup is for you.


In conclusion, Montana has varied cities that fit conservative values, each with its own set of features that may interest different people. Whether it is economic principles or social values—a mixture of both even—there is probably a community in Montana that will resonate with you as a place to call home.

There’s also an article on the most liberal cities in Montana.

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