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14 Most Conservative Cities in Oregon in 2023

Most Conservative Cities in Oregon

Oregon is one of the most liberal states, especially in Portland and Eugene. However, conservatives live elsewhere in the state. If you want to move to or visit conservative areas, this guide details 14 of the most conservative cities in Oregon.

Whether you’re a home-buyer looking for a new place or someone just wanting to live somewhere where your political views align with those around you, consider the insights that we have in this article.

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14. Prineville

Prineville, located in Crook County, is a conservative-leaning city, especially with regards to fiscal policies and traditional values. It has a history and culture steeped deeply in agriculture. Much of the public is engaged with farming, ranching, or other often-conservative industries like natural resource extraction.

It also has older residents who tend to vote more conservatively than their younger counterparts do. The city provides parks and community centers for local residents that are well-maintained due to a fiscally responsible government.

13. Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls, located in southern Oregon, is another city that is conservative. The military’s presence in the community,like the Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base, which greatly influences the conservative leanings of the city, is greatly valued by the community. Residents always show support for veterans as well as active-duty military personnel, which is often reflected in local policies and community events.

In addition, this city can be considered conservative because of its developed industrial sector in timber and agriculture. Furthermore, residents usually favor growth-supporting business policies with less governmental intervention, making it an attractive area for conservatives.

12. Roseburg

Roseburg is another deeply conservative city in Douglas County. The timber industry has been a big part of the economy and culture of the city, and that has largely dictated its political leanings. In both local and national elections, Roseburg consistently votes with a conservative bent.

Along with its strong sense of community—there are lots of churches and faith-based organizations in Roseburg that generally align with conservative principles—the city hosts many outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking. Groups like these appreciate rights to gun ownership and land use, two important issues on most conservatives’ agendas.

11. Hermiston

Hermiston is located in Umatilla County and is also one of those Oregon cities with conservative outlooks. This city is agriculturally productive; they grow watermelons, and there are many people working in farming or related businesses. These are among the sectors that often support conservative policies like land use or taxation.

Besides this, there is also a patriotic spirit since many residents have served or are still serving in the military. Events that reflect these conservative values held by schools and community organizations in the city contribute to its desirability for those who share the same ideologies.

10. Ontario

Ontario, located near the Idaho border, is a conservative city, particularly when it comes to business and commerce. It is one of the major commercial centers for residents of both Oregon and Idaho, where retail, healthcare, and agriculture constitute its major economic sectors.

These industries tend to support pro-conservative economic policies such as low taxes and less regulation. Locals in Ontario generally support further entrenchment of pro-business initiatives without overreaching governmental power. Additionally, this state’s proximity to conservative Idaho has an impact on its political climate.

9. Baker City

Baker City, in Baker County, is another conservative locale. The city’s history has interesting ties to the Oregon Trail as well as gold mining industries that traditionally lean conservative. Baker City is home to a thriving community of entrepreneurs and a population that generally backs policies that are good for business and growth.

There is also a strong sense of community involvement in Baker City. Numerous civic organizations have various community events set up that reflect conservative values. Moreover, Baker City’s residents generally support law enforcement and military personnel, which contributes to the city’s conservative vibe.

8. La Grande

La Grande is a city in Union County that is conservative rooted. Eastern Oregon University is located in the city, and contrary to the liberal slant of most academic institutions, it offers a number of student organizations and courses that focus on the ideologies of conservatism.

Economic activities in La Grande include healthcare, education, and manufacturing sectors that often have aspects of conservatism running through them. Overall, people here support fiscal responsibility and traditional values, making it an excellent place for conservatives or those who share similar views.

7. Pendleton

Pendleton, in Umatilla County, is home of the annual rodeo event: The Pendleton Round-Up. The crowd that shows up to attend this event is mainly conservative. This city has a history of strong agriculture and ranching industries and a long lean toward conservative policies.

The people of the city tend to be small government, pro-individual liberties, and gun rights supporters. There are several veterans and active duty military who call this city home as well. Add to that mix amenities in this city that reflect these values: well-kept parks and community events that are designed to celebrate American heritage.

6. Dallas

Dallas, in Polk County, is a conservative city defined by fiscal conservatism and governance. It has an extremely strong community with many churches and faith-based organizations that work well together for the sake of the city’s conservative principles.

The small business community had also been large in this area for many decades, adding to its support for conservative economic policies. Residents of Dallas are generally supportive of law enforcement personnel as well as military personnel, adding depth to its conservative atmosphere. Amenities include places like churches, parks, restaurants, and homes that match up to those who live here.

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5. Grants Pass

In Josephine County, Grants Pass is a conservative and rural stronghold on matters related to land use and natural resource management. The town borders the Rogue River directly. That makes it one of several places in Southern Oregon where fishing and rafting are common recreational activities. This is also the reason why people visit the city because of conservative ideologies related to land and water rights.

Furthermore, residents oppose excessive government intervention and instead advocate for policies that promote individual liberty. People here also feel there is a sense of community because it is full of civic organizations and events that reflect conservative norms.

4. Redmond

Redmond is another conservative city in the state of Oregon, located in Deschutes County. The city enjoys a thriving population and economy, mainly due to the aviation and technology industries, which tend to support conservative economic policies such as lower taxes and less rigid regulations.

Most of the residents are supportive of business growth initiatives and oppose excessive governmental oversight. The city also has patriotic citizens, many of whom served in the military, leading to its large republican population.

3. Medford

Medford is a city located in Jackson County with conservative views, especially in fiscal conservatism and governance. The economy of the city encompasses healthcare, retail, and manufacturing—all sectors tend to be conservative.

People living in Medford support fiscal responsibility and traditional values; hence, such a city would be good for those who have exactly these same points of view. There are also several amenities that correspond with these values, like well-tended parks and events that celebrate American heritage.

2. Albany

Albany, situated in Linn and Benton Counties, is a conservative city, particularly on the fronts of business and commerce. It is the commercial center for the region, and it is strong in the manufacturing and agriculture industries. These sectors often lean towards conservative economic policies such as lower taxes and less regulation of business enterprises.

Residents here are usually supportive of initiatives that encourage growth among local businesses but tend to be in opposition to excessive government regulation. Its geographic position also affects Albany’s political climate, as it is close to areas with locally similar views, making it an ideal place for those who share conservative views.

1. Salem

One of the more conservative cities in Oregon is Salem, which happens to be the state’s capital and is at the top of this list of the most conservative cities in Oregon. This may surprise some people, given that it’s a government hub and also considered liberal, but Salem does have various conservative communities and neighborhoods.

It also has a diversified economy thanks to the presence of government buildings, schools, and hospitals that often lean conservative. The residents are largely supportive of fiscal responsibility as well as traditional values, which makes it an attractive place for people with the same beliefs.

Many of the city’s public services, such as its well-kept parks and its annual celebration of American heritage, are designed to reflect these ideals.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners looking to move or renters trying to find a neighborhood that shares their values can both benefit from this list, which provides a comprehensive guide to the most conservative cities in Oregon. Each city has its own set of amenities and features that make them great places for those who want to live with these ideologies.

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